7 Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Plug-ins (December 2016)

Ecommerce plugins

WordPress has started its journey as a blogging platform, but now it’s being used as a robust solution for building eCommerce sites. The powerful plug-in architecture of WordPress makes it possible for anyone to transform an ordinary site into a fully-fledged digital shop. So in case you’d rather build it with good old WordPress instead of using dedicated shopping cart software, read on!

If you’re also planning to build an eCommerce site with WordPress, you may get confused which eCommerce plug-in fits your needs best. To help you choose best among the rest, I’ve researched and made a list of 7 best WordPress eCommerce plug-ins. All these plug-ins are absolutely free to use and perfect for creating any kind of profitable WordPress e-store.

The easiest way to learn WordPress

The easy WordPress tutorial videos from WP101 will teach you all the basics in about an hour! Continue learning with more advanced tutorials, plus get answers to your WordPress questions in our members-only forum.


WooCommerce, built by talented folks at WooThemes, is probably the most popular and widely used free eCommerce plug-in for WordPress (and one of the best Shopify alternatives). Packed full of top-of-the-line features, this powerful and highly extendable plug-in empowers you to turn your WordPress site into a multi-million dollar eCommerce store. One of the best things about WooCommerce is its golden collection of free and paid themes and extensions, using which you can tailor your online shop to meet your specific needs.

WooCommerce Ecommerce Plugin

Used by world’s most reputable brands like Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan and Harley-Davidson, WooCommerce currently powers more than 17.77% of eCommerce websites on the entire internet. Key features of WooCommerce include PayPal Standard integration, sales and reviews reports, multiple shipping options, flexible couponing system and easy inventory management. If you’re looking for a robust, intuitive and highly customizable eCommerce plug-in, then you should definitely give WooCommerce a shot. If you want to learn more about this, you’ll like my guide on how to create an online shop with WooCommerce.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a lightweight, feature-rich and simple to setup eCommerce solution for selling digital downloads via WordPress at no cost. Rather than including a lot of useless features like other plug-ins, Easy Digital Downloads has kept selling digital goods simple and streamlined by providing only most useful features. It ships with a powerful reporting system that enables you to see all of your earnings and sales through interactive graphs and easy to analyze data tables. You may also want to read my full Easy Digital Downloads review.

Easy Digital Downloads

As EDD is built with WordPress Coding Standards in mind, it’s the most developer friendly eCommerce solution. Means, it’s extremely easy for a developer to make changes to the EDD codebase. With more than 200 themes and extensions, you can tailor EDD to your specific needs. If you only sell digital products, EDD will be the best choice for you.

WP eCommerce

WP e-Commerce is another simple to use yet powerful WordPress eCommerce plug-in that has been around for last several years. Written by Justin Sainton, Dan Milward and Gary Cao, WP eCommerce allows you to customize HTML and CSS, so you could have full control over the look and feel of your eStore. Whether you sell physical inventory, digital downloads, memberships or subscriptions, this amazing plug-in has made selling an absolute breeze.

WP ecommerce plugin

With over 2.9 million downloads, WP e-Commerce is the second most popular plug-in in the eCommerce space. What’s unique about this fully functioning plug-in is its streamlined checkout process that dramatically increases your store’s conversion rate. In addition, WP e-Commerce integrates perfectly with dozens of payment processors and shippers. Even, you can add extra functionalities to your store by purchasing a variety of upgrades and premium add-ons available.


Ecwid makes strides in the market by catering to companies that don’t want to start a brand new site. The primary feature is that you can take your old site and quickly integrate the Ecwid system within a few minutes. You can also mirror the system onto various other sites if you plan on selling elsewhere online. Manage all of these sites from one place instead of switching between multiple dashboards. Another nice feature is the syncing between multiple devices. Sell on-the-go with your smartphone. This means that you can go to a tradeshow to make a few sales and all of these sales are reflected on the backend of your website.

Ecwid Store Exchange

Ecwid comes with four plans, one of which is completely free. They market the free plan like crazy, and mention that many other platforms drag you into a free trial, where you will eventually have to pay. Read my full Ecwid review as well.



Jigoshop is a reliable, secure and robust WordPress eCommerce plug-in from Jigowatt, a UK based web design agency. Best suited for SMEs, Jigoshop features an intuitive dashboard through which you’ll have the ability to setup and manage your web store in minutes. You can choose from 30+ fully fledged and highly customizable themes that are suitable for building any kind of online store. Plus there are over one hundreds of powerful extensions offered to take your eStore to the next level. Check out my full Jigoshop review as well.

Jigoshop WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

Moreover, Jigoshop has various reporting features – including sortable sales graphs and stock report – that give you real-time insight into how your store is performing. Because of its simple and user-friendly inventory system, managing inventory with Jigoshop is also quite easy. Only a few people know that Jigoshop was built as a fork of WooCommerce. The Woo team has just forked the Jigoshop codebase and launched it as WooCommerce. However, Jigoshop is still getting famous day by day.


MarketPress, prudently written by experienced WordPress developers at WPMU DEV, is a well designed, easily customizable and feature-rich eCommerce plug-in. The main motive behind the development of this fabulous plug-in is delivering users a simple, beautiful and enjoyable shopping cart experience without any add-on or extension. Thus, MarketPress is a WPMU DEV’s effort of putting together the powers of different plug-ins into one single standalone eCommerce solution.

MarketPress Ecommerce Plugin

MarketPress comes with beautiful themes that can be easily customized without touching a single line of code. Also, it’s fully compatible with BuddyPress and Multisite, means you can set up your own network of online stores (like eBay and Etsy) and take a cut of each sale. While, the premium version of MarketPress offers advanced features like full suite of payment methods, more than one built-in store style, calculated shipping modules, Google Analytics eCommerce tracking and product personalization.

iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is a simple, intuitive and extremely extendable WordPress eCommerce plug-in developed by iThemes. Having a user-friendly interface, it makes product creation process relatively easier. Unlike other plug-ins that create their own database tables for customers, Exchange takes advantage of built-in WordPress user system for adding customer information to its own page. So that you could easily manage customers by viewing available downloads and products purchased, editing transactions and adding notes to customer information.

iThemes-Exchange Ecommerce Plugin

Getting started with Exchange is as easy as one, two, and three: install, activate, select your favorite payment processor, add products and start selling. To make purchase experience easiest than ever, Exchange uses Stripe as built-in payment gateway. It also supports PayPal Standard out of the box as a core add-on. There are several Exchange Themes available to fulfill your specific needs. Finally, you can unlock Exchange’s full potential by trying the Pro pack that has much advanced features.

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 Lite, formerly known as PHPurchase, is a lightweight, secure and highly efficient e-commerce solution for creating any kind of “PCI compliant” WordPress store. It makes use of Mijireh Checkout to securely collect and transmit credit card information to your favorite payment gateway. What’s interesting, it also perfectly integrates with Amazon S3 to let you sell digital products without any hassle. Unlike other eCommerce plug-ins, Cart66 Lite is easy to use yet powerful.

Cart66-Lite Ecommerce Plugin

Written by Reality66, Cart66 Lite has multiple shipping and currency options, enabling you to give your business global reach and recognition. Including powerful features like custom fields for products, affiliate platform integration, product variations and customizable email receipts, this simple to configure plug-in has almost everything you need to get your web shop up and running in minutes. Also, Cart66 offers a professional version having more advanced features and professional support.

Author BioAjeet is an experienced WordPress developer. He’s working with WordPressIntegration and loves to share his work experience with others. Ajeet is passionate about writing on HTML5, Responsive Web Design, WordPress, eCommerce, and JavaScript. In his spare time, he plays with Photoshop and Illustrator. For weekly updates, follow @Wordpress_INT

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Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.

86 Responses

    1. Sorry if this is kind of a stupid question, but should I install all these plugins for my upcoming online store or should I use only one

        1. Hi Catalin,

          I have in mind to build an online store where my clients are able to upload their products on my website and sell on their own. Is this possible using wordpress and any available plugins for wordpress?

          1. Hi Prashant,

            You can definitely build a marketplace using WordPress. You can do this using the Marketify WP theme and, in case you are building a marketplace for digital products, the Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace Bundle.

            Here you’ll find a step by step guide on how to do it:

            For physical products:

            How to Build a Physical Product Marketplace (like Etsy) with WordPress and Marketify

            For digital products:
            How to Build a Digital Product Marketplace (Like Fiverr) with WordPress, Marketify and the EDD Bundle


  1. Great plugins. WooCommerce is best one. Developing an eCommerce website is not a big deal now by using these plugins.

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  3. We use woocommerce on a store with 10,000+ products – works great. To speed it up we are using Autoptimize , Gator Cache and BJ Lazy load – all work together brilliantly and the site is really quick. Take a look at http://www.brandedbiker.co.uk and you wont belive its wordpress !!

    1. Hey Freddie,
      i also have a store with about 12k products, but i’m not as fortunate as you 🙁 I’m having problems updating the product info.
      I run, on a daily basis, a API Rest over a database located on the physical store server, which sends the product info to the wordpress database, so we can have the inventory correct on the website. Could you give some help with your advice so i can have a daily product update?

  4. Hey man,

    I opted for Woocommerce, as I wanted to set up my site http://www.blue.solar (looks tidy) using WordPress. I was sceptical at first, but then once I started selling I got a https certificate to protect my clients and was able to sell solar panels Uk and internationally. Woocommerce has a great shipping and payment options. Was easy to set up and needed limited knowledge on how to code.

  5. Nice compilation of eCommerce plugins. We have been developing products and providing services extensively on WooCommerce to clients because of its wide range of functionalities and simplicity of use. It’s easy integration with various plugins, themes can turn your shopping site into a million dollar site.

    The coupons, discount options are great options to attract more customers to your site. If you know your way around WordPress then understanding WooCommerce is a child’s play.

  6. I am looking at putting an ecommerce solution on the above mentioned site in future. I was thinking about using woo commerce. for 2 reasons: the yoast seo plugin is optimised for woo commerce and no 2, there is support for this from a warehouse that I was wanting to use.

    I am not sure if I got the intent though, with woo commerce do you have to have a subdomain?

    I don’t really want subdomains… bad for seo… I am also thinking of adding a social networking plug in…

    however, I want to keep everything as tight as possible in one site preferably without subdomains.

    (which is why I also liked the shop mentioned that adds to your site and that you can add products to a facebook page as well.

  7. I have set up two WooCommerce sites and it each was fairly straight forward to set up. The hardest part is just uploading all of the images and setting up thepages. (There is a CSV uploader plugin that makes that chore a bit faster, if not really easier.)

    Once that’s done, it’s typical WordPress maintenance.

      1. I have used “WP Ultimate CSV Importer” for my woocommerce store. The plugin also supports the above mentioned WP eCommerce and MarketPress.

  8. Nice selection. I currently left Shopify after one week of issues and because of my experience with WordPress I installed WooCommerce. The verdict is still out as I’m waiting for support on shipping costs using their USPS extension which is not delivery some shipping options and grossly miscalculating what it is providing. That extension costs $79 for one license and the corresponding Stamps.com extension is another $59.

    One problem is I’m in the USA and they’re in South Africa so there is a huge time lag for support plus a notice said they are back-logged.

    Key for my business and any business shipping goods is to have reliable real-time carrier calculations for customers with all the shipping options available. The business owner must be able to pick and choose those options.

    If WooCommerce can fix this I’m all in as the basic structure is well done. It’s that pesky shipping that’s becoming trickier than I expected.

    1. I’m starting to develop a woo commerece site and I find their customer support problematic as it takes a day or so to get a response. The yearly cost of plugins make it less affordable. Plugins are written by and supported by either the developer or woo or both. I have yet to find a woo ninja to be a 10 help. More like a 6-7 at best. I thought WordPress bought woo. I would think WP would offer a better support system. Disappointing.

  9. Great article and advice. I would like the facility to set up payments on a continuous authority basis – so regular monthly payments, in much the same way as the traditional book club model works. Any idea whether any of these platforms can handle this – or whether a totally different solution would be needed?

  10. This was informative. I have a follow up question. What is the best plug in or service (besides ECWID) that I can use to “batch load” product data for my store. In other words, can I load a CSV file with my product data into WooCommerce for example? ECWID allows for this, but charges you a monthly charge for more than ten products. I would prefer to pay a per transaction charge if something like this exists.

    1. Wow it is actually awesome
      Moving to it right away
      Thank you for your efforts building such powerful plugin for free!!

  11. Hi,
    I have a website idea but have spent a lot of time researching to find a solution and can’t seem to find one that would get me started without having something custom built. I am completely new to this so maybe I’m missing something. I’m looking to build a site where users can post their own items to buy, sell or trade (mostly trading) but not an auction site. I’m looking to build revenue mostly from ad sales but possibly also taking a commission. I’m open to users brokering their own trades at first but eventually would like to facilitate the payment process for the user. Any help on a plug in that might at least get me off the ground would be helpful. Thanks!

  12. Hi. Thank you for your advice and information about the various plug-ins and options.
    I am very new to wordpress and building webpages. I am trying to create a shopping cart where the customer would be able to personalize the item. For example, they would order a t-shirt, variables would be size, color, font style, but also what message they would want to print on the shirt.
    Are there specific plug-ins that would work better with variables and personalization. Where would the personalized message be stored in the cart/order?
    Any advice would be very welcome.

    1. I’m looking at setting up something very similar (mine is mailbox numbers so I also have size, color, font & message). Right now, I’m planning to use WooCommerce along with their product add ons extension. I’m still exploring options and I haven’t pulled the trigger on a paid extension yet.

      If anyone has experience with this extension (or suggestions for a better solution), I’d love to hear about it.

  13. Thanks for all this useful info! Do you happen to know if any of these (or other) platforms that integrate with WP, are also available in Italian?
    Cheers 🙂

  14. As I know there is an Alipay extension which can be installed onto the older version of wordpress site, so I’m wondering which of the above e-commerce plugs support the said Alipay extension?

  15. Great resource. I’m currently using WooCommerce and a recent update wiped out my pricing field for products with variations. I’ve been on their site and it looks like they are no longer supporting anything. I don’t even find an option for Premium support. Does anyone know if they are abandoning this platform?

  16. I’m setting up a website and a blog. I downloaded WooCommerce, but I feel it doesn’t fit my business. I sell mainly services (consultations) and e-books. The WooCommerce is set up to sell physical goods to ship, and it’s great for that. But for me, the “shop” page needs to have a lengthy description of the services and e-books I will offer, pretty pictures, with an appointment calendar and the like. The WooCommerce shop page just lists the products without leaving much options to customize the shop page. And it looks like I’m selling t-shirts and not services. The way I see it, my shop page should be just one page more like a blog post with a general description and products listed not in a grid but a list form with a paragraph or two of description. I don’t have 10k products, maybe just a dozen which will all fit on one page.

    While it’s pretty easy to set up e-book shop, I have no idea how to go about setting up online payment for appointments in the best way possible, and perhaps integrated with a calendar.

    1. Hi Tatiana! I can see we have the same situation with our website. I also sell just few services. Right now i found myself using ecwid (i have no choice coz it’s already included in easy site builder), and like yours it doesnt fit in mine. but it would much better if theres any platform where we can create a registration for our clients where they can sign in, and communicate from there so there’s tracking (support ticket system). What did you do with yours? Kindly let me know.

  17. Hi Catalin,
    Thank you for the article.
    I am at the sensitive stage right now regarding which eommerce plugin to use for my next site. This narrows down the options considerably.
    Sooner or later i will have to just make a decision; but at least now it will be an informed one.

  18. Hi, i have a question. I’m new at all of website thingy. I created my first website from Easysite builder, now i’d like to have a e commerce platfrom where i sell only 3-5 products, what should i use? Im also dying to have a user membership to my clients where they can see their account (customers information) and send support ticket/mail to admin (me). Can anyone please help me?

  19. Here’s a question I have for which I’ve yet to find an answer…
    Do any of the eCommerce sites offer the ability for customers to NOT pay with a credit card or paypal or other electronic payment method? Many of our customers are schools. Their payment system is antiquated and they have to be able to pay by check. Our current webstore allows payment by credit card or “invoice”. If the customer chooses “invoice”, the order goes through and is processed and we are alerted to mail them an invoice (for payment by check).
    I’m working my way through the different providers, trying to find out who might offer this option for us. Any suggestions?

  20. Hello. Are any of these options suitable for a restaurant online ordering system? Ideally I need one that can be integrated with Ikentoo POS. Many thanks.

    1. Hi WooCommerce, WP eCommerce and MarketPress would be suitable for an online restaurant. There are plenty of restaurant WordPress themes to choose from websites like CreativeMarket and ThemeForest.

  21. Good day
    Thanks for the info on the various plugins. Can you advise which ones have the standard ability or features out of the box to offer a client a One Time Offer or Upsell once a client has purchased Product A already but before they are able to checkout a time sensitive pop up appears to Promote product B and add this to the cart?

    How would you advise I build this into my funnel? Any other plugins to consider?

    Thanks In advance.

  22. If I want to come up with a website (informational/blog) with a tab where I can sell stuff correlated. What is the best plug-in? So I dont want a 100% e-commerce site. I want WordPress power of web sites with sell option.

    1. Hi Bruno,

      Il you’re planning to sell just a few products through your WordPress blog I would recommend using Gumroad. It works well for both physical and digital products and it can be easily integrated into your WP site. You can also integrate Gumroad right into your Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and even an email newsletter.

      Hope this helps!

  23. Thanks for an excellent review article. I am looking for wp ecommerce plugins for my website right no. I am not entirely certain how much I am going to use it, therefore, don’t want to buy commercial software. I am working on small business data analysis and plan to write about it or provide some services. Most of my friends suggest WooCommerce. How good is it?
    Ankur Purohit

  24. Hi, what would be a good plugin to sell 5 to 10 physical products? I’m an artist and want to sell some prints. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Thank you so much for this info and taking the time and energy to put it all together! I’m in the market for a plugin for my not-for-profit website for fundraising with handmade items. I’ll pass this on to my site designer, as he’s getting ready to build and create!

  26. hi,
    i am very confusing,i am appreciating your help.
    can i use woocommerce plugin and at the same time another marketplace plugin,all in my wp website.
    i want to inform you that i have about 20000 products.

  27. Good day
    Is there a recommendation for current plugin / theme for selling clothing
    Variables required would be customisable sizing selections
    Colour selections variables for pricing adjustment for certain sizes and colours etc
    Small order fees
    Ability to set quantity discounts for combined order numbers
    I have looked for ages and are becoming increasingly confused
    So I was hoping for any recommendations please
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Ross,

      WooCommerce would be a great option here.

      There are dozens of Fashion WordPress themes to choose from and services like WpCurve can help you make the necessary adjustments.

      Best of luck!

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  28. Hi,
    I want to use our current business website which does not have the capability of selling anything to host a page capable of selling a few seasonal products. Would you recommend any of the above for this?


    1. Hi Patrick,

      If you wish to sell directly from you current website then Ecwid will be a great option for you.

      You can read our full review here for more info.

      Best of luck,

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  29. This is a great article, thank you for the information. I do have a question though. I have set up a site for our non-profit and need to be able to accept donations. Those typically work a bit differently. We will also market some event tickets and shirts, but that would be about the extent of our ecommerce. Do you have a recommendation for this type of functionality?

    1. Hi Tris,

      You can easily accept donations using PayPal by creating a donate button. You can then embed this button on your website.

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  30. Thank you for sharing but Cart66 is not a free platform. They make you go through all of the technical stuff before they tell you it’s free for 15 days. There is no free version.

    1. Hi Regina,

      Cart66 is a WordPress plugin, not an eCommerce platform. It looks like the company may have stopped supporting the lite version, we’ll make the corrections soon.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  31. I have a WordPress.com site, please can you let me know if one of these plug ins would work on there, or if I need to set up something different or convert my site to .org ?
    Thank you

  32. Hello, thanks for sharing! I’m a student from Belgium and for my bachelor project I want to develop a second hand book platform, a platform where you can see which books you need for your studies and order them online. https://www.gamemania.be/games/Used is a site with the same principle. You bring your books in a pop-up, we scan them and they appear on the site were you can order them one by one or in a packet. I’m looking for a template or plug-in that can help me with that, could you give me some recommendations please?

    Kind regards

  33. Hello Bogdan, its there a platform that that a user can edit variable information of a product or better yet, a webform with clients input as a product? I’m looking at selling direct mail peices as a product.

  34. i did like woocommerce but i am having to deactivate it as it’s making my site too slow. I have only added 6 products and it’s adding 2-3 seconds on to each page load. I know it’s becuase i am on shared hosting but i will need to look for another a ecommerce plugin, i’ll get more expensive hosting when i can afford it!

    1. Hi jess,

      This could be a problem with the WordPress install on your server not necessarily with the hosting plan you are paying for right now.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  35. According to my understanding of Shopify terms of service they have access to your customer database and are allowed to use your customer data for their and their partners use. This means that you cannot offer a privacy policy to your customers a better promise of privacy. I spent time and money at Shopsite and had to bail out when they changed their TOS.

  36. Great info! Which of these would be good for digital downloads? I sell embroidery designs and each could have up to 14 variables with a downloadable file for each, depending on which format the customer needs.
    Thanks in advance!

  37. Hi everyone
    Im pretty new to all this – Ive just finished creating my first self hosted site and trying to learn still
    I would like to add a section to sell ONLY one product on my site. So im looking for something simple
    Would any of these plugins be suitable or are these too advanced for what i need?

    1. Hi Gordon,

      For selling one single product you can use Gumroad. It works for both physical and digital products and it can be integrated on any page from your website.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

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