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Podia Review (Jan 2023): Podia Review: Everything you Need to Know

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If you're thinking about selling memberships, digital downloads, or online courses, several options are available for you. One of them has come across my radar called Podia. It's a system meant only for constructing a site in one of those three categories–which is pretty cool considering you can cut out the rest of the clutter of e-commerce. In this Podia review, we'll outline the best features, along with areas like pricing, templates, and marketing.

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How to Create a Best Selling Video Course


Making an online video course takes a few things: an idea, some video-making equipment, and the right platform to launch your website. If you're trying to learn how to create a video course, one of the best ways to go about doing that is with the Teachable system. It doesn't matter what types of video courses you're trying to make, since Teachable offers a drag and drop editor, support for all types of files, sales pages, community tools, and more.

We've already highlighted the benefits of Teachable in an extensive review, but now it's time to walk through the steps and make an online video course of our own.

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Wrike Review: A Highly Visual Project Management Tool With Awesome Integrations

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When it comes to finding a project management software for your online store, it's not easy to choose one that's highly customizable, affordable, and so visually brilliant.

I often get confused when a software boasts many functions but find it quite hard to use.

However, Wrike has taken a different approach.

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A Return Policy Template to Refund & Skyrocket Sales on Your Store


If you're a returning visitor, you might have realized that this website is filled with various guides to increase your online sales. From improving engagement with your online store to boosting sales during the holiday season, ecommerce professionals are constantly on the lookout for the next best way to make a tweak and pad those margins.

But did you ever think about how that return and refund policy could really help out your customers?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tested return policy template that's known to help out with sales?

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How to Hire a Copywriter For Your Ecommerce Business


If there was ever a task that most ecommerce professionals don't think about before launching a store, it's copywriting.

Small, medium-sized, and large business owners realize that they have to wear multiple hats, from accountant to marketing pro, but copywriter? Sounds a bit tedious, especially if you have dozens of pages on your website paired with hundreds of products.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to find a copywriter that fits your company culture, even if it's only a freelancer who's going to be working with you on an “as needed” basis.

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5 Killer Facebook Advertising Strategies For Your Ecommerce Store


As Facebook seems to make changes to its algorithms on a daily basis, it can be tough to keep up with what you can do on your Facebook page and what you can't.

In my opinion, the best plan is to stick to relevant, fun content that's not going to constantly spam people with stuff they don't want. The easiest way to measure this is by seeing how many likes, comments, and shares you get for each post.

The reason we like Facebook for ecommerce advertising so much is because it's a completely free way to test out those ads beforehand. You can send out a feeler for an ad, then see if any of your regular followers find it interesting.

For your well-performing posts, it's a seamless process jumping from a regular Facebook post to a promotion. It certainly helps that Facebook has made it extremely easy for you to give them money.

But that poses the question: what are some of the best Facebook advertising strategies for your ecommerce store?

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How to Sell Furniture Online: The Epic Guide


Similar to the jewelry or bottled water businesses, furniture stores have little secrets kept hidden from you in their drawers.

Have you ever wondered what those could be?

Well, there's a good chance they're buying furniture for a few hundred dollars and selling it for several thousand.

It might anger you a bit as a consumer when you see markups like this, but it brings up a wonderful business opportunity.

Historically, furniture stores have had extremely low overhead, and the profit margins pretty much explain why you see so many fine furniture and bedding retail stores.

Yet, when you learn how to sell furniture online, the margins can increase even more.

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How to Sell Food Online: A Comprehensive Guide


More often than not, a new ecommerce entrepreneur is thinking about a cool invention for solving problems somewhere around the house. Or maybe they're considering ways to source products for their online stores from China and amaze customers with service, speed, and quality.

Yet, it's not too often you hear about selling food online.

And since this is the case, there's a limited amount of information on learning how to sell food online.

Grocery stores are beginning to figure out ways to deliver batches of food to doorsteps.

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