Wix Pricing UK 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

A Guide to Wix Pricing in the UK

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Wix has rapidly emerged as one of the best-known and most popular tools for building a website in the modern marketplace. Not only is Wix incredibly easy to use for beginners without a lot of background knowledge, but it’s also very affordable for most budding entrepreneurs too.

If you’re looking for a simple website builder with drag-and-drop functionality, Wix has got you covered. The solution comes with a host of plugins and additions to expand your site's performance through a dedicated marketplace, and you can even implement ecommerce tools if you have the right Wix package.

The question is, how much are you going to have to pay to build an effective website with Wix? Today, we’re going to explore all of the many pricing packages that are available for Wix customers in the UK. We’ll be looking at these prices in GBP, so make sure you check out our other Wix Pricing review for the US if you’re looking for insights for USD companies.

Wix Pricing: What Are Your Options?

wix homepage - uk pricing

To get started with Wix, you don’t have to spend a penny. You can explore the website builder and experiment with different tools for as long as you want without paying anything. However, you will have to pay to connect your own domain and start hosting an active website.

The pricing plans for Wix have evolved pretty significantly over the years. Today, there are a total of 7 options to choose from for UK companies, with packages spread across the “Website” and “Business and ecommerce” sections.

Let’s start by looking at the Website pricing options.

Wix Website Pricing Packages

The “website” packages for Wix are intended for people who don’t want to run their own online store. If you want access to a website builder so you can build a blog and generate brand awareness through things like content marketing and SEO, then Wix’s website packages are ideal for you. You can use these services to create portfolio websites, micro-sites, membership sites and more.

Now that the Wix free plan is no longer available, the cheapest your Wix website can be is £3 per month. This plan allows you to connect your domain to a website that you already built using Wix’s free templates and tools. You can also access up to 500MB of storage, and 1GB of bandwidth with the mini “Connect Domain” plan, but you will have Wix branded ads displayed across your website which can damage your brand reputation.

The most expensive “Website” package is the VIP package, which costs £18 per month, eliminates all Wix ads, and gives you access to your domain for a year, absolutely free. Here’s what you can expect from each of the Wix Website pricing packages:

  • Wix Connect Domain: £3 per month: 500GB of storage, 1GB of bandwidth, Domain connection, and Wix ads on your website.
  • Combo: £6 per month: Recommended for personal use, this package comes with 2GB of bandwidth, 3GB of storage, and no Wix ads. You can connect your domain, and access it free for one year. You also get £75 of ads vouchers to help you stand out online, and 30 minutes of video hosting too.
  • Unlimited: £8.50 per month: One of the most popular pricing packages for Wix, Unlimited comes with unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of storage. You get everything from the Combo package; however, your video hosting time is upgraded to 1 hour. You’ll also have access to the Visitor Analytics app available from Wix, and the Site Booster app to help you generate more attention for your digital brand.
  • VIP: £18 per month: The most expensive package from Wix, VIP offers all the features of Unlimited, plus 20GB of storage. You get 2 hours of video hosting, the site booster, and visitor analytics app, plus access to a professional logo and social media logo files. VIP customers get priority support for any issues they might have with their website.

Notably, all premium plans come with the option to connect to a custom domain, and free hosting is included with every option. You also get access to Google Analytics for tracking the performance of your campaign, and a customized favicon so you can brand your website’s appearance in your customer’s browser tab.

Wix Business and Ecommerce Pricing Plans

The website pricing plans available from Wix are pretty affordable, particularly when you consider that you can get access to your domain name for free for a year, plus there are tons of templates to choose from when building your site. However, if you want to be able to sell products online, then you will need to upgrade to an ecommerce plan instead.

The ecommerce plans from Wix can be a little more expensive, particularly if you’re looking for things like business VIP support for your website. However, compared to other tools that allow you to build an ecommerce website and take online payments, Wix is still quite affordable. The functionality of the eCommerce tools on Wix is great, and you get the extra bonus of things like ad vouchers to get you started from some of the premium plans too.

The cheapest Business and ecommerce plan from Wix is Business Basic, which starts at £13. The most expensive option is Business VIP at £22 per month. Here are each of the plans in further detail:

  • Business Basic: £13 per month: The Business Basic plan gives you access to the option to accept online payments. You get unlimited bandwidth for your store and 20 GB of storage, plus you can connect your own domain. The Business Basic plan has no Wix ads, and it supports up to five hours of video. You can also unlock sales analytics and reports to help you strengthen your online position. Business Basic comes with £75 of ad vouchers, a free domain for a year, and the site booster app and visitor analytics app from Wix.
  • Business Unlimited: £16 per month: The next step up from Business Basic, Business Unlimited is the most popular package, with all the features of Basic, plus 35GB of storage. You get up to 10 hours of video with this package, and the various booster apps from Wix. Customers can also enjoy a free logo made with the Wix logo maker, and a host of professional ecommerce features, like the option to print shipping labels, manage inventory, and track payments.
  • Business VIP: £22 per month: With the VIP plan for £22 per month, business owners can accept online payments with unlimited bandwidth, and al the features of Business Unlimited. You also get 50GB of storage, and access to priority response whenever you have an issue with your online store. VIP support means that you’ll get the fastest responses from the Wix team whenever you need help.

One point to keep in mind when you’re examining your Wix pricing options is that these prices don’t include VAT. You will need to make sure you understand the full cost of what you’re paying before you sign up for anything. You’ll also notice that you may get fewer vouchers for online advertising with Wix plans in the UK compared to plans in the US.

Points to Remember About Wix UK Pricing

If you’re building a particularly large store or website with Wix, then you may need to reach out to the team for more information to determine whether you can get any personalized deals or quotes. There doesn’t seem to be any information about an enterprise plan on the Wix pricing page for UK companies at the moment, however.

Notably, Wix does recommend choosing multi-year plans or yearly plans when you’re signing up for the service. The prices mentioned above are the prices that you pay when you choose to get your Wix website on an annual basis. If you pay monthly, then you might need to spend a little more. Opting for a multi-year pricing plan, on the other hand, could give you an extra discount.

Unfortunately, there’s no free plan for Wix users anymore, but you can build your website and see what it looks like without spending anything. Wix also has a fourteen-day free trial available so you can test any of the premium plans before you commit to them. Remember, premium plans do come with extra value like vouchers for one year of domain name access, and vouchers for advertising too.

All premium plans come with:

  • Support for online payments (ecommerce)
  • Free SSL certificate for security
  • Range of payment methods including credit card and PayPal (ecommerce)
  • Connect domain with 1 year domain for free (except Connect Domain)
  • Advanced shipping and tools (ecommerce)
  • Storage for your content and media

Wix offers a ton of value with every purchase, whether you choose the combo plan, or business unlimited. You can even get your own personalized email address, complete with a G Suite mailbox. This is ideal if you’re planning on doing some email marketing or using email for customer support.

Unlike other ecommerce solutions like Shopify and Squarespace, your Wix site can also come with ad vouchers which allow you to access better opportunities for promotion on Google. This is ideal if you want your business & ecommerce websites to stand out online.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing: Value for Money

wix ecommerce homepage - uk pricing

Wix.com is an appealing choice if you’re looking for an ecommerce or business site builder with plenty of features for a minimal price. This solution comes with tons of options to get you started, including between 10gb storage and 20gb storage, and a free domain for your first year. Alongside your business email address you can also access other features like G Suite and google docs too.

There are products out there that are cheaper than Wix, but few offer the same functionality for the same price. Wix is an excellent product for long-term scaling, if you’re planning on growing your company over time. Wix even comes with the option to choose whether you want to sell digital or physical products, so you’re not limited to just one option.

If you’re taking bookings from customers, then you can access extra features like the Wix Booking app. Plus, Wix comes with various tools to help you improve the way you sell online, including built-in zoom options for your product pictures, and the choice to add up to 15 pictures of each product.

Wix supports product videos so you can show off your items for sale in style. Adding product videos to your pages is a great way to stand out from the competition. Additionally, as we mentioned above, the website plans from Wix come with a variety of add-ons that you can’t get from companies like WordPress, such as ad vouchers, and a free domain name.

If you want to use the domain name that you already have, then there’s no problem with that either. You can choose your business solution based on which tools you need. Even the lowest cost package from Wix comes with more than 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage.

Extra Features: Wix Ascend

wix ascend homepage - wix uk pricing

When you’re done exploring the options for your business site, or ecommerce store, you’ll also need to think about the add-ons you might want for your website. Even if you choose the Business VIP plan, you might want to build out with extra functionality through solutions like Wix Ascend.

As you can learn on the Wix FAQ, Wix Ascend is a tool that helps you to stand out online. Although Wix also comes with a variety of tools for promotion out of the box, including a form builder, search engine optimization tools and email campaigns, Ascend takes your options to the next level.

You can go far beyond the capabilities of any free website and access a bunch of features for search engine growth. There’s also the option to access a built-in SEO wizard that will guide you through what you need to do to stand out online. You can update your website with meta tags and other components. Wix gives you all the guidance you need to start building online.

Wix Ascend is the next level of customization and marketing guidance, with all-in-one solutions to promote your brand, automate workflow, connect with customers, and so on. It makes managing your marketing easy and convenient. The tools are easy to use and convenient, with various options to support better branding and promotion, including:

  • Social media marketing solutions
  • Advanced Google SEO features
  • Google ads, analytics, and tag manager
  • Promotional video support
  • Facebook integrations
  • Email marketing tools
  • A/B testing for ads

Wix is available as part of a separate subscription, so you will need to pay a little more if you want to access it alongside your existing plans. However, it can be a helpful feature if you don’t want to pay for freelancers to do your advertising for you.

Wix Pricing: Is it Worth It

Ultimately, Wix is one of the leading tools in the ecommerce and business site building markets for a reason. This powerful solution simplifies site building, as long as you get the right plan, and makes it easy to build your own website. You can choose your own domain name, access premium apps for extra support, and even strengthen your search engine strategy.

Wix is a hosted solution, so you don’t need to think about finding web hosting yourself, you can just jump into website building. Plus, like other tools such as Weebly and WordPress, Wix is surprisingly easy to use, with tons of FAQ documentation and guidance to get you started if you’re a beginner. You can even use a wide variety of payment options so it’s easy to attract plenty of customers.

Clients can save their credit card details safely on your website, and you can examine your site’s performance through the Wix app at any time. If you have your own domain, you can add that from the beginning, or buy your Wix domain alongside a Wix premium plan.

With various benefits to offer, Wix allows you to develop your site however you choose, upgrading plans at your leisure. You can even get a Wix Ecommerce plan if you prefer to sell products online. Drag and drop functionality makes it easier to add products to your pages in no time, and as you saw from our Wix review, there are tons of opportunities for multi-channel selling.

Who Should Try Wix?

If you’re looking for a fantastic tool that makes building your website quick and simple, Wix could be the choice for you. There’s no limit to what you can do with Wix, based on features like multilingual support and a host of ecommerce tools. You can transform your website however you choose, and access tools with beginner-friendly functionality.

Although Wix has some issues with missing features like stock level alerts and a smaller app marketplace than some alternatives, it’s still worth some careful consideration. The pricing is very reasonable for each paid plan, so it’s hard to argue with buying a wix account. You can start off with a small business plan and gradually upgrade to an unlimited plan based on your needs.

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