Justuno Review: Intelligent Visitor Data (2023)

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Need an intelligent way to update your conversion strategies?

Justuno is an advanced marketing solution that offers state-of-the-art intelligence on your customer's conversion journeys. This conversion optimization suite gives you all the resources you need to personalize every step of a client's journey, from awareness through to purchase.

If you're looking to create the best possible online store for your customers, Justuno has you covered.


Because you'll learn exactly what your clients need to convince them to make the transition from “visitor” to “repeat customer.”

Ready to find out more?

Here's your guide to Justuno.

What is Justuno?

justuno homepage

Justuno is a conversion marketing and analytics platform designed to give you a better insight into the journeys of your target market.

According to “The Economist” data is more valuable than oil these days.

Justuno: Features

The more information you have about your audience, the easier it will be to create promotional campaigns that speak directly to their needs.

So, how does Justuno help with that?

Simple, it allows you to create pop-ups, lead conversion solutions and messaging strategies that capture your customer's attention at every available touchpoint. What's more, it collects data at the same time, so you can segment your traffic and boost your conversions too!

Features include:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Integrations with your CRM
  • Sign-up bars
  • Exit pop-ups
  • On-site messaging

Intelligent Visitor Profiles & Data

The most compelling feature of Justuno is its pioneering visitor intelligence tech.

The Justuno platform is built in artificial intelligence which analyses billions of data points each second to create immersive visitor profiles for everyone who lands on your website.

With a huge amount of data to tap into, the Justuno AI suite of conversion tools ensures that you can create highly refined and targeted customer journey strategies that convert and capture leads with ease.

Justuno's intelligent visitor profiles work by marrying behavioral session data with transactional and product data so that they can identify visitors, deliver powerful insights, and more. The profile tracking technology built into the system allows you to get an in-depth overview of every unique visitor on your site.

You can:

  • Track purchasing patterns
  • Evaluate buying behavior
  • Segment audiences
  • Access to strategic recommendations

Justuno even promises to help you find hidden segments and sale opportunities that you may not have considered before.

Sales and Upselling

Make sure that you get the highest number of sales possible from every opportunity with Justuno's Sales strategies. You can use simple up-selling recommendations to suggest added services to your audience, or simply stop abandoned carts by providing exit offers before your customers hit the back button.

Sales features include:

  • Cross-selling: Use corner pop-ups, message bars, full-screen popups and more to inform your audience of complementary items that go with the products your customers already have in your basket. You can also offer add-on services like service plans, warranties and more.
  • Up-selling: Upgrade your sales opportunities with relevant messages designed to increase order value. You can show pop-ups with alternative buying options, deliver unique offers to different segments, and target specific behavior for up-sale opportunities.
  • Exit pop-ups: Prevent people from leaving your website without making a purchase with exit pop-ups that remind them of the value you have to offer. There's also the option to include discounts and deals in your exit messages.

justuno sales conversion

All of the sales-enhancing features provided by Justuno come with access to omnichannel messaging features so you can push conversations from SMS to Facebook messenger, advanced behavioral targeting and more. There's also the option to integrate with your eCommerce platforms for more contextual sales conversations.

Personalized Messaging

These days, the relationships you build with your target audience are more important than ever. Foster one-on-one relationships with your target audience by creating a highly-immersive buying journey across multiple devices and sessions.

How does Justuno help you to deliver a more compelling messaging environment?

  • Age Verification gates: Make sure that your site stays compliant with industry and government regulations with age verification popups.
  • Banners: Showcase universal offers from the moment your customers visit your website with banners that demonstrate deals like free shipping, or countdown offers.
  • GDPR and cookie consent: Make sure that you're protected when you're messaging your audience with GDPR and cookie-consent banners.
  • Rich pop-ups: Communicate with website visitors easily by offering suggestions, navigation short-cuts, and deals through pop-ups
  • Push notifications: Keep communicating with your website visitors long after they leave your website with push notifications

Because today's customers use more platforms and channels to connect with brands than ever before, Justuno also comes with access to omnichannel messaging features. SMS updates and Facebook messenger conversations can ensure that you always have new opportunities to build relationships with your visitors. What's more, with audience segmentation, you can provide that you're always sending the right content to the correct people.


Lead Capture

Capture leads whenever and wherever you can with Justuno.

Whether you're engaging your customers via one-on-one messaging on Facebook, or you want to build a comprehensive email list for future correspondence, Justuno can help with that.


With features like:

  • Email Capture, complete with customizable form templates and pop-ups that you can use to develop your marketing database.
  • Facebook messenger automated marketing, with welcome messengers, cart reminders, product updates and more.
  • Spin-to-win and gamification: Appeal to the natural curiosity and demands of your target audience with spin-to-win promotions.

Most importantly of all, with Justuno you're not just targeting anyone.

Instead, Justuno gives you access to billions of intelligent data points, so you can use advanced behavioral targeting to make sure that you're capturing only the most qualified leads. You can target segments of customers based on things like previous purchasing behavior, location, or website behavior. You can even adjust your campaigns based on the device your audience is using.

With full audience segmentation, you can ensure that every lead capture effort you use is tailored to suit the specific customer you're trying to attract.

justuno audience segmentation

Justuno Reporting and Analytics

One of the most essential things any marketing tool can offer.

Access to data that you can actually use.

Justuno offers a fantastic online reporting and analytics service that helps companies to measure the failure or success of their promotions.


You can find all the basics on things like click-throughs and conversion rates, to check out which of your pop-ups and campaigns have the best effect on your audience.

Additionally, to ensure that you're making the most out of every campaign, there's A/B testing solution built-in. All you need to do is change one basic thing on a pop-up template, and JustUno will track your conversion rates to tell you which strategy you can use going forward.

What about Justuno Plus?

Want all of the audience targeting and data-driven features that Justuno has to offer in a single package?

No problem.

Justuno Plus can help with that.

Designed for mid-to-enterprise level businesses, this service gives companies exclusive access to the latest AI features offered by Justuno, as well as their vast range of added services.

Mostly, you get an artificial intelligence lead-capturing and analytics platform, combined with an account strategist who will help you to make the most of your tools.

Features include:

  • Exclusive AI-powered product recommendations engine
  • Automated intelligent upsell and cross-sell promotions
  • Personalized onboarding and strategy solution
  • Dedicated account manager to get your campaign up and running
  • Access to a vast knowledge base

Justuno Integrations

One great thing about Justuno is that it works hand-in-hand with a range of other tools.

You can use Justuno as a valuable addition to your Shopify store, and take your data from your CRM to inform your messaging strategies. You can also integrate the system with your CMS, your shopping cart, and even some email marketing campaigns.

The more integrations you have, the more data you end up with. That means more insightful segmentation and audience targeting strategies.

justuno integrations

Depending on what you need for a specific promotion, you can also determine which of your integrations you want to use.

Justuno Ease of Use

Justuno is an incredibly easy-to-use and immersive tool for lead capture and analytics.

When it comes to creating your pop-ups, you can choose from a wide selection of pre-built templates to get you started, so there's no need for any existing developer knowledge.


Additionally, you're not limited to the JustUno templates either. You can customize and build your own designs or create something entirely from scratch.

When it comes to guidance, the “Guide” part of the Justuno website is still empty at this point.

However, they do have a blog that you can browse through, case studies, and a glossary too. There are even a handful of videos to guide you through the process of using pop-ups and messages to nurture leads.

Justuno Pricing

Justuno is available with a 14-day free trial to get you started. That comes with no obligation, credit card fees, or activation fees. Once you've decided that the service is right for you, pricing starts at around $25 per month.

According to Justuno, the pricing offered is based on your website traffic.

You'll need to sign up and install the trial version of Justuno to find out what kind of plan you fall under. The good news is that you don't have to buy anything if the price is too high.

Even better?

There's a thirty-day money back guarantee to help you out too.

Justuno Customer Service

Justuno is a little limited in its customer service compared to other companies, as it doesn't offer instant messaging or calls. All you can do is submit a ticket and wait for the support team to get back to you.

However, if you do want next-level customer support, there's always the option to sign up for one of the company's “Professional Services” packages.

How do these services help?

They give you access to a range of professional support for things like:

  • Design: Make sure that your promotions and pop-ups look incredible with an expert designer.
  • Strategy: Get step-by-step guidance from a team fluent in data analytics and lead nurturing
  • Set-up: Use custom integrations to create your first foundation promotions with a dedicated account manager
  • Tech support: Get access to a development team so that you can solve your technical issues with speed.


If you're interested in using pop-ups, segmentation and personalized messaging to attract and convert leads, Justuno is the tool for you.

With easy-to-use templates, an excellent artificial intelligence framework for behavioral targeting, and more, Justuno ensures that you'll get the best possible results out of your campaigns.

Justuno can help you to build your number of repeat customers, attract new clients, and even discover segments to target that you never considered before.

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