40Nuggets Review: Increase Leads and Revenue with Your Current Website Traffic

Is your website traffic high yet you find yourself with a disappointing amount of conversions?

Well, that sucks.

But looking at it from the bright side, it shouldn’t be that hard to increase your conversions and revenue – especially if your website already has some traffic to play with.

40Nuggets is a lead generation and conversion optimization software to help you turn that damn traffic into cash.

To get to that goal, this software helps you make screen overlays designed to engage and convert visitors. If you don’t know what screen overlays are, they’re those pop-ups that appear on many websites with a call-to-action like handing out your email.

Having lots of visitors on your website is great because more people get the chance to go through your marketing funnel. However, there’s no point in having a lot of traffic when only a tiny percentage of visitors become customers.

That’s why a tool like 40nuggets can be one of the best investments some website owners can make. If you’ve already got some traffic, this software can help you turn it into prospects.

You can create customizable call-to-action pop-ups – called nuggets – with different purposes while tracking customer behavior. And to target certain parts of your audience, you can decide to which groups of customers you show each nugget.

This call to action software is packed with everything you need to make effective sign-up opportunities that maximize leads and conversions. It’s not the most flexible and customizable pop-up creator, but its simplicity makes up for it.


Moving on to the features that 40nuggets has to offer.


As I said before, nuggets are the screen overlays you can create with 40nuggets. Nuggets offer sign-up opportunities to your visitors so that you can get leads.

There are different sets of configurations depending on the type and purpose of the nugget you want to create. Newsletter, coupon, and customer feedback nuggets are some examples of the supported options.

The platform supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in case you want to code your own nugget. So yeah, you can pretty much create whatever type of overlay you want.

Want a pop-up asking for an email? Or maybe for customer feedback?

It surely has that, and a few more options as well.

After choosing the type of sign-up opportunity you want to create, it’s time to pick a template. The template is the shape and size of the pop-up when it appears on screen.

Choosing the template is the first step of the four-step process you must follow when creating a nugget. (Template>Design>Configure>Confirm)

Regarding the second step, design, having good visuals is vital to give visitors a positive experience. Pop-ups that fit well with the overall theme of your website look a lot more professional and are more likely to get leads.

But finding a pop-up design that matches your website’s might not be that easy with 40nuggets.

Only about twenty pre-made designs are available for you to pick. And even though that’s enough for most people, it’s not much.

To get a design that looks well on your site, it might be necessary for you to get a custom design. You can either create it yourself or – If you need help with design creation – hire 40nuggets’ premium services which include design support.

Once you’re done with the design, the rest of the process is pretty straightforward. You just have to choose the text and color of the field boxes for your nugget, and get through the configuration process.


One of the best ways to supercharge lead generation is by making targeted call-to-action pop-ups. 40nuggets allows you to do just that with its segments feature.

Segments are subsets of visitors determined by matching criteria like geographical location or behavior. People from California, first-time visitors, and people who have visited your contact page are examples of criteria you can select for a segment.

Not everybody visiting your site is the same. Some are coming for the first time, others are already familiar with your website and content, and some have already subscribed to your newsletter. That's why certain messages won't be relevant to your entire audience.

By creating segments, you can filter parts of your audience and show visitors the most relevant nuggets.

For example, let’s say you want first-time visitors to get an offer for a free ebook.

First, create a segment for people who are visiting your site for the first time. Then, assign it a nugget with an ebook offering. And that’s it. Now new visitors get an ebook offer in their face.


Campaigns allow you to send a series of nuggets in a consecutive order to take visitors on a journey to purchase your products.

You can set different sequences of nuggets to appear depending on customer behavior so that the best sequence of pop-ups is shown to each client. This awesome feature means that your customers will get the highest converting call to actions they could possibly get, every time they come to your site.

The campaign board has a nice design with a visual map of the pop-up adventure your audience will go through. Thanks to it, you can quickly get a big picture idea of how your campaign is set.

Data reports

Look at some of your website’s statistics with the data reports feature.

This is a basic tracking board for your nuggets and campaigns with useful information about conversions, leads, and other relevant data. Use this feature to analyze and modify your website, nuggets, segments, and campaigns so that you can maximize conversion rates.

Ease of Use

My first impression of 40nuggets was a bit bad, to be honest.

When I first tried to install it, I noticed that it wasn’t properly linking to my website.

The process to install 40nuggets is simple. First, you have to install their plugin on WordPress. Then, you just have to log in to your 40nuggets account from there.

Once you log in to your 40nuggets account from the WordPress platform, a code snippet is automatically installed to your site’s code and you can finally access your website from the 40nuggets dashboard.

Or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen – cause it wasn’t the case for me.

Instead, an error message telling me that my website wasn't synced showed up on the 40nuggets dashboard.

This error persisted for the rest of the day, and I was sure I had done the installation process correctly. I had followed the instructions to the letter and even got this message telling me my account had successfully linked.

Since the error persisted, I contacted their support team to help me fix the problem. Which by the way, can only be reached by email or on its support requests page.

But that wasn’t necessary. By next morning, my account had linked automatically and everything was working just fine.

Other than this little inconvenience, I found the ease of use to be quite good.

Using the dashboard is so easy even a 5-year-old could do it. Creating elements is a matter of following a simple step-by-step process, and the design is so simple and intuitive that you get used to it by the time you finish your cup of coffee.


The license costs from fifteen to six hundred bucks a month depending on the magnitude of your business. They make sure that their prices are affordable to client companies by setting prices depending on website traffic. The smaller the company, the lower the price you have to pay.

You can get access to a 30-day free trial if your website has under 800 monthly visitors. It’s a great opportunity to check out the service. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get the free trial if your website exceeds the monthly visitors limit.

Now, addressing a relevant service for businesses who need an extra hand, 40nuggets offers ‘premium services’ for 500$ a month. Get help from various specialists like designers, conversion specialists, and data analyzers to boost your conversions and get rid of the guesswork.


Wrapping up, is 40nuggets the right choice for your business?

Well, it obviously depends.

This software is best for small to medium businesses that don’t really need a ton of features but greatly benefit from having a simple, neat, and easy to use dashboard.

The greatest con is that the design library is small, and that could be a problem if none of the premade options satisfy your needs. Although this doesn’t matter if uploading a custom design is an option for you.

Did you find 40nuggets to be a viable alternative for your brand? Let us know in the comments down below.

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