The Complete Sellvia Review for Dropshippers

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In today's article, we're going to be covering an in-depth Sellvia review – a leading ecommerce supplier based in the United States.

Every ecommerce drop-shipper knows that getting the best supplier for an online store is quite difficult. But when you do, it helps in automating and running your business seamlessly.

You don't have to bother about products getting missing, delivering inferior products, horrible customer care, or delayed shipping. This ensures that you focus on your other primary business processes every day.

Think of it, your dropshipping supplier will be responsible for a major aspect of your business. What product will you sell? What shipping options will consumers choose from your store? Are your buyers going to be pleased with the product delivery time, quality, and their total purchasing experience?

The answers to these questions largely depend on your dropshipping supplier so you must pick the best one.

This is where our Sellvia review comes in. As one of the top e-commerce suppliers, Sellvia seeks to make business easier for drop shippers by providing game-changing supply services.

But does it succeed at its goal? In this dropshipping supplier review, we will cover everything you need to know about this brand, how it works, pricing, pros and cons, the features, and services that they offer, etc.

Let's get started.

What is Sellvia?

sellvia homepage

Sellvia is a ecommerce supplier that's based in Irvine, California, in the United States of America.

The brand was created by a team of software developers and experienced entrepreneurs that have vast experience in the workings of the e-commerce industry.

A primary goal of launching the service was to help ecommerce drop-shippers make the best out of their online store, with one of the major attractions of working with Sellvia being that drop-shippers no longer face an impediment when trying to sell in the United States.

Sellvia handles the dropshipping process from fulfillment to product delivery, so users of the service just need to focus on gaining fresh customers.

The service also aims at offering only products on the platform that are hot selling and trending at the moment. With that said, let's have a look at how Sellvia works.

How Does Sellvia Work?

Using Sellvia is pretty straightforward and you can set it up and have it running right away. Here's how it works:

  1. First subscribe to Sellvia's monthly plan, which costs $39 a month for access to their services.
  2. The second step to use Sellvia is to install it onto your online store, then in just one click import the best seller products to your store.
  3. After installing and importing products, this service gives you access to ready-to-use product bundles, sales-boosting pages, and handy catalog presets.
  4. Next, you can start selling Sellvia's products on your online store and the orders will be automatically redirected to the drop-shipping service.
  5. Sellvia then processes the customer's orders, packs the purchased items, and delivers them right to your customer's doorstep.
  6. Sellvia aims for super fast delivery between 1 to 3 days.

Sellvia Review: Main Features

selvia main features

Here are some of the primary features of Sellvia:

Sellvia's Fulfillment Center is Based in the United States

All the in-demand and trendy products from Sellvia's catalog are stored in their fulfillment center in Irvine, California. The products are ready to be picked, packed, and handed over to their delivery service within 1 business day of the order placement.

Quick Shipping in the United States

Because Sellviaโ€™s products are already in the United States they can be sent to any location within the nation in 1 to 3 business days. Sellvia packages are delivered by USPS, which is one of the reasons they're able to claim quick and safe packaged delivery across the United States.

Unique No Label Packaging

Before an item is sent to USPS, the Sellvia fulfillment team prepares it for long-distance delivery. The product gets a clean and quality packaged box with zero brochures or labels that can indicate its origin. And every dropshipping business owner knows that this is always a bonus.

One-click Import

Importing product catalogs from Sellvia just requires one-click and every product chosen will show up on your online store.

Ready to Use Product Catalog

Sellvia's catalog contains tons of stylish and quality product pages with high-resolution pictures, informative descriptions, authentic buyer reviews, and clear titles. This means that dropshipping ecommerce store owners can begin promoting products from the service right after importing them to their shops, without having to take out extra time to edit the content of the pages.

Automated Order Placement

Unlike with most dropshipping supplier experiences you don't have to log on to the supplier's platform and refill the order of the customer. Or use a separate add-on to automate the process. Sellvia offers automated order placement, which means that when a consumer makes an order, Sellvia automatically receives the order and then proceeds to fulfill it. This is without your involvement.

Promotional Materials

Beyond the ready-to-use product page content, Sellvia offers additional marketing materials/campaigns as well. These feature pre-tested visuals and text for social media advertisement, as well as recommendations on these campaignโ€™s targeting and settings.

10 Stores Per Subscription

Sellvia offers subscribers the ability to run 10 dropshipping stores for just one subscription.

Free Access to Product Catalogue

While Sellvia requires a monthly subscription to use their service they offer the ability to join for free. This means that you can view the entire product catalog and weekly stock updates before even deciding to subscribe to the service.

Sellvia Review: Benefits/Pros

Knowing the features of a service is great but most times the real question you want to know is how does this service benefit my business?

Here are some of them:

Low Product Prices

Compared to other dropshipping suppliers in the United States Sellvia offers low product prices even though shipping fees are included, which means that you can expect higher profit margins.

Reduced Likelihood of Business Ban Experience

Payment providers as well as social media platforms watch over the brands that use them and can restrict their performance if they have a reason to.

For example, payment providers such as MasterCard or Visa monitor your business's chargeback rate. If it's above 1% they will restrict your access to money or operations and can even ban you. This is why it's so crucial that you maintain minimal refunds as much as possible and stay clear from their attention.

Social media platforms, on the other hand, like Instagram and Facebook randomly request users to review their experience shopping with various online stores. And if consumers leave negative reviews about your business, your page and even your ADs account can be banned.

This is why it's of utmost necessity to ensure that your buyers are satisfied. And taking into account that the factors that consumers are typically not happy about are a product's poor quality and long delivery times, Sellvia's service of 1 to 3 days delivery, which is comparable to Amazon and quality packaging can do a whole lot to boost the clients'

purchasing experience.

Refunds Allowed

Sellvia, in case of poor customer experience, allows the consumer to not only return the product but also money. This boosts the consumer's confidence in your business as well as their trust, which is a major factor when purchasing online.

Increased Possibility of Repeat Purchases

High product quality and fast shipping, which are features that a Sellvia powered store can offer will do a lot of good in ensuring that customers return to purchase more goods. And because it costs 5 times less to attract old customers than it is to convert new ones, dealing with repeat customers can help you cut down on your marketing expenses and foster a loyal community around your brand.

Products are Tested and Proven to be In-demand

Sellvia's product catalog contains handpicked items that have been proven to possess steady demand levels and profit potential. So basically you can discover products from various niches and categories that consumers commonly buy online. The products are also aimed at triggering impulse purchases.

Top-Notch Packaging

There is nothing more important to a drop-shipper than being able to protect their brand name. And to allow drop shipping entrepreneurs to succeed at this goal, Sellvia does not include identifiers in or on their product packages. The result of this is that a consumer who purchases a product from Sellvia powered dropshipping shop will get a clean secure package that has no inscriptions, labels, or brochures. This keeps your brand safe and ensures that your business remains the first contact of the consumer.

Powerful Marketing Support

Sellvia's product pages in their catalog are extremely dropshipping friendly as they are ready for marketing use. With their unique layout and same-style product visuals, which are inspired by their top industry players, the pages look trustworthy, professional, and expensive.

So the moment you import the pages to your store you can begin driving traffic to it. No need to spend additional time editing pictures, importing genuine reviews, or rewriting descriptions; all such details are already there.

Also, these product pages include unique shipping badges that display the delivery time frame. Depending on the customer's location, Sellvia automatically calculates the delivery time and displays it to the consumer while explaining that such terms are only eligible for a limited time.

This naturally boosts your store's visitor's trust and motivates them to make a decision quicker.

Sellvia Review: Limitations/Cons

Regardless of how great a product is, it has its strengths and weaknesses. So in this Sellvia review let's have a look at some of the cons/limitations of this dropshipping supplier service:

Global Shipping Limitations

Contrary to its alternatives like AliExpress, Sellvia only deals with the United States market. This means that the features offered by Sellvia are only functional if you intend to sell to just US-based consumers. So if you want to deal with global consumers then Sellvia may not be your best option.

Number of Available Products

Currently, Sellvia's product catalog contains just about 1000+ best seller products, which when compared to other dropshipping suppliers that have thousands upon thousands of products to pick from is quite small. So your product choices may be limited if you opt for this service.

No Free Trial

Sellvia doesn't offer a free trial. The only free option is joining the service and being able to view their product catalog. But with regards to using the service, you have to subscribe. For people who would prefer to test out of service in full function before use, no such option is available.

Sellvia Review: Pricing

sellvia signup checkout

Sellvia's subscription plan costs $39 monthly or $299 annually. This includes all features, unlimited order placements, and product imports.

However, you can join the service for free as already mentioned in this review, and also browse through their product catalog without cost.

Sellvia Review: Custom Store Design Services Pricing

sellvia pricing plans

Beyond offering dropshipping supplier services Sellvia can build custom stores for you that run on autopilot. Their team handles every aspect for you. From niche and product research, website creation, payment gateway integration, product importation, and social media page creation.

You just need to order their custom stores package and then wait for your store to be completed and begin selling right away. Sellvia in this package will also tag a personal manager that will help you 24/7 regardless of the help that you need from them.

The pricing plans for this custom store package are all one-time fees and include the following:

  • Basic Plan: $299 plus $48 hosting fees
  • Advanced Plan: $499 plus $48 hosting fees
  • Ultimate Plan: $899 plus $48 hosting fees.

Sellvia Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sellvia Ship to Countries Outside the United States?

No, Sellvia ships only to United States customers.

Who is Sellvia Best For?

Sellvia is great for dropshippers who intend to sell products in the United States and are seeking a supplier and tool to automate their business processes.

Where is Sellvia Located?

Sellvia is located in Irvine, California with the address 14460 MyFord Rd, Irvine CA 92606.

How Do I Contact Sellvia?

You can contact Sellvia via their email address: [email protected] or contact form on their website.

Alternatives to Sellvia

There are two primary alternatives to Sellvia:

Sellvia Review: Conclusion

Sellvia is a great option for dropshippers who intend to sell to US-based customers. And it offers so many features that satisfy that desire. But for businesses that want to sell worldwide, Sellvia isn't the best option.

The Verdict

Sellvia is excellent for dropshippers in the United States.

Emmanuel Egeonu

Emmanuel Egeonu is a digital marketing consultant/writer that specializes in creating content for targeted traffic, landing pages, sales funnels, and website conversions. He has worked with leading influencers, several A-list celebrities, thought leaders, and Fortune 500 brands.

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    1. Hello Luigi, you will need to take into consideration shipping costs, taxes etc… But other than that there shouldn’t be any problem.

  1. I tried Sellvia for a few weeks. I purchased a subscription and some plugin services including Social Media accounts set up. The Sellvia marketing team from Russia screwed up my existing Facebook business account and I could not fix it myself. I contacted customer service a few times and did not get proper help. no one was interested to fix the problem. I received a dozen of emails from different people but the problem was not solved. I cancel my subscription and lost some money. General experience is sucks. Stay away.

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