The Best BigCommerce Apps to Explore in 2023

Amazing BigCommerce Apps to Increase Sales and Revenue

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With a range of built-in features already included for transaction management, payment processing, marketing, and more, BigCommerce ensures business owners have everything they need to thrive online.

However, there’s always a chance you might want to expand the functionality of the platform with apps, integrations, and third-party plugins.

Fortunately, the BigCommerce app marketplace ensures adding new features to your website is as simple and painless as possible. Most of the time, all you need to do is click a few buttons to add a new solution to your site, with no coding or technical knowledge required.

After hours of testing and reviewing numerous BigCommerce apps, we've compiled a list of the best options that can enhance your store's functionality and overall performance.

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Why Use BigCommerce apps?

The best BigCommerce apps could be an incredible way to take your BigCommerce site building experience to the next level. On its own, BigCommerce offers entrepreneurs access to a robust, reliable, and highly flexible platform for creating websites, portfolios, and digital stores. In fact, BigCommerce stands as one of the most popular SaaS tools on the modern market.

What are the Best BigCommerce Apps?

Here are some of the top apps worth exploring in 2023.


printful - best bigcommerce apps

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your own custom products without having to spend a fortune on manufacturing and logistics, Printful could be the ideal app for you. This print-on-demand platform instantly connects retailers to a directory of manufacturing experts, ready to create, customize, and even ship items directly to customers.

Printful serves thousands of sellers around the world, with access to a huge range of products, including custom t-shirts, art prints, home décor, and accessories. There are built-in tools for creating mockups of each item you want to sell, as well as custom ads and other visuals. Plus, you can set your own prices, and pay for items only when an order comes in.

Printful’s end-to-end integration for BigCommerce ensures business leaders can access all the functionality they need to create compelling custom products, with branded packaging inserts, and more. Plus, there’s no coding required to add the functionality to your store.


Users can access the Printful directory, and all the services included in the BigCommerce app for free. There are no monthly subscription costs to worry about (outside of the price you pay for your BigCommerce plan). The only fees you’ll have to pay with Printful are for the costs of making, customizing, and shipping your products.


  • Huge range of product options to choose from
  • Professional branding and customization options
  • Easy-to-use back end with a one-click integration
  • No monthly fees or subscription costs
  • Excellent customer support and assistance with returns


  • Product variations need to be created manually
  • Mockup options are somewhat limited
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printify - best bigcommerce apps

Another great option if you’re hoping to add the power of print on demand (POD) selling to your existing store is Printify. Similar to Printful, Printify ensures you can easily work with a variety of leading printing partners to create hundreds of uniquely customized products. Dropshipping and fulfilment support ensures you don’t have to store any inventory, or manage logistics yourself.

Printify offers discount prices for a range of high-quality items, and ensures you can create your custom products in no time, with a convenient mock-up generator. The company also boasts a comprehensive network of print providers, located in more than 90 regions around the world.

To make your life easier, Printify allows business owners to automate most of the ordering and shipment processes. You can automatically sync the items you create to your ecommerce platform or marketplace in moments. Plus, Printify has it’s own shipping calculator, to help you figure out how much you should charge to maintain high profit margins.


Like Printful, Printify doesn’t require you to pay any fees to access the directory network and printing features offered by the solution. You can cut down on monthly costs and pay only for the price of creating and shipping your items. However, the free plan will only support up to 5 stores. If you want access to more features, and discounts on all of your products of up to 20%, you can upgrade to the Premium plan for $24.99 per month.

For larger companies managing more than 10,000 orders per day, Printify also has a dedicated enterprise plan, which comes with support for unlimited stores, early access to new features, custom API integrations, and a dedicated account manager.


  • Excellent mockup generator
  • Fantastic customer service and support
  • Easy-to-use backend environment for order management
  • Global printing network for quick production
  • Great price discounts on some plans


  • The best service requires a paid plan
  • Some custom items can be more expensive than others
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livechat - best bigcommerce apps

Few things are more important than excellent customer experience for companies hoping to outshine the competition and earn loyal customers in today’s marketplace. Increasingly, today’s consumers are expecting brands to offer a wide range of communication options, including real-time chat functionality. Fortunately, LiveChat can help.

One of the most popular BigCommerce apps, LiveChat integrates directly with your existing store, giving customers the opportunity to choose to chat with you through a branded widget. You can also send proactive messages to customers to improve your chances of sales. LiveChat comes with access to live insights, so you can access order histories for customers in real-time, and send personalized suggestions on what to buy next.

The app also comes with a built-in helpdesk, which stores messages as tickets when your employees are offline. Plus, you can track order management in one place, preview the cart contents of each customers, and track important data all in one place.


There’s a free trial available from LiveChat which allows businesses to access all the functionality without paying anything for 14 days. After that, plans include:

  • Starter: $20 per month for an up to 60-day chat history, basic widget customization, data security, ticketing support and more.
  • Team: $41 per month per agent for access to unlimited history for chat conversations, complete customization for the chat widget, all the features of Starter, plus agent groups, multiple brandings, and basic reporting.
  • Business: $59 per month per agent for all the features of Team, plus enhanced work scheduling tools and staffing predictions.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for all the features of Business, plus a dedicated account manager, product training, Single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, and security assistance


  • Plenty of widget customization options
  • Numerous ways to connect with customers
  • Chat histories and reporting tools
  • Advanced data security and brand protection
  • Easy insights for personalized service


  • Accessing chatbot functionality costs extra
  • Some automated greetings are relatively basic
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shipbob - best bigcommerce apps

Managing fulfilment and logistics is one of the most challenging tasks for any business owner, even with the features offered on BigCommerce to help you. ShipBob can help you to overcome this challenge, with access to a powerful logistics provider and partner. With this easy-to-use app, you can improve your chances of earning loyal customers, with 2-day delivery options.

The company has a fantastic network of fulfilment centers located across the United States, and allows you to split inventory across various locations to reduce shipping times and costs. The technology integrates seamlessly with your BigCommerce store too, ensuring you can track, manage, and automate orders are soon as they’re placed.

ShipBob comes with a comprehensive inventory management dashboard, which also offers reorder notifications and reminders. The easy-to-use tool also comes with step-by-step guidance for beginners, and excellent customer support from dedicated logistics specialists.


It’s free to download and use the Shipbob integration for BigCommerce, however, there is a price to pay for the company to receive, warehouse, and ship your products. At present, Shipbob doesn’t offer any direct prices for its services on its website. You’ll need to contact the team directly to determine how much your services are going to cost.


  • Great for saving money on shipping
  • Accelerate shipping speeds with 2-day fulfilment
  • End-to-end warehousing and order management
  • In-depth insights into your product delivery strategy
  • Convenient return management services


  • No transparent pricing structure
  • Some partners are more reliable than others
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yotpo - best bigcommerce apps

Yotpo is a comprehensive solution for business owners looking for unique ways to optimize conversions and improve customer loyalty. Ready to integrate with a range of email marketing tools, this service will boost your conversion rates by helping you to collect reviews and testimonials from your target audience. It can also give ecommerce business owners unique ways to develop loyalty and referral campaigns, which improve their chances of long-term sales.

Yotpo will integrate fully with your online store, and comes with customizable forms and pop-ups which allow you to boost access to product reviews and increase conversion rates. The platform supports a wide range of languages for a multi-lingual ecommerce business. Plus, there are free plans available for beginners, so you don’t have to pay anything to get started.

With Yotpo, you can create unlimited opt-in forms, conduct A/B tests to determine which marketing strategies will generate the most revenue, and even trigger automated messages for customers. Advanced plans even include smart segmentation and predictive messaging strategies.


The Yotpo referral and testimonials app for BigCommerce is available to access for free for beginners, with support for 50 monthly orders, review request emails, basic customization, on-site widgets and more. Premium plans include:

  • Gold referrals and loyalty: $199 per month for rewards sticky bars, points systems, reward redemption at checkout and onboarding support.
  • Growth (Reviews): The Growth plan for reviews allows you to leverage tools for SEO to improve your Google rich snippets, and the ability to share reviews on Facebook, Google, and other channels. You can also collect photos and videos in reviews.
  • Custom plans: Yotpo also offers a range of custom priced plans for loyalty, referrals, SMS campaigns, subscription management and more.


  • Lots of tools for creating customer loyalty
  • Insights and reports to help boost sales
  • Customizable widgets and marketing campaigns
  • Integrations with a range of tools for social proof and SMS marketing
  • A/B testing and tracking for metrics


  • Can be expensive if you want more than just product reviews
  • Some of the tools can be complex for beginners
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JustUno is a marketing and sales software solution, which offers access to a range of tools for BigCommerce store owners. There are two dedicated apps on the BigCommerce marketplace, including the basic JustUno app, and JustUno for email and SMS popups.

The standard JustUno application provides companies with more behind-the-scenes insights into the analytics and metrics they need to track to increase sales. The convenient all-in-one platform provides intelligent guidance on how to increase sales and conversions with unique ecommerce promotions, email capture pop-ups, traffic segmentation and more.

With the comprehensive tool, companies can enhance their SEO strategy, add exit intent pop-ups to their sites, and even capture email details which are then automatically submitted to email apps. The plugin integrates with Constant Contact, MailChimp, HubSpot, and many other tools.

Alongside pop-up options, users will also have access to versatile targeting and segmentation, countdown timer tools, bulk and single-use coupon codes, cart abandonment tools, a drag-and-drop design canvas for promotions and more.


The Pricing for JustUno will depend on your number of monthly visitors and conversions. The Lite version of the app, for up to 10,000 website visitors is available for $54 per month, The Flex product for $18 per month also supports 10,000 visitors, but comes with advanced audience segmentation, product recommendations, phone support, and managed services.

For bigger companies in need of custom team roles, organization management, and preferred customer service, there’s a custom-priced enterprise plan available too.


  • Excellent tools for conversion and retention
  • Integrations to streamline customer and promotion management
  • Excellent customer support team on most plans
  • Countdown timers, coupon codes, and cart abandonment tools
  • Drag and drop promotional builder


  • The tools can have a slight learning curve
  • No built-in email marketing (though integrations are available)
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omnisend - best bigcommerce apps

For store owners in search of a comprehensive marketing automation platform, Omnisend has a range of fantastic features to offer. The all-in-one email and SMS marketing solution helps companies to increase revenue with a comprehensive integration for BigCommerce. You can use the platform to drive sales on autopilot with push notifications, cart abandonment notifications and more.

The Omnisend solution also comes with advanced insights and analytics to help you segment customers based on their shopping activity. Plus, everything is extremely easy to use, with convenient email templates, SMS campaigns, and an straightforward content editor.

Omnisend integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger and various other marketing tools. It also comes with a host of features that help you to create more compelling lead generation forms. This can improve your chances of finding additional customers for your online store. There’s even a free plan available for beginners if you have a limited budget.


The Omnisend free plan, designed for beginners, allows you to connect with up to 250 contacts per month, with up to 500 emails, 60 SMS messages, and 500 web push notifications. The plan also comes with pre-built automations and workflows, email templates, unlimited segmentation, pop-ups and signup forms, A/B testing and 24/7 live chat and email support.

For customers with 500 contacts or more, paid plans start at $16 per month for the Standard plan, depending on your number of contacts. It also comes with a customer success manager, and unlimited web push notifications. The “Pro” plan, starting at $59 per month for 500 contacts also includes advanced reporting, more emails and SMS messages, and priority support.


  • Integrated email and SMS notifications
  • Lots of automations and email templates to leverage
  • Less expensive than many major marketing tools
  • Easy-to-use and convenient interface
  • Cross-device abandoned cart recovery


  • Slight learning curve for beginners
  • Customer success managers only available for more expensive plans
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BigCommerce Buy Buttons

buy buttons - best bigcommerce apps

As customers continue to find and purchase products across a wide range of different sales channels, omnichannel strategies are becoming more important for small businesses. If you’re looking for a way to expand your online business and reach new customers, BigCommerce Buy Buttons could be the perfect solution. This easy-to-use solution within the BigCommerce app store allows you to add a purchasing button to multiple other sites and online tools.

You can rapidly add commerce to an existing blog created on a channel like WordPress or Tumblr. You’ll also be able to embed straight-to-checkout links to marketing emails, and leverage add-to-cart functionality on social media channels.

The buy buttons offered by BigCommerce are completely customizable, and can be altered with the use of HTML. You can choose your own colors, fonts, and text. Plus, there’s the ability to integrate Google analytics for tracking views, conversions, and new opportunities. As an added bonus, the buttons are fully responsive and work across all devices.


The BigCommerce buy button is a free add-on for customers who already have a BigCommerce plan. You won’t need to pay for any additional subscriptions to take credit card and debit payments across a range of other channels. However, you may need to consider the prices associated with the other platforms you’re using (such as hosting on WordPress).


  • Easy to use across all channels
  • Integrates with Google shopping and analytics tools
  • Direct access to product pages from links
  • Customizable buttons for branding purposes
  • Free access for small businesses


  • Limited checkout customization options
  • May require some basic coding knowledge

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keap - best bigcommerce apps

Finally, some of the best BigCommerce apps for your ecommerce store focus on boosting conversions or expanding your marketing campaigns. The Keap app combines CRM and marketing information with behind-the-scenes insights into crucial analytics to help your company grow. With Keap, business leaders can grow their email list, collect customer data, and create segments for personalized marketing campaigns, all in the same place.

The secure and easy-to-use application helps you to keep track of both your existing and potential customers in one convenient environment. You can track customer behavior and satisfaction levels, and automate follow-up emails, sales, tasks, and more. You can even send personalized messages based on user activity. With Keap, you can figure out which customers you should be adding to your rewards programs, by tracking your most valuable clients.

The easy-to-use tool will also help you keep your finger on the pulse of refunds, loyalty programs, and retargeting strategies over time. Keap even allows you to apply product tags to each customer so you can create follow-up messaging sequences based on products purchased.


While it’s free to download and install the Keap app for BigCommerce, you will need to purchase a premium plan to access the features of the CRM. Your pricing will depend on whether you pay monthly or annual, how many contacts you have, and which features you need. Options include:

  • Pro: Starting at $149 per month for up to 1,500 contacts, and 2 users. Features include lead and client management, automated lead capture and follow-up, sales and marketing automation, sales pipeline and analysis, quotes, invoices, payments, and landing pages. You can also access text marketing capabilities and appointments.
  • Max: Starting at $199 per month for up to 2,500 contacts and 3 users, with all the features of the Pro plan, plus some bonus extras. You’ll have access to promo codes, analytics, and upsells, as well as additional conversion tools.


  • Comprehensive customer contact management
  • Secure storage of customer data
  • Personalized and automated marketing messages
  • Tools for sales pipeline analysis and invoices
  • Automated lead-capture and follow-up


  • Slight learning curve for beginners
  • Multiple users can lead to bigger monthly costs
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Choosing the Best Apps for BigCommerce

If you’re looking for a way to take the functionality of your BigCommerce store to the next level, the app marketplace is a great place to begin your search. BigCommerce is a highly flexible platform, just like Shopify, which makes it easy for companies to link their sales and marketing strategies across multiple platforms.

You can use integrations and connections to align your BigCommerce sales strategy with marketplace sales on eBay, and Amazon. Business owners can simplify the logistics and fulfilment process with third-party apps for companies like Shipstation and USPS. You can even use the app marketplace to improve your chances of conversions and business growth, by collecting customer reviews, sending abandoned cart emails and more.

Just keep in mind, before you start adding apps to your BigCommerce store, there’s always a chance you may need to pay extra for premium add-ons. Although many of the tools available on the marketplace can be downloaded for free, they do have extra monthly subscription costs to consider long-term. Make sure you don’t break your budget with too many add-ons.

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