The 25+ Best Shopify Themes for 2020

If you have a business in need of a stunning website, then look no further. This list of 29 best Shopify themes makes it easy to find your perfect design. Whether you have a large inventory, sell a single product, or are just starting out, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Many of the themes in this collection are built to support a wide variety of shops. They often come equipped with multiple designs, unlimited color options, and various fonts. When it comes to building a unique site the technical features are just as important as the style features.

The functional aspects such as built-in sliders, mega menus, and Ajax instant loading help take your site from average to extraordinary.

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1. Wokiee

Wookie will be the perfect solution for your current or future Shopify store. It has all required tools and modules to create super fast responsive website with amazing UX and a great variety of numerous layouts and styles allows to create different structures and satisfies any specific requirements.

 2. Porto

Porto is one of the best Shopify themes for your Shopify store, built with Porto based best ecommerce design that was proven through 50k+ customers so far. Porto uses Bootstrap 4 and highly optimized for speed performance. With the best UI & UX experience and a bunch of useful features will boost your store sales completely.

 3. Molla

Molla – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme – is a modern and niche eCommerce template that is perfect for your eCommerce business. Molla includes 20 niche demos, multiple variations for category and product detail pages. The theme is updated constantly with more features.

 4. Pipeline

Scrolling through websites is second nature, but Pipeline brings a little life back to classic scrolling. This theme has a parallax effect which allows users to create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page. It’s the unique design features like this that make Pipeline a stand out theme.

5. Split

This theme gets its name from the iconic split screen design. This design is perfect for e-commerce stores wanting to make a memorable impression. Although Split is a unique theme it still uses popular web design trends such as the parallax scrolling effect, full-width layouts, and images, plus hover activated animations.

6. Colors

If you have a product heavy online store, than Colors is the theme for you. The large images and full size Instagram feed make it perfect for visual storytelling. It comes packed with features like product slides and grid-style layout.

7. Kodo

Kodo sports a minimal theme with pre-built designs and a layout builder tool. Kodo layouts are all wide and spacious, giving your products plenty of room to breathe on the page. It has the option to be fully customizable, but if you don’t have the time Kodo still has plenty of features to make a beautiful online store.

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7. Goodwin

Goodwin comes with 14+ ready-made home page layouts and over 50 other pages. Goodwin is perfect for different category store websites: fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, t-shirts, electronics, furniture, sport, toys, nutrition, books, pets shop and any more… You can create many unique and modern websites with Goodwin. The theme is very easy to control and make it suit anything you need.

8. Mobilia

best shopify themes

Mobilia designed to showcase your brand with slick styling and smooth content integration. It provides four different designs to help create a stylish e-commerce store. These four pre-built designs help you quickly create a beautiful site selling wine, fashion accessories, tea, and clothing.

9. Universe

Universe is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that has everything you need to launch a beautiful and responsive online store in minutes. The responsive layout, elegant design, fast performance and amazing user experience make Universe theme an ideal choice for your Shopify store.

10. Foodly       

Foodly is authentically designed as a one-stop Shopify grocery shop. It’s responsive as well as retina and E-commerce ready. The theme includes a basic set of imagery and all illustrations. Foodly provides all the necessary tools to create a beautiful site for all your food needs.

11. Retina

Retina Shopify theme

Retina has four distinct demos that are suitable for a range of brands and products. All four designs are flexible and can be easily modified to match any business.

Some of the best features of this theme include customer testimonials publishing tool, multi-level menus, flexible product filtering, product image zoom, and Instagram integration for displaying photos from your feed in your store.

12. Pipeline

Pipeline creates a unique user experience through its parallax scrolling effect. The homepage is comprised of different purposeful sections and areas. It is designed specifically for stores handling a large catalog of products. Pipeline appeals to a wide audience of store owners and shoppers alike.

13. Icon

Icon is designed with the visual content brand in mind. The full-width layouts compliment brands with lots of photos and other visual content they’d like to incorporate into the design of the store. Icon works best with social media brands by displaying the shops Instagram feed.

14. Ella

Ella is a responsive fashion and apparel template. It mixes and matches features like colors, banners, and blocks to create a gorgeous layout. Ella utilises a large banner to showcase the best products and catch the users eye. By using this theme your website is guaranteed to be displayed perfectly on all devices.

15. Basel

The Basel theme is perfect for any kind of store and offers a minimalistic design. The translation ready feature makes it easy for those stores looking to reach an international audience. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize every aspect of your dream store.

16. Atlantic

Atlantic was specifically built to boost conversions. It’s striking, scalable, and perfect delivering a memorable user experience. All of the layouts are optimized for displayed large images, as well as a homepage full-width welcome image, video, or slider.

17. Galleria

Slideshows and videos can make any online store stand out, but the Galeria Shopify theme does it better. The theme changes up the traditional horizontal slider with a vertical slider. It also allows users to tell their story by featuring a video on the home or product pages.

18. Shella

Shella is an amazing Shopify theme tailored for users in the fashion industry. Filled with a rich selection of features, this theme is unique in this niche. With the True Filter feature, you can filter products by everything from price, title, description and so forth. The theme also comes with more than 68 pre-designed pages.

19. Everything

One thing that makes the Everything theme unique is that it is fully supported by the Oberlo App. This allows the stores to start a drop shipping business from Aliexpress. Everything is a multi-store theme that can do, well, everything.

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20. JMS Athena

Get ready to wow your customers with a powerful, stylish, and attractive theme. The template is ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls or fashion shops. JMS Athena exhibits flexible settings, fast loading, premium modules, fast support and much more.

21. Fastest

Fastest is both technical and stylish. By using this theme you can easily increase sales from every order by using upsell techniques. Fastest is highly customizable, allowing you to style every aspect of your site.

22. Lena

Lena is a clean and modern layout equipt with six unique home layouts It comes with a built-in header slider and a unique drop-down shopping cart that lets customers instantly view the products they’ve added. The quick view feature allows customers to easily preview products and even buy related products.

23. Editorial

If you have a blog heavy website than Editorial is the ideal theme for you. Share your brand's story and news by featuring up to 5 blogs throughout your store. Editorial is a publishing-focused theme, designed for brand storytelling.

24. Trademark

Trademark has a gold style and a rose style. Both styles are perfect for visual striking brands. The theme is both classy and classic. The black and white undertones, make the gold stand out. It also features a live search that displays results and quick links for products, blog posts, and store pages.

25. Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a gorgeous theme built for the contemporary brand. It works best for stores with small catalogs. Some of the best features include a collage-style layout, hero video, and Customer testimonials.

26. Local

Not all online shop sell product, some sell services. Local is a great theme for a service-based business. The services list element displays in-store details such as services, price lists, menus, and more throughout your store.

27. Narrative

Creating a beautiful online shop is similar to telling a story. Every detail is important. The Shopify theme Narrative beautifully tells your shops story. You are able to showcase the finer details of your product with customizable image blocks, quote slides, and more.

28. District

With three very different designs and a great feature list, District appeals to a wide audience. This theme focuses on enabling you to publish product collections that help you curate your best items. District integrates social media features to help promote content, build a following, and add social proof to your store.

29. Flow

Flow is a sharp and minimalist design that puts the product front and center. All three of Flow’s designs are ultra-modern looks set to appeal a very specific type of shopper. With that being said, Flow is perfect for someone looking to sell high-end products. The homepages are beautifully created for both desktop and mobile.


There is no need to spend countless hours searching through hundreds of themes because we have already done that for you. Our 30 best Shopify themes of 2020 are curated exactly for you. They are highly customizable and responsive so you can create a professional website for your store.

Building your dream site can seem like a daunting task, but hopefully, after looking through these Shopify themes, it doesn’t seem so scary.

This collection is perfect for anyone looking to create a standout site in 2020. Even a beginner can successfully handle and manage a platform as user-friendly as Shopify, and these themes will take care of the UX for you.

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