BoldChat Review [Live Chat Customer Support App]

BoldChat Review

Providing customer support via live chat has become nearly as essential as a payment gateway for an ecommerce operation today, for two main reasons. Firstly, scores of online buyers are coming to expect this sort of support mechanism when they are shopping online and secondly, this can lead to a significant boost to the sales volumes.

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CopperProject Review [Project Management App]

CopperProject Review

While the old adage ‘two is a company, three is a crowd' is true in the social sense of the world, a slightly modified version of this can apply in the professional/business context: ‘two is order, three is chaos'. As anyone who has been involved with anything more than short, simple projects working in a team environment would know, a good project management software is one of the basic necessities in such scenarios.

CopperProject is one such software application for performing various project management functions that has been in the market for well over a decade now.

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How to Create a Fantastic Online Shop with WooCommerce, Divi and Bluehost (April 2018)

Over 74 million sites depend on the WordPress platform to host their blogs, sell their products or just write their daily musings for the world to see. When you get started building your ecommerce website you certainly have lots of choices to make, and WordPress ties into this. Which of the standout ecommerce platforms will you choose? Are you planning on grabbing a theme to sell your products or is there someone you can pay to build the site from scratch? Heck, what do you even plan on selling through your ecommerce website?

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Shopify and You 2.0 eBook Review

Shopify and you 2.0 ebook review

shopify-and-youShopify and You 2.0 is the second edition of a comprehensive eBook guide for Shopify – the leading and most popular online storefront platforms today. Written by Thomas Holmes – a seasoned Shopify user, this 315 page PDF eBook will probably tell and teach you more about this ecommerce platform than what you ever wanted to know.

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The Ultimate Volusion Review 2017

Volusion was founded in Austin, Texas, by Kevin Sproles, and has been in business since 1999. They provide a fully cloud-based ecommerce shopping platform. The company offers all the basic functions needed to operate your own online store, as well as some features that set them apart from their main competitors. In this Volusion review we'll talk about all the goods and bads.

Famous Volusion clients include companies such as Intel, 3M and Slickwraps and they currently power more than 40,000 online retailers. Many consider Volusion to be one of the top ecommerce platforms, read on to see what I think about their features.

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An In-Depth LemonStand Ecommerce Review 2018- Features, Pros, Cons

LemonStand review

LemonStand has one of the best names in the ecommerce market, and the company also has the powerful platform to go with it. They have released various new updates, so we decided to give the platform a fresh new start from our initial review.

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