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Zendesk Chat Review: Awesome Pricing Integrated With a Reputable Ticketing System

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You may have once known the Zendesk Chat plugin as Zopim. It was extremely popular and was eventually acquired and rebranded by Zendesk. With this change in name and the website itself, we're starting to see some other features introduced, particularly the awesome integrations with the Zendesk customer support and ticket software.

In this Zendesk Chat review, we'll talk about the best features, along with the cons that Zendesk still has to work on. Overall, it's a solid chat module with excellent customer support. You also don't have to worry about breaking your budget since you pay per agent per month and the pricing plans are quite reasonable.

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Printful Review (Jan 2023): Higher Quality Printing and Dropshipping

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If you've been in the printing business for more than, say, a month, you know how difficult it can be to find a printer that provides quality prints, delivers on time, and answers the questions to your customer support. There's a large collection of printing and fulfillment companies out there, and Printful is one of them.

In fact, Printful also falls into the category of dropshipper, or a supplier that stores the products for you, packages them, and ships them out to your customers after a purchase. So, essentially, all you have to do is upload your designs and start posting them on your website to start selling. In this Printful review, we'll outline the benefits of the service and show why many users choose Printful over the alternatives.

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Shopify Lite Review: How It Works and When You Should Be Using It

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Editor's note (July 2022):

Shopify has transitioned its Shopify Lite plan to something called [Shopify Starter]. Many of the previous features remain, but you can expect some wonderful changes, like a drop in price from $9 per month to $5 per month. In addition, Starter members receive tools to monetize a link in social media bios. 

👉 Read our Shopify Starter review.

Other features for the Shopify Starter plan include selling on social media sites like WhatsApp and Instagram, along with analytics, customer support, and order management. It’s not anything like the regular ecommerce platform plans (you don’t get a full website with checkout functionality), but Shopify Starter provides an incredibly inexpensive way for creators, bloggers, and smaller stores to sell products on their already existing sites. Or, you could simply use the Starter plan to sell on social networks, without building your own online store at all. 

We encourage you to check out our Shopify Starter plan review, as that explains the differences between Shopify Starter and the now retired Shopify Lite plan explained in this article. 

The Shopify Lite plan is not only inexpensive, but it allows you to create a simple ecommerce store within minutes. That sounds like a pretty great deal, right? Well, it depends on the situation. For most online stores I'd recommend some of the regular Shopify pricing plans, considering you receive a full online store and shopping cart, and the features are far more robust for scaling up.

However, at $9 per month, it's tempting to look at Shopify Lite and think about implementing it for your own store. And for some businesses, it may be the perfect solution for selling products online. In this Shopify Lite review, we'll talk about how the cheapest Shopify plan works and when you should be using it.

Not only that, but we'll go deeper into what benefits the Shopify Lite plan can have for your business and maybe if you should consider using Shopify Lite for one side of your business–alongside a regular Shopify pricing plan for another side.

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Blackbell Review: A Simple and Affordable Way to Sell Services


Selling services online doesn't seem that difficult at first, until you start going through the entire process. You have to manage content, set up pricing, notify users when orders are made, retarget those users, and much more. Some services allow you to sell services online, but it's not too often you stumble upon one that covers every step of the customer lifecycle.

However, a service called Blackbell might have changed that. It's a wonderful platform with powerful tools for collecting payments, chatting with users, accepting reviews, and more. In this Blackwell review, we'll talk about the best features, explore the affordable pricing, and see who should consider Blackbell for selling services.

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Teachery Review: Online Course Selling Without the Fees


Transaction fees are almost a guarantee with every ecommerce platform. It's become an accepted part of the business, even if you're paying a monthly subscription fee. This is particularly true for online course platforms.

However, we've found an alternative called Teachery with absolutely no fees, affordable monthly plans, and some top-notch customer support. In this Teachery review, we'll talk about pricing, features, and customer support.

You'll understand why Teachery doesn't charge any transaction fees and you'll be able to decide if it's the right platform for you to start selling your online courses.

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FastSpring Review: High-powered, Global Payments and Subscriptions


It's not always easy to sell digital products and services globally. Sometimes you get stuck dealing with international fees, while other times you find out that some customers aren't able to pay in their own currencies. FastSpring works to change all that, seeing as how it provides a full-stack ecommerce platform with subscription support and a wide range of currencies and languages. In this FastSpring review, you'll learn about the best features, plans, and how FastSpring helps you out with its world-class customer support.

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ReferralCandy Review: An Ecommerce Referral Program That Scales Your Growth

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I have reviewed all sorts of e-commerce systems on this site, and a majority of it has to do with Shopify. Due to that, we've crossed paths with the ReferralCandy app quite a few times.

The reason for this is because ReferralCandy offers customer referral program tools for e-commerce sites, and it integrates seamlessly with a wonderful Shopify app. So, Shopify users are blessed with such a high-quality referral app.

But what about every other platform?

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