20 Apps To Supercharge Your BigCommerce Marketing

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If you run an online store using BigCommerce, you know that it is a great platform to get a beautiful store up and running in no time. It's also great for finding apps that are bound to help out your marketing. In this article, we'll go through the best BigCommerce apps, especially those that cater to your marketing strategy.

BigCommerce has solid built in marketing features, and you also probably have a great marketing plan in place, but there are also a lot of BigCommerce marketing apps and extensions available that make the process a lot easier and more streamlined. Here are my favorite apps to supercharge your marketing (in no particular order).

1. S Loyalty

best Bigcommerce apps - S Loyalty

The S Loyalty app offers one of the most comprehensive rewards programs in the BigCommerce App Store.

With hundreds of excellent reviews, and powerful tools for creating strong connections with your customers, S Loyalty has the settings and options to ensure that your customers continue to come back your store and feel special about their loyalty. Some of the highlights of this app include tools for generating branded loyalty programs based on beautiful responsive designs that speed up the creation process.

You get to customize your entire rewards program and choose from a wide variety of preset color schemes that match your website. There are also several campaigns for increasing customer loyalty points on holidays and special occasions. More personalized rewards are also provided through birthday bonuses and rewards for people who just signed up. Along with a clean interface and an ever-expanding collection of features, S Loyalty does the trick for all of your rewards program needs.

2. Klaviyo

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Klaviyo

Klaviyo is supercharged email marketing for ecommerce. Instead of sending all of your customers the same boring newsletter, Klaviyo lets you target your customers by behaviour patterns – what they ordered, how much they spent, how many times they ordered (and a lot more) and send each of those groups targeted emails. The more targeted you can be with your communication, the better you will do.

For more info please read our Klaviyo review.

3. Affiliatly

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Affiliatly

Affiliatly delivers one of the best BigCommerce apps for you to manage all of your partners and get the word out about your new products. All affiliate links are generated in the app, then you can see which website visits are due to the affiliate links being shared by partners.

Custom commissions are possible for certain products, and all payments are quickly sent out through PayPal. Finally, Affiliatly has a unique pop-up form that prompts people to sign up for your affiliate program if they run a blog.

4. Referral Candy

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Refferal Candy

Referral Candy uses email marketing to turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Whenever somebody places an order with you, they get an email with a special code that they can share with their friends – their friends receive a discount, and the customer gets a referral bonus – so everyone wins! This is a great way to instill trust in your potential customers since a referral is a strong way of building trust. That why we like it so much as one of the best BigCommerce apps.

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5. Sellbrite

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a multi-channel listing software that synchronizes your inventory across different sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and your own store. You can upload inventory, manage, and every time you make a sale on one channel, your inventory is update across all of your channels so there is no confusion. Sellbrite is always adding new features, so they are something exciting.

6. Zopim

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Zopim

Zopim is a live chat software that integrates effortlessly into your store. You can then talk to customers and help them out as they are browsing and in the sales process. Live chat is a great way to alleviate customer tensions, and orders after live chat are significantly larger than regular orders. Zopim is free for up to one user, and they have reasonable payment plans upwards.

7. InStockAlerts

Bigcommerce marketing apps - InStockAlerts

InStockAlerts is an app which lets your customers receive notifications for when out of stock products are available again. Now, when a customer likes a product but you don’t have it available, you can let them know when it is – saving the sale. To install InStockAlerts, go to their Bigcommerce app store page here

8. Pixelpop

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Pixelpop

Pixelpop boasts a strong set of pop-up boxes for collecting things like email sign-ups and to promote offers whenever they come along. The great thing about Pixelpop is that it has easy integrations, like the one through MailChimp.

You'll also notice that some advanced branding tools are there for you to pick themes, change colors, and design the pop-ups exactly the way you want. Some of the pop-up types include announcements, coupon codes, and social follows. There is a total of seven pop-up types in the Pixelpop app.

9. Smile.io

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Smile.io

Since rewards programs are so important in the e-commerce world, we want to cover a few of them so that you have several options when making your own decisions. The Smile.io app is certainly a front runner for increasing your revenue through rewards. One of the reasons for this is that the design can be completely branded for your own experience.

You have complete customization and can even improve your earning with VIP tiers to incentivize customers to shop more. There are over 10 types of incentives for your rewards program, including options to encourage purchases, referrals, and social shares.

10. JustUno

Bigcommerce marketing apps - JustUno
JustUno is a great way to build your email list and social following. After you install it, JustUno will show a little popup on the side of your website. When a customer clicks it, they will receive an offer to get a discount or freebie – if they share your site on their social channels or give you their email address. Neat, right?

11. LeadDyno

Bigcommerce marketing apps - LeadDyno

LeadDyno has the tools you need to launch a powerful affiliate program without the need for advanced development skills. It's one of the best Bigcommerce apps because all of your affiliate partners can see how much money they are making through a dashboard. You can also scroll through some of the top affiliates and bloggers in the LeadDyno database. This is sure to get you started on the right track for finding the right influencers.

This is a highly advanced affiliate program, but some of our favorite features include the social media integrations, VIP access for some affiliates, and fast payouts for your partners.

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12. Shogun Page Builder

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Shogun

The Shogun Page Builder app encourages you to create modern landing and product pages with drag-and-drop technology. There are plenty of page builders to choose from, but this one has a nice integration with BigCommerce, and has a strong focus on landing pages, which is essential for e-commerce marketing. You receive predesigned page templates, along with a huge library of elements for things like social buttons and countdown timers.

13. Privy

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Privy

Privy has a wonderful interface that's built for capturing and converting all of your website visitors. The whole point of Privy is to ensure that you are not constantly using coupon codes and discounts to get people to come back to your store. It does have coupon reminders and automated emails, but much of the reason it's one of the best Bigcommerce apps is because it's built around A/B test campaigns for improving the growth of your email list by using proven pop-ups.

14. Clever Google Ads

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Clever Google Ads

Clever Google Ads takes your advertising to the next level by offering remarketing and other advancements through Google ads. Many of your ads are automatically generated and optimized through the app.

You can also target certain customers so that the right products show up on Google whenever they make a search. This app has a simple five-step integration so that you don't have to be an advertising expert to get the word out about your products.

15. Conversio

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Conversio

Conversio is one of the most advanced email marketing solutions for e-commerce websites. Not only does it have wonderful designs for its emails, but you can send out receipts, follow-ups, abandoned cart information, and regular old newsletters.

Another reason we like it so much is that you can get customer feedback by sending out emails and asking for them to fill out surveys or write product reviews on your website.

16. Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

The Google Shopping by Sales & Orders app makes for an easier Google shopping experience by automatically creating a product data feed for all of the items in your store. Connect this to your Google Merchant Center account to begin syncing your items and feed all of the products into Google. You receive a feed dashboard to see all of the stats coming in from Google, along with error reporting, Google categories, and the option to modify products.

17. Omnisend

Bigcommerce marketing apps - omnisend

Omnisend is yet another impressive email marketing option for e-commerce stores. It stands out because of how quickly the average user can build a professional looking email with product information and links.

It truly is one of the most rapid email building processes we have seen. Not only that, but you can send out regular email newsletters and automated messages for things like cart abandonment, receipts, and package tracking. Combine that with SMS automation tools and you have a rather affordable and efficient overall marketing platform.

18. PriceWaiter

Bigcommerce marketing apps - PriceWaiter

PriceWaiter is an interesting e-commerce app from big commerce for negotiating better prices on items like unwanted inventory and end of season products. Everything is automated through the app, but you can set up some manual features to ensure that your clearance items are being presented to your customers at the right times.

The goal is to improve your conversion rates by selling items that you probably wouldn't have been able to before. The app reduces your bounce rate and has built-in AB testing to see how the campaigns performed.

19. Outfy

Bigcommerce marketing apps - outfy

Outfy offers social reach capabilities to improve the traffic into your website from sites like Facebook and Twitter. To start, Outfy connects your website to as many as 14 social networks. Then, you can have posts scheduled and automated with beautiful product collages and animated GIFs.

The app also helps with creating captivating videos as well as relevant hashtags to reach more customers on the social networks. All of your products are automatically synced with your social networks and you can choose from the large list of options starting with Instagram and ending with Kit. This is one of the easiest ways to put your social media efforts on autopilot and improve your sales overall.

20. Exclusive Offers

Bigcommerce marketing apps - Exclussive offers

Exclusive Offers is a brilliant app that addresses a huge problem that most ecommerce stores face: cart abandonment. If a customer is about to leave your shopping cart page, this app will display a little message with an offer for a freebie or discount to save the sale. The best part? Their pricing! They charge 5% of each sale, so there is no upfront cost to you unless you make a sale.

Which of the Best Bigcommerce Apps is Right For You?

These are some of best Bigcommerce apps to really ramp up your sales and marketing. Do you have any favorites? Share with us in the comments!

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