Impulse Ecommerce: Applying Real World Principles Online

Impulse Ecommerce

Impulse buying can be described as a spur of the moment or unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase. Researcher suggest that emotions and feelings play a huge role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well crafted promotional message. Such purchases ranges from small (food items, clothing, magazines) to substantially large (jewelry, vehicle, work of art).

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SHOPPIES: Best Shops of The Week [March 15-21, 2015]

best online shops

Check out our new sister site: SHOPPIES, the ecommerce awards offered to the best up-and-coming online shops for excellence in user experience and web design.
This is the fourth installment of the end of the week roundup featuring the best shops, what platforms they’re using, the SHOPPIES grades (for UX, identity & content), and a short description. Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own online shop (or grow it if you already have one) and get your very own SHOPPIES award!

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SendGrid Review [E-mail Marketing Service]

SendGrid review

Email marketing is a very useful and highly beneficial marketing method for online shops, as most ecommerce store owners are already aware.

Another very useful but lesser known method to increase online sales is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Those interested can read up on a method to boost conversion rates by clicking here.

Coming back to the original topic, SendGrid is a major email marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that you could consider for your store. My detailed review of this service follows below but before proceeding, I'd like to bring an important point to your attention.

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Top 10 BigCommerce Alternatives

BigCommerce alternatives

While BigCommerce is certainly a powerful and popular ecommerce platform, there can exist a number of reasons why you might be considering and evaluating alternatives to this platform for creating a new online store or for migrating an existing one.  If this is where you are at, you will find my list of top 10 BigCommerce alternatives along with a short review of each to be useful.

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What Ecommerce Growth Means for Brick and Mortar Shops

online vs offline stores

A friend of mine owns a hardware store, and he has been at it for more than 20 years. The family has held the business for more than that since his father owned the hardware store in a different location for around 25 years.

Markets change and they have always had to adjust, but my friend has never seen shifts like he has seen in the past ten years. No one thought people would want to buy power tools or nails online, because it makes sense that customers would want to put their hands on these products before buying.

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Campaign Monitor Review and Pricing [E-mail Marketing Service]

CampaignMonitor Review

Regardless of whether you currently own your own ecommerce store or you are looking to get started in the ecommerce world, having an effective email marketing software supplier is vital to the success of your business.

However, selecting the right email marketing software for your business can be a very tricky process. Some of the big players in email marketing include Mailchimp, Aweber and ConstantContact, nonetheless, Campaign Monitor is a well-established company that can lay claim to be amongst the big guns.

Choosing the right software has a lot to do with the CRM (customer relationship management) tool that you are using as well. If your CRM and email marketing software can link then the process of qualifying your customers and leads becomes easier. Ensuring you are sending the right materials to the right people, at the right time

All of the aforementioned email providers all have their own unique benefits and hindrances so it's vital that you take care in choosing.

To make this easier we have put together an overview of Campaign Monitor's pricing, features, pros and cons and whether it's suitable for you, depending on what stage your business is at.

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How To Start an Online Shop in 15 Minutes

quickly setup your store

Are you sitting around with a sweet new product idea and you want to start selling it online? Have you been selling in a brick-and-mortar shop and now you want to bring your business online? The solution is building an online store, so I want to show you how to start an online shop in just 15 minutes.

Over 35 percent of small business websites function to sell via ecommerce mediums, and you can join the club.

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms to choose from, but we are going to walk you through the one we like the most, Shopify.

Let’s have a look.

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How to Research Keywords for Your Online Shop with Market Samurai

Market Samurai guide

The success of your online store depends on quality keyword research. Did you hear that? Have you ever worked on finding the perfect keywords for your ecommerce store? When people make a search through Google they are most likely to choose one of the first ten links on the first page (usually the first or the second!). Are all of your products ranking in the top ten?

After you get up and running with a nice ecommerce platform one of the next steps is strategizing your keyword approach, since it’s an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Several tools offer options for finding relevant and high ranking keywords to boost your SEO, but one of them stands out. It’s called Market Samurai.

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