Bigcommerce Acquiring Zing to Compete with Shopify

BigCommerce zing

The ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has just announced their first acquisition. According to people who are familiar with the deal, Bigcommerce has acquired Zing, a startup that makes checkout software and inventory management tools for brick-and-mortar businesses.

The purchase doesn't really surprise anyone, since the two companies have been partnering for more than two years. Many experts were surprised that it hasn't happened sooner. The deal will see  Zing’s five employees joining Bigcommerce. Furthermore, currently more than 30 percent of  Bigcommerce customers also operate at least one physical store, and the purchase of Zing will make it much easier for customers to operate both online and physical stores at the same time.

While this will be the first acquisition for Bigcommerce, the company has partnered with other companies such as Square and Lightspeed POS to let them offer Bigcommerce e-commerce software to the physical retail stores they work with.

So far neither Bigcommerce nor Zing want to comment on the deal, however the deal comes as main competitor Shopify is marching on, with their recent IPO filing, and the announcement that both eBay and Amazon plan to shut down their ecommerce platforms.

According to sources, Bigcommerce will shut down Zing's checkout software business, due to the fact that they company already has deals in place with other more established point-of-sale software makers.

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