An In-Depth Guide to Volusion Pricing Plans

Volusion is known as one of the more “out-of-the-box” ecommerce solutions, since it provides options for small businesses to get set up and selling in a quick and easy manner. The cheaper templates are fairly simple, but they do the job. You can always spend a little more money to get something truly unique.

Volusion is an extremely affordable option, and I recommend trying out the 14-day free trial if you want to test the system out. However, it’s tough to figure out which payment plan is right for you after your trial. That’s why I put together an in-depth review of each pricing plan, outlining everything you can expect to pay for if you choose the Volusion platform. Keep reading to learn more.

Comparing Volusion Pricing Plans

Volusion Mini Plan

The Volusion Mini Plan gets you started off right with up to 100 product uploads. No transaction fees are required from Volusion, but the credit card processing fees are always something to look for.

Volusion Mini
You bandwidth for the Mini Plan comes out to 1GB, and you receive 24/7 support, mobile commerce options, responsive designs and a Facebook store to start selling on social media. The automatic tax rates are nice, and the separate mobile app reaches out to those mobile users out there.

Price: $15 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

The Mini Plan is the barebones option for all ecommerce prospects. It’s ideal for the company just testing the waters in terms of ecommerce selling. The 100 products is plenty to see if Volusion, or online selling in general, is right for you. I also like this for small companies or inventors who only sell a handful of unique items. You really can’t go wrong with the $15 rate per month.

Volusion Plus Plan

The Volusion Plus Plan amps up the features a bit, since you receive everything that comes in the Mini Plan, along with 1,000 product uploads and 3GB of bandwidth. Abandoned cart reports are available with the Plus Plan, helping you bring back those hesitant customers. Ratings and reviews are included with this plan, for building a community and showing how other customers like your products.

Volusion Plus Plan

You also get tools for email marketing newsletters and importing and exporting data. Most companies already have lists of customers and products, so it’s nice to simply import a spreadsheet to get your store up and runnin

Price: $35 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

This plan is perfect for the small business that is already seeing some cashflow, so they want to implement more advanced systems for ratings and importing. The abandoned cart reports show that you already have a strategy for the future and you are willing to spend a little extra money to forecast with these reports and even send out email marketing messages to bring back your customers

Volusion Pro Plan

The Volusion Pro Plan starts getting up there in price, but the features certainly match what you pay for. Your product limit is all the way up to 10,000 items, and your bandwidth is 10GB, supporting more hefty ecommerce websites. Along with all the features from the previous plans, Volusion Pro comes with customer relationship management tools, eBay integration and Amazon support.

Volusion Pro plan

API access is the major standout feature, since it allows you to truly customize the look and functionality of your site. Send out deals of the day, create a customer loyalty plan and process phone orders with some of the more comprehensive tools included in the Pro package.

Price: $75 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

The Volusion Pro plan is for small to midsize companies that have a solid marketing budget in place. If you hire a website design person, or have someone with those skills on your team, this plan provides access to the site API, so they can change around code and not just leave you satisfied with Volusion designs.

Overall, I would recommend it for the company that has made some money already and wants to expand with new marketing techniques like loyalty programs and deals of the day.

Volusion Premium Plan

The Volusion Premium Plan is the highest option that Volusion offers, and it gives you the ability to upload unlimited products. Not to mention, you get 35GB of bandwidth. Along with everything from the previous plans, you receive a dedicated account manager from Volusion.

Volusion premium plan

The idea behind this is to help you spend more time on your own business, letting the account manager give you tips for optimizing your site and even sit down for a personal coaching session. You still have to manage most of your site, but the account manager is your personal contact in case you have any questions or any problems arise along the way.

Price: $135 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

The Premium Plan works best for stores that need tons of room for expansion. If you plan on scaling fast or selling thousands of products on your store, this is the option for you. I wouldn’t assume that the account manager is going to run the whole store for you, but it’s always nice to have a personal contact in case anything goes wrong.

How Much You’re Going to Spend on Domains and Hosting with Volusion

Keep in mind that Volusion does not provide an enterprise level ecommerce solution, but they recommend Mozu in case your business requires that. You have to contact Mozu for a quote.

In terms of domains, Volusion sells these directly through its site. They generally run at about $11.99 for the first year.

Technically, Volusion hosting is provided for free when you pay for one of the plans that we talked about above. However, you must purchase a secure SSL certificate to remain legal and show your customers that you are protecting their information. These certificates are $89 for one year or $149 for two years.


What About Volusion Apps and Themes?

Although Volusion provides powerful features in its standard packages, you may want to add more versatile functionality, for tasks like shipping refunds or small business accounting. The Volusion App Store has everything you need for this. Many of these are free, but depending on what you’re looking for, you may end up paying a flat or monthly fee. For example, the Order Cup Shipping Tool is $20 per month.

Ecommerce website themes from Volusion are called templates, and the more basic options are free. That said, if you want to improve the look of your site, you may end up spending anywhere from $50 to $1000. Design services are also available, but you must call Volusion to receive a quote.

That’s it for Volusion pricing plans. Drop a line in the comments section if you plan on going with Volusion and have any additional questions before signing up.

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