This Week in Ecommerce – Can Shopify Keep The Momentum Going, Oracle rolls out commerce cloud and much more

The week is coming to an end,it has been an interesting week in the ecommerce industry,a lot has happened for the most popular ecommerce platforms. This week saw experts questioning whether Shopify can keep going, Oracle rolled out a new Commerce Cloud and much more.

Shopify Rocked Their IPO – Can They Hold On To This Success?

Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify made its stock market debut in late May to great excitement, with an IPO of over a $1 billion, and the buzz has yet to wind down. However, market experts recommend approaching this opening with caution, drawing comparisons with the recent post-IPO drop in Etsy’s stock price as well as Etsy’s recent legal troubles. Even as Shopify continues to trade at $35 and above, an Etsy-style price drop could still be in the company’s future. Read my full Shopify review here.

Oracle rolls out Commerce Cloud for online merchants

Given how crowded the e-commerce IT space has become, Oracle needs as many differentiators as it can get. Startups like Bigcommerce and Shopify have been rapidly gaining ground, touting a pace of innovation and deployment that trumps many of the legacy vendors. Read my full Shopify review here and for comparison read my full Bigcommerce review here.

10 of the finest mobile ecommerce sites

2015 has brought with it a fundamental shift in the importance for ecommerce sites to provide customers with a mobile friendly experience. If the recent update of Google’s algorithm to give priority to mobile-optimised sites wasn’t enough, here are some extraordinary stats to really drive home the importance of mobile on retail.

Research uncovers ways in which Millennials ‘game' ecommerce

New research uncovers the sneaky tricks Millennials employ online to get the best prices and discounts. It's no secret that Generation Y is a digitally savvy demographic. However, research from Mindshare North America reveals the tricks and tactics they employ to get deals and better prices online.

E-Commerce Packages Travel Around Globe

E-commerce made it a breeze for a shopper to buy something from the other side of the country. Now, retailers and delivery companies are making it just as easy for shoppers to buy something on the other side of the world. Late last year, UPS bought i-parcel LLC and FedEx bought Bongo International. Both acquisitions are designed to allow foreign shoppers to easily purchase goods on a retailer's site, automatically changing options to reflect the country from which a consumer is shopping.

Alibaba Rethinks Its US E-Commerce Strategy, Folds 11 Main, Other U.S. Holdings Into OpenSky

China’s e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba has been clear about its ambitions to grow its presence in the U.S. — in part as a facilitator between Western companies and Chinese consumers by way of services like Alipay, and in part as a way to expand its own marketplace footprint. But it is also going through some growing pains as it figures out how to carve out a place for itself in the mature U.S. market.

Pinterest Takes E-Commerce To Next Level With Launch Of Buyable Pins On iPads & iPhones

After announcing e-commerce plans earlier this month, Pinterest launched its buyable Pins today on iPhones and iPads, making it possible for iOS users in the U.S. to purchase products straight from the site.

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