The Ultimate Bigcommerce Ecommerce Review (2017)

BigCommerce review

With over 95,000 live sites currently using the Bigcommerce system for selling items and processing payments online, there’s strong reason to believe that Bigcommerce provides a viable and powerful interface for your ecommerce needs. Our Bigcommerce Review covers all of the aspects of this ecommerce platform, from the features to the security and support.

There's more though: In early 2016, Bigcommerce underwent an incredibly drastic rebranding change, with a completely new brand structure, more integrations and plenty of new features for the users. In short, the company stated that the logo change is more reminiscent of what the platform is designed to do for users, referring to the upward trending chart logo. In addition, the company has shuffled around its website design in an attempt to provide easier access to information for all users.

The branding looks great, but what about you as the user? From Shopify to Squarespace, one of the biggest challenges when starting a business is to figure out which of the top ecommerce systems is right for your business. Bigcommerce falls right in the middle of that conversation, so it’s up to you to decide whether payment processing or product management is more important. The same goes for items like security and website design.

Shopify is making waves in the market, Volusion is known to help out small startups, and Squarespace is the (relatively) new guy on the block, but where does that leave Bigcommerce? Keep reading to find out.

Based on numerous emails and comments from our readers who are using Bigcommerce, looks like they are dramatically raising prices for their more successful customers (bringing in more than $125,000 a year in revenue), which makes it a lot more costly than its direct competitor Shopify, which has fixed prices.

We're constantly trying to offer the best comparisons and most accurate reviews, but we also update our comparison chart on a weekly basis.

If you're not 100% sure which ecommerce platform is best for your specific needs, check it out!

Bigcommerce Review: Features

The Bigcommerce features all start with the website builder, since it allows for beautiful, responsive designs, without knowing much about web design. Add and manage products without any problems, and accept payments through a wide variety of options.

Customized shipping is a must-have for most vendors, and Bigcommerce has all of that. The flexible tax system and dropshipping features ensure that you don’t have to shift around your business model just because of your ecommerce system.

Bigcommerce review - features

Note: According to our readers Bigcommerce has been largely unresponsive to feature requests, making it difficult for many customers to justify the cost. For example, many of the features are built for primarily US customers, which leaves the rest of the world with features that aren't entirely useful. In addition, customers have complained about useful features getting requested over and over in the forums but never coming to fruition (like the ability to customize order statuses).

The checkout has seen many update requests, but it still seems to have an old-fashioned look, with an accordion style and not all cart information being displayed for the customer. Overall, Bigcommerce strives to pack more features into the system rather than having people download apps, but recently those feature updates haven't been satisfactory.

Other than the problem with update, we can talk about some of the upsides. From smart product rules to downloadable sales, email marketing tools to advanced search engine optimization, Bigcommerce does have some wonderful features. Now, the question is, do these features come at a reasonable price, and are they all that great in action?

Bigcommerce review - marketing features

Bigcommerce Review: Ease of Use

In terms of startup businesses looking for ecommerce platforms, the first thing companies typically ask about is pricing. After that, the ease of use is almost always the most important area. This makes sense, considering a business person generally doesn’t have the web design or development skills to build a site from scratch or mess around with confusing building processes.

easy steps

So, is Bigcommerce easy to use?

When you launch your website with Bigcommerce they have some nice tutorials and steps to get you started. However, our tests, and the feedback from readers, show that the new Stencil framework from Bigcommerce is more friendly for advanced developers. That's great news for stores that can hire a solid developer. However, non-technical users are finding it difficult to make small tweaks, something that's necessary for the average inventor or entrepreneur.

Next to Shopify, Bigcommerce has the features needed for developers, but it's not quite there for the average non-techie. The first page you see when landing on the dashboard is a list of steps you should take to complete your store within a few seconds. For example, you can add products, setup shipping settings and manage your tax rates.

After that, the development gets more complex.

Apps and integrations help for customization, and website themes are pre-built for making it look like you hired a pro to design your website. However, Bigcommerce relies largely on a company called Pixel Union for its themes. They look sleek and modern, but users have suggested that this focus on one designer leaves room for improvement in the uniqueness area. Not only that, but many of our readers have made it clear that it's easy to find random bugs that generally don't get fixed.

The product management is clean and unique, considering you can customize just about anything for your products.

Overall, API access is much easier to obtain than with solutions like Volusion. Advanced users shouldn’t have any problems with Bigcommerce, but it's those beginners we worry about.

Bigcommerce Review: Pricing

At one point Bigcommerce had some competitive pricing that compared pretty well with that of Shopify. However, after numerous emails and comments from our readers, it looks like they have dramatically increased prices for their more successful customers (making more than $125,000 a year in revenue).

This is a huge blow to both Bigcommerce customers and our view on the company as a whole. Sure, you still get some of the fixed prices that we'll outline below, but once you surpass a certain point in sales you're going to get slammed with insanely high monthly rates. It's almost as if Bigcommerce is trying to gouge users that make more money, simply because they can.

Anyway, let's proceed onto the different plans you can choose from. Bigcommerce still has a free 15-day Bigcommerce trial before you need to make a decision.

In terms of pricing, check out the four plans below:

  • Standard Plan – For $29.95 per month you get unlimited products, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, credit card and PayPal acceptance and no transaction fee!
  • Plus Plan – For $79.95 per month you receive all Standard Plan features, no transaction fees, real-time carrier shipping, great payment providers, an abandoned cart saver, advanced customer segmentation and a checkout that is hosted on your own domain.
  • Pro Plan – For $249.95 per month you receive all Plus Plan features, no transaction fees, Google customer reviews, product filtering and an available dedicated SSL. Warning: This plan starts at $249.95/mo for less than $400k in online sales. After that they require at least $150/mo for each additional $200k in sales. In short, they'll get you if you surpass that $400K mark.
  • Enterprise Plan – This requires you to contact Bigcommerce for custom pricing, but you can expect all of the Plus Plan features, along with a dedicated SSL and IP address, setup and data migration, priority support, product filtering, advanced reporting tools, Google trusted stores and more. As many of our users have pointed out, it seems as if Bigcommerce is pushing many more successful customers to go with this plan. So, if you're making more than $125,000 in revenue per year (or over 3,000 orders per year,) you may end up being charged anywhere from $900 to $1,500 per month.

Once again, as you surpass the Plus and Pro plans, Bigcommerce may not be the right choice for most companies. Although we enjoy Bigcommerce features and templates, charging this much for the most profitable users is a strange business model.

These changes in 2016 make Bicommerce a lot more costly than its direct competitor Shopify, which has fixed prices.


Bigcommerce Review: Templates and design

If you go to the Bigcommerce Theme Store you can get an idea of what you would be working with if going for Bigcommerce. In general, it’s a pretty nice store, with both free and paid options for varying budgets.


The free themes are some of the coolest I’ve seen in a while, and it’s not all that hard to customize them or make them do what you want. The majority of the paid themes are responsive, stylish and easy to work with. However, some of the uniqueness you might find elsewhere doesn't seem to come with Bigcommerce. We figure it's because most of the themes come from one company called Pixel Union. It's not that they are bad designers, but it would be nice to see unique ideas from other developers.

Overall, you won’t have to spend more than $150 or $200 for a quality theme. That's about on-par with competitors.

more themes

As of March 23, 2016, customers will gain access to 67 new, responsive themes that are meant to expand your abilities for merchandising, promotions and a seamless checkout process. Although we haven't had a chance to test the themes, they range from $145 to $235, and they have modern merchandising capabilities for expanding your brand. All of these new themes can be bought through the theme store.

Bigcommerce Review: Inventory

The inventory is a standout feature, since you have the options to upload quick products, setup inventory tracking and update your stock levels within a few minutes.


Use the flexible product rules and inventory tools so that you don’t get bogged down by a bunch of rules that only pertain to one or two industries. In the past, I’ve seen it where a system will make it hard for clothing companies to add something as simple as sizes. Customization is the key with their inventory, so you have no need to worry.

inventory bigcommerce

You can sell things like products, downloads, events and services right out of the box, which is pretty cool. And managing which ones are out of stock is fairly easy.

out of stock

Bigcommerce Review: SEO & Marketing

SEO is another strong point with Bigcommerce, considering its unique content delivery network loads your website pages much faster than the competitors. This improves the environment for users, and search engines take notice as well. It's a pain to find the settings for modifying your SEO, but it's all in the product area.


Keep in mind that many of our readers have mentioned that the Bigcommerce marketing and SEO tools haven't lived up to their standards. I guess the hope is that you move from a platform like Volusion or 3dCart and start pushing more customers to the store. However, Bigcommerce seems like it's more set on acting as a platform for processing payments, and that's it. Overall, you should expect to complete most of the hard marketing work on your own.

You can however integrate with Google Shopping to grab all of those shoppers who go through that route. Not to mention, the microdata and reviews on your site are all posted on search engines, which are known to make search engines and customers happy.


What comes along with the marketing features? We’re talking promotions and coupons, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and multi-channel marketing. Whether or not it works that well seems to be up for debate. You might consider implementing MailChimp, or something like that, for email marketing, but Bigcommerce has an app for that.

coupon codes

Bigcommerce Review: Payments

Payments on Bigcommerce are a mixed bag. It has solid rates and no additional fees for options like PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay and Stripe. No transaction fees are charged if you go with one of the leading payment gateways. Bigcommerce also offers special credit card rates from PayPal powered by Braintree. Although the starting rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction doesn't seem all that competitive.

payment options

The platform supports over 60 payment gateways, meaning that you can choose to process payments through your store, instead of sending them away to a place like PayPal. Offline payments are supported, and you also receive cool features like multiple currencies, customizable shipping rates, secure checkouts and shipping label printing.

Bigcommerce Review: Security

All sites hosted on Bigcommerce are level 1 certified PCI compliant, so your customers don’t have to worry about their personal and financial information. Your company infrastructure is also protected with an enterprise grade network architecture.

I particularly enjoy the fact that you can choose to either share an SSL certificate or buy your own. Life needs more options like that. Basically, a shared SSL means that your checkout isn't hosted on your own website. It looks like it is, but the customer goes through a different route. It's similar to Shopify.

Like I said, Bigcommerce has the option for a dedicated SSL certificate, so if you have the cash you can go with that.

Overall, security is one of the strong points with Bigcommerce.

Bigcommerce Review: Customer Support

If Bigcommerce does one thing better than the rest, it’s online customer service. Feel free to go to the customer support page and see what I’m talking about. This type of support involves online forums, tutorials, videos and a knowledge base. That's great for those who want to complete their own research. 

When you sign up with Bigcommerce you receive help through the phone, live chat, email and the forum. However, readers have mentioned that the phone and live chat isn't that helpful. Sometimes you get stuck on the phone for a long time and other times it seems like the representatives aren't trained properly. 

support portal

With all that said, the community is more powerful than most other ecommerce platforms, and a favorite is the Bigcommerce University, a series of fun and informative videos for making your site work to bring in more money.


Overall, Bigcommerce works for just about anyone who doesn’t want an Enterprise Level System. That’s not to say that the Bigcommerce enterprise plan isn’t worth it, but I think there are stronger options out there. I'm hesitant to recommend Bigcommerce to a larger company, because you can get the tools you need with Shopify or even Magento. As a startup, Volusion is a tough bargain to pass up.

Bigcommerce works nicely for small companies, but make your decision based on how much you plan on scaling up in the future. Because you might end up paying lots of fees if you pass up a certain number of sales.

If you crave more features right off the bat, give their 15 days free trial a go.

What do you think of Bigcommerce? Let me know what's your opinion in the comments. 

Bigcommerce Rating: 3.9 - Review by

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.

53 Responses

  1. After being their customer for many years, i am totally disappointed at BigCommerce especially as they try to milk the accounts. Now we cannot install our own EV SSL unless we upgrade to a plan that pays them thousands per year, and also pay 2.5x the fee for an EV SSL from them. I had to cancel my EV SSL that i purchased with GoDaddy for half the price. Complete monopoly and they should be sued for anti-trust anti-competitive behavior. Next stop they will want to share your revenue if you do not use their partner credit card processing system. This is a free country i install whichever SSL i want, i use whichever merchant service i want, BigCommerce is not to be trusted it anywmore. I have been their customer since their interspire day, and today i am pissed off. Steer away from it. I am a current customer and none paid me to write this. I am truly angry and they are trying to fix their free SSL which is not working on my website. zero orders today and tomorrow to please their greedy management.

  2. I having been using Bigcommerce since 2009 when it was open-source platform and called as Interspire. What attracted met to Bigcommerce was the ease of configuring it, and common-sense navigation. I could quickly find and setup things I wanted to.

    Its still the easiest to use platform, no doubt. But there are several problems which unfortuantely doesnt make it a good deal anymore, and I am planning to switch over soon.

    1. There have been several features merchants have been requesting them since years back. But they have never implemented the same. For example – ability to set Custom Order Status. They spend their time and resources on developing features that can attract new customers, but are least bothered about implementing features existing customers are yearning to have.
    2. Support is a joke, and expect your problems to prevail for a very long time. I had asked them to add a missing state of a country to the checkout process 2 years back, and its still pending !
    3. There new Stencil framework for developing the UI is developer friendly, but its insanely difficult for merchants with limited technical expertise to do small tweaks. Their previous framework called “Blueprint” was much user-friendly and one could do lot of on-browser changes. I believe they have gone backward in front-end design. Shopify has a very efficient simple way to organize various elements for your home page, on browser itself. With stencil all you can do is change colors, and size of elements on browser. for everything else you need to download theme, do offline edits and then re-upload. The process looks very rudimentary and you are stuck having to book developer everytime small changes are required.
    4. Bigcommerce is solely dependant on company called Pixel Union for new themes. The new themes are good looking but one can easily find bugs/shortcomings in each one of them. None of them look complete, specially when you have a big catalog to fit in. There is death of new ideas been showcased as only one company keeps contributing. Bigcommerce as such have developed only 2 themes and they are just ok. You wont find many bigcommerce themes available offline too.
    5. Most of the new features developed are for USA market, sometimes EU. Rest of the world is ignored. If you are a merchant outside USA, expect many modules would not be usable.
    6. It has very limited payment processors integrated. If you are outside USA, expect very few or no options available.
    7. Checkout process is very old-fashioned with accordion kind of view. Customers cant see which products they bought on the checkout page, which results in lot of lost conversions. Company has introduced a new check-out page, but it is limited to few payment processors and currencies. I still don’t understand the point why it cant be rolled out for everyone irrespective.
    8. Product Filters or faceted search is heart of ecommerce. It allows customers to find their products quickly, and it goes without saying that its a must-have feature. Bigcommerce was very late to understand and implemented this after thousands of merchants requested them for it. But they saw an opportunity and pain point, and capitalized on it by offering it only on their high-end plans. If you need to build custom filters, then you have to go straight up and opt for Enterprise plan. The whole Merchant community have been betrayed by this, and have no option left rather than to change platforms or upgrade to higher plans.

    As such I feel very pained to know that a platform I once loved is disappointing me further with every other day I stick to it. My search for an another platform has started…..

    1. On a positive note, BigCommerce announced the release of many new themes built on Stencil, custom order status is coming, and their new optimized checkout eliminates the accordion of the old style checkout. They’ve also heard our cry that the live chat support has been horrible and are bringing it back to the US along with better trained reps. They are improving the way they listen to customers’ needs and have become more responsive.

    2. I just started using BigCommerce and i’m really worried now because of all this bad feedback, i already paid for it…I feel like i wasted money if is that bad and i want an ecommerce that i can have my store hosted for many many years but it seem like BigCommerce was a wrong choice for what i have read…Wish i could read all this before paying for the service there, should i cancel it now? Help!

  3. BigCommerce Reviews : BigCommerce has proven to be a significant burden and a huge financial loss on a business processing over $650k on this platform.
    The customer service lacks basic knowledge of server issues, known engineering issues (including auto-refunds to customers), unknown third-party scripts placed by their engineering team, etc.

    I would not recommend it if you are migrating or considering scaling your business up.

    The new Stencil ‘upgrades’ are littered with random javascripts that are not pertinent to the site. BigCommerce claims they are aware of the issue, but have done little to rectify it in over a month. The data is either being gathered and sold, or it is a major engineering issue which is causing drastic load times.
    Major issues:
    -Load times: Exceed 20 seconds according to Google Analytics. This is based on hidden scripts.
    -API Payment Issues: BigCommerce has emphasized their integration with Braintree. Yet, their API is significantly flawed. The system issues automatic ‘void’ pings to Braintree which has caused thousands of dollars lost.
    -Many services have been ‘offered’, some have been implemented, but nearly 50% of the services discussed seem to be canceled.

    In addition to the aforementioned, other issues relate to the terrible pricing structure. It requires constant upkeep to find workarounds for BigCommerce engineering issues. However, hosting fees exceed $6,000/year.

    I’ve been blamed many times for issues caused by engineering, but after discussing and providing multiple screenshots, the Customer service finally acknowledges that it is an internal issue. Unfortunately, this takes about 10 hours a month and there’s NO COMPENSATION for the issues they have caused.

  4. I was a customer with Bigcommerce for 3 or 4 years. In the start they were decent providing a 4/5 service at a good 4/5 price. Since starting with them they really didn’t improve their features much and their service started to go down a little from an albiet pretty good level.

    Then they implemented their much talked about price change. They charged a monthly fee based on the plan used. Their plans ranged from quite basic right up until an entreprise level and a few in between. It was very easy to understand and very transparent.

    Their new pricing model is to charge the customer how many sales transactions they do not on how many resources are used. A content management system like bigcommerce is a generic service, they are not your partner. Therefore they do not have the right to get a cut out of your sales when you are more successful.

    Adding to this their features haven’t kept up with their competitors over the last few years.

    We cancelled bigcommerce and moved to another provider and couldn’t be happier to get rid of this company

  5. This is a horrible e-commerce company to go with. We chose a design partner highly recommended by BIG COMMERCE, the partner hacked our code so that we could not convert, BIG COMMERCE TECH Support lied to us and continued to cover for their corrupt design partner. We lost thousands of dollars, do not go with BIG COMMERCE, horrible experience, awful tech support, corrupt and unethical business practices.

  6. i had nothing but really bad experiences with Big Commerce. You get a different answer every time you call, and have no idea what they are doing. Worst, i understand one can make mistakes, but at least take responsability for it!…Which they absolutely do not. They obviously have poor customer service and seems to me like they only are interested in making money. Once they have it, they don’t care!

    They lost my business forever
    Do yourself a favor (or two), stay away from them.

  7. In my experience BC sucks! Money-hungry company that doesn’t deliver what it says! They billed us astronomical $600 a month for enterprise account promising great 24 hour customer service and it was a joke. The so called Customer service is seriously unable to answer technical, billing and even basic account questions. They just keep footballing you from one person to another, and no one seems to know the correct answers. it was an utter frustration and a huge waste of time and money. Took them over 2 weeks to resolve a basic password issue on the account – a mistake that they made in the first place! WTF. And for the technical questions, they just tell you that they will get back to you via email. Days later! And yes, huge wait time on the phone to get to anyone… We are closing the account and switching to Magento.

  8. Big Commerce is garbage. If you are serious about the growth of your business, stay away. They do not care about their customers at all, they seem to pay more attention to rebranding every two years than working on functional changes for their customers. Basic features that come standard with other shopping carts have been requested years ago and seen no implementation since. I was fine with the HUGE limitations, the constant “our platform doesn’t support that” responses, the spotty features, until they showed no loyalty to their customers and in one month upped our monthly fee by 10X because we were an “enterprise level” customer. Sales are down, features are down, shopping cart is EXACTLY the same, but oh wait, they redesigned the backend AGAIN for the second time in two years so now everything is harder to navigate, and we are paying 10X what we were comfortable with before. No account manager (I was told I had one by the guy who tried to explain what my extra $1000/month was buying me, just checked with their support, we don’t have an account manager), no use for the few premium features. I am just really disappointed. Do yourself a favor and if you are looking at growing your business into something, find a better cart.

  9. BigCommerce is horrible, their Servers are crowded, there is now way to even stand up a blog with categories, you can’t customize their cart without doing a lot of code work, their support is worthless, they don’t even address basic questions and their Content Display Network is slow, just using off the shelf Amazon Servers, their FAQ’s are 3-5 years old.
    They are ripping off U,S. customers – I’ve worked with then for six months and I would tell businesses to NOT use these people under any circumstances.

  10. I too have been bullied and find that carrot they dangled switched to prunes. I have alot of stores on BC and guess what, I am running as fast as I can from this company! Entice me to sign up and then take away what the enticement was, how horrible for a company to so this and get away with it!
    Like everyone else posting here, my thoughts and feelings are to run. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but you better believe, I am GONE from BC

  11. The price increase at bigcommerce is ridiculous. I was paying $80 per month and then out of the blue it went to $1200!!! THEY BASE IT ON GROSS SALES! Idiotic! What if my margins are low? What if business takes a nose dive? Will they lower the monthly fee? NOPE! They are specifically preying on very large websites with many products where it would be too costly for them to leave/switch to a different ecommerce platform. So instead of paying $250,000+ to have a custom site created they have to stay at bigcommerce and pay the $2500 per month. Its really despicable. Doing this, they have created an industry of businesses that will convert your bigcommerce site to a shopify or woocommerce platform and only charge you $150 per month. Lucky for me i dont have many products and therefore its a no-brainer to move to shopify or woocommerce. Shame on you, Bigcommerce for raising prices like this. There was a better way to do it. The way bigcommerce did it was just shady.

  12. Stay away from BC. We moved to them in 2012 without doing our due diligence researching our options (hey we’re busy being creative people, not researching web store). In the four years we’ve been with them they have massively increased our rates on two separate occasions. The first time they forced us to upgrade plans (doubling our cost) because we had “exceeded our allotted bandwidth.” A month later they gave the same bandwidth free to all new customers. Since we pre-paid for a whole year there was no way to get back down to our previous price plan until 11 months later when it was time to renew. Now in 2016 they again increased our rate out of the blue. This time the increase is MORE THAN TEN TIMES what we had paid the previous year (OK you got us…our sales have only increased by 15%!) There’s lots of other reasons not to like BigCommerce (their mobile stores and admin app sucks, virtually no support once you are up and running, etc.). Needless to say we’re move our web presence to a new platform asap. A warning to everyone: STAY AWAY FROM BIGCOMMERCE!

  13. This morning I felt the urge to to express my dissatisfaction with BC after being a subscriber for over 6 years with them. It’s been 4 days now with serval email enquiries regarding an email issue, and still no one has bothered to get back to me. There live chat is a load of crap when they say 24/7 support, after you enter your details it’s meant to assign you an agent but it doesn’t, it says you need to go in but login but theres nothing to login to. Over the last two years it’s become more and more apart that BC is focus is on making money rather than doing right by there loyal customers. Simple things like emails, it’s limited to only forward 5 email addresses, What!!!! come on BC! We have 3 sites and about to open the forth and it’s clear to me that investing in to a company that constantly changes it’s structure to suit itself we’ll end up being a stressful time for our company later on. We have invested invested so much time and effort with BC and now have to spend huge dollars and the headache of moving our sites across to a better suited plat form.

  14. Just a quick note to express gratitude to all the users who have posted here. I’m in my 15-day trial with BC; their designs are waaay better than Shopify and their customer service has been solid, but I cannot possibly trust a company with multiple users confirming what amounts to downright robbery of its clients / customers. What a disappointment. I was happy to have found a strong platform but I am forced to look elsewhere.

  15. I’ve been with BC for 2 years and have very mixed feelings. When we started with them at 25 a month it was a steal since they had good phone support for us rookies. At 79 per month and 15k per month in sales, its still a great deal….. However…. my rates are about to jump to $200 per month. That sucks. It’s not linear enough.
    But it’s such a huge hassle to switch…. I don’t know if I will leave . But I guess my relatively large average order size of $95 helps me a little bit to avoid part of their outrageous increase.
    I’m not as pissed now as I will be soon, when my rates jump up.
    My only other experience is with Squarespace and they only have chat based support! No phone! But it’s cheap.

  16. Thanks for publishing this. Yes, we have seen a 250% increase in our monthly fee with very little in the way of additional features. I guess it’s time to pay back the venture capitalists. And yes, the 3,000 annual transaction limit is ridiculous. What no one on the web or certainly not at Big Commerce will address are:
    1. If a product has multiple options and each product option has a different price: If a product like this is put on sale, two things happen. First, there is no “sale icon” that appears with the product. Second, the savings and discount displayed are incorrect except for the base product. The only solution we’ve been given is to not have product options for any product that has price differences and to create a separate product for each one of these product options. In our case that could be over 100 new single product items on the website just to compensate for something BC doesn’t do properly. I think you can appreciate how this significantly, detrimentally effects conversion. If a customer doesn’t know they are getting a deal – why would they buy?
    2. Products with options do not sync with Quickbooks properly. Simple products sync pricing, inventory, etc. just fine, but when it comes to products with options – nothing works. We use Webgility’s Unify product to interface with QB. Is there a better program that does what Unify does, but works properly with BC?

  17. Well I just learned about this when going onto our main page on the back end. No email or anything. I was lucky I saw it tonight. We have until July for price change. We went from $890 a year to ……$22,680 a year based on orders for the previous year of 6780… We have been there for about 5 year… we do good business, but NOT because of them. We have only 58 products on our webpage with them… our brand was note worthy before coming to them and they did not cause better sales by any means, they are just a funnel to take orders, not remotely responsible for generating marketing or brand, we did that ourselves. So this is stunning and I am disgusted by this pricing. It’s just blatant gouging.

  18. BigCommerce is terrible. Their rates are so high!. I use about 2 GB worth of traffic a month (that’s very minimal as most hosting companies offer 25 GB limits for their BASE package). However, my monthly rate is going to be $519.95/month for HOSTING only.
    Their rates are based on how many orders your process. if you have 3,000 a year (or about 8.2/day) you will end up paying a minimum of $199.95. Then, add an extra $80/month for each additional 1,000 orders.
    Even if you sell a widget for $10; that’s $30,000/year MINUS 2%~ processing fees MINUS ~$2,400 Hosting MINUS any advertising. You will end up with barely a profitable business with this BigCommerce pricing model. RUN. Don’t go to BigCommerce. You will regret it, and it will cost you thousands to migrate once you get established.

  19. Bigcommerce is imploding. Stay far away from this platform. Not only are the price increases insanely high, but you get essentially NOTHING for the price increases. If you look at their user forum, there are hundreds of posts from people asking for BASIC features that should be included, and yet none of them ever get implemented. 9/10 they tell you to try using one of their “partners”… i.e. pay extra for it.

    The way they communicate with their customers via their forum is disgusting. They don’t listen to feedback, and dodge majority of questions regarding the justification for the increase.

    It’s understandable for a company to increase their rates over time, almost everyone does. But to triple someones price and give NOTHING in return? What a joke.

    Brent Bellm needs to go.

    Bigcommerce is a joke. Stay away.

  20. For those scoping out this platform – Stay.far.away.

    Venture capitalist are set to choke the life out of this once promising SaaS. Since the surprise announcement of the brutal (greedy) fee hikes in Q4 2015 businesses are fleeing the platform like fleas popping off a drowning dog. This is classic VC behavior. It’ll be interesting to see how long the current CEO, Brent, lasts after this, but not interesting enough for us to stick around to find out. We’ve moved 2 single brand carts to Shopify and are looking at moving a third catalog shop to Prestashop or Magento. Not a quick or inexpensive task, but better than staying in bed with a company that doesn’t even have the grace to offer a bit of vaseline whilst they screw you.

  21. This is a classic Bait and Switch tactic from Bigcommerce ahead of their IPO! I was preparing to migrate my store to BC but a week before switching I learned that the monthly fee was going to increase from $179 to $900 a month! If they had of imposed a 50% or even 100% increase I probably would still have shifted, because I could sense they were under-priced….but the switch was just too greedy. I am now leaning toward Woocommerce…at least I will have more control over costs and design and there are no revenue based fees.

  22. We are facing a 500% increase from Big Comm after being with them for 4 years. We have been happy up until now, but this big $ increase is obviously upsetting virtually all of their customers. I spoke with someone in sales who basically told me that BC was probably not for us any more. OUch!

  23. HUGE price increase from BigCommerce. Our small online store went from $199 to $1800 a month with just a month and half notice of the price increase. I moved from prostores to Bigcommerce 12months ago and i am regretting that decision every day. I should have moved to shopify or Prestashop. Our sales have also declined 12% using BigCommerce.

  24. We “tried” moving to BigCommerce from Volusion and it failed miserably. Their migration team completely messed up our data push (that we had to pay for), and wanted more money to fix it (which they weren’t even sure they could, but wanted more $$$ to try). We wasted MONTHS of time going back and forth with our “rep” who was rude and unhelpful. We ended up bailing after spending thousands (they had no idea what they were doing).

    The salesman, Bill P., promised us the world when we presented him a list of features we had to have to switch. Turned out not only were most of the features unavailable, but most required 3rd party apps which sent our bill into a crazy amount. There’s nothing I hate more then being lied to, especially by a used car salesman on a phone.

    Be very wary of BC.

  25. After months of working with BigCommerce to switch from Magento to BigCommerce, we were led to believe and have paid $39.99 per month for the last 2+ years. As of April 1, 2016, our price will be raised to $199.99 per month. That is over a 400% increase. Their justification is that it is competitively priced with their competitors. However, for small businesses who operate on a limited budget, with 2 websites, we will go from paying a total of $80.00 per month to $400.00 per month. Looking to switch to other companies at this point will lose us time and money in moving a webpage with over 2000 products. For those involved with web page data bases and design, this is not a small feat. Overall, this is a bait and switch. Beware that you understand the plan you come in on may increase in price to over 400% of the beginning cost.

    1. Definitely in the same situation. We’ve been with BC about 4 years and have been on the “Gold Plan” for $79.95. Now because we are selling over $250,000 a year they have arbitrarily decided we need to pay $199/month. For this 250% increase we get 3 insignificant additional features. Big Commerce seems to think they have moved into the big leagues and have decided they are now a good enough platform for larger clients. Newsflash – if you are going to make that claim and price accordingly, you should be offering features necessary for larger customers or at least make sure what you currently offer works (see my comments below). Given this, we will likely suffer the pain of converting to another provider like Magento who actually is a larger customer solution.

  26. Yes, I too just got the notice of a huge increase in my monthly bill…750% in my case. The notice said the new payment structure goes into effect on April 1st. I was hoping that it was an April Fool’s Joke.

    It looks like I will be switching to Shopify.

  27. It isn’t just that BigCommerce has raised rates by 2x – 10x overnight. NEW prospects can make an informed decision based on this information. But for those of us who recently came onboard after investing thousands in design and programming customization, the company’s stance is inexplicable. We would strongly urge any prospective customer against the adoption of BC, not necessarily from a pricing model, but because of their orientation towards their existing clients, which is “Now we have you, pay up.” We had absolutely no warning and if they treated us this way, there’s no reason they won’t do the same to you.

  28. What is a good alternative for BigCommerce? We sell high ticket items in the $700-2000 range with slim margins because of free shipping. We were $2000 over the 50k limit so we went from $40 a month to $80 a month. May not sound like much, but its a 100% increase. BC said “In fact, we now have quite a few merchants who have grown their businesses on Bigcommerce to $10mm-$30mm in annual sales, yet are still on the Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan” Well…then go after those guys….!!!

  29. I have been with BigCommerce for over 10 months and did not know about the 2015 price changes because BigCommerce does not email their merchants, it is only posted in their forum. There are a lot of merchants that went from $79 a month to $800 – $1,500 a month. BigCommerce stated that merchants on the Silver/Gold/Platinum will be grandfathered in, but ths is not true because BigCommerce will “migrate” all older plan to the new Standard/Plus/Enterprise plans with Pro being implemented in 2016. BigCommerce prevents merchants from using an Individual SSL Certificate on their Standard plan. The Individual SSL Certificate can not be used site-wide on their Standard or Plus plans. Only Enterprise plans can purchase a 3rd Party Individual SSL Certificate. Some of BigCommerces promised features don’t even work properly. Those fancy features that bigcommerce offers is worthless as it does not translate into increased revenue $$$, just fancy bells and whistles. You simply have to do the math yourself to see if you are getting any value. BigCommerce does bully their merchants, and will kick you off their platform! BigCommerce is evil and vindictive. I feel BigCommerce merchants should start to document and screen-capture evidence and file a Class Action Lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission. The world is being taken over by big corporations thus creating monopolies to crush the small independant businesses.

  30. Our rates were just announced, a 1700% increase…from $80/month to $1400/month.

    We are at the enterprise level and looking at other options due to the nature of this announcement, the framing, and mostly, the unverified value of ‘promised’ features that we don’t care about.

    This price restructuring has given us a good opportunity to think about what our ultimate store would be like, and it is going to be awesome.

    In the past, when new plans are rolled out or new features introduced, customers have been grandfathered in to their pricing structure. I understand when a company outgrows the plan they are on, the recommendation to upgrade to newer plans is logical.

    This 1700% rise in costs without immediate value seems to be a financial desperation cry from BigCommerce. My discussions have resulted in ‘promises’ of features, that when explained to me, would not impact my business. For me, the value is not there and paying for it on a promise before it’s here to a company that has thoroughly botched the communication for Enterprise merchants would be a disservice.

    Moving platforms is a costly endeavor as well. But it may be worth it to be aligned with a company that has more respect for their customers.
    Looking at Shopify for enterprise solutions runs around the same price.
    Building out your own via WooCommerce or Magento is a development endeavor.

    All manageable, even in the short time frame.

    Just something to think about.

    1. Bigcommerce is getting ready to go public and is simply inflating their revenues temporarily to pump up their numbers before going public and offering stock. Long term they know that once customers are able, they will jump ship. We already left Bigcommerce to Magento as our rates went from $40 per month to $2225 per month. You read that right, that’s not a typo. That kind of price increase is unprecedented and would be illegal if it was a necessary commodity like gasoline (considered price gouging).

      Not to mention the 5 days that Bigcommerce was down last year. That’s also insane. We were already planning on leaving because of that clustercuss.

  31. Do NOT use Big Commerce. Stay away from a company that is greedily trying to raise prices on their stores. They have decided that they can take some of the income that is being made by their higher performing websites, even though the service that they are providing is highly automated. The rationale for doing so is entirely flawed.

    As of October 2015, their investors seem to have decided that the best way for them to be profitable is by dramatically raising prices on their more successful customers….a highly unwise strategic move. This new direction they are going should result in new customers being informed of the bad financial decision they are making, if they plan to ever make more than $125,000 in revenue (not income, REVENUE).

    I am an advanced user of various Ecommerce Platforms, and I currently have three stores with Big Commerce. Big Commerce has moved their pricing to a revenue-based model that makes them highly unaffordable compared to the competition. Each of my stores contains more than 30,000 Products. I have no choice but to try to leave Big Commerce, now that they are trying to rip me off and suddenly increase the prices, in direct conflict with the monthly fee that they originally stated to me when I signed up with them.

    Check out their pricing page (Google search”Big Commerce Pricing”) and you will see that they don’t even state what their prices will be if your store begins making over $125,000 per year. Well, if you call them and ask for details, it is a heck of a lot more than if you stick with Shopify or Volusion’s $80 or $150 per month plans. Trust me, you don’t want to go with Big Commerce and be stuck with a company that wants to get paid based on your store’s income. It is a terrible idea that will cut into your profits dramatically.

    Stay away. I wish I had.

    1. James S. Please let me know what platform you are looking at moving to that supports thousands of products, strong wholesale options and no % of our sales.

      We had moved from volusion less than a year ago to get slapped with significant rate increase from bigcommerce. Volusion is expensive for DATA (but there are 3rd parties that can work around this at a discount). Volusions security is also limited as it does not restrict refunds by admin permission so any old employee that can take an order can stealthily refund an order placed 6 months ago without any permissions (can you see a disgruntled employee trying to screw over the company… Brought this to volusions attention and they told me no one else had complained about it so it was not an issue.

      Big commerce promised many features and now that some of them can be implemented (without our web developer using custom scripts and API) they now want many times the rates we had. Spent thousands customizing for features that were supposed to be ready to roll. Disappointed that in less than a year I am screwed by my ecommerce partner.

  32. I signed up for bigcommerce 8 months ago. In around October they made the insights feature “available” for everyone. What this was supposed to do was mislead everyone to think that the feature was free but in the end we got charged 50$ a month for 4 months even after cancelling it.

    To activate it all you had to do was accidentally click the insights tab right above the tab where you see your visitors. It was activated with a click and boom a monthly charge of $50 was added to my account. Fast forward 2 months until I finally noticed it on my credit card bill that this piece of !@#$ company has been charging me 50$ for 2 months. Asked them to cancel Insights which they told me they did. HOWEVER on November they continued to charge me again for the useless service until TODAY I find out about it. Now I am out $200 that I will likely never get refunded for. Asked for a refund and the guy “opened a case” and STILL HAVE NOT HEARD BACK.

    Don’t go with this POS company that steals from their own customers behind their backs. F*king thieves.

    1. Same problem here. First insights was free and it should be free to control your store better. Then we got charged $50.00 because we clicked the “insights” button by accident, no contract, nothing, just clicked wrong. They did not reversed the charges, because we supposedly “used”: that service. Bad business. Now, I need to become a google trusted store to generate sales and will only be able to do that by paying $120.00 per month(!) more. BBB is pocket change compared, but the reviews are separated. Any honest company out there that helps you instead of having their hands in both of your pockets every day??

  33. Bigcommerce is a terrible company! They have frequent outages sometimes lasting days or up to 1 week (destroyed all my custom coding on 2 sites during one of the outages with them and lied to the public that the issues had been “rectified” for all sites, despite other people complaining of the same issues).

    The templates themselves need custom coding (css, html, javascript) because they are shoddy and poorly built (many issues) — including the premium templates (which are akin to Shopify’s free templates…). If you complain about an in-built issue or Bigcommerce destroying your site, they will recommend you to one of their “affordable experts” — $80 per hour. If they open a ticket, upper management will typically close it without even contacting you. The few times BigCommerce agreed to help me solve an inbuilt issue, I received emails telling me how grateful I should be and that they usually would have charged me — this is before I learned HTML, CSS, and some JS and now know it would have taken less than 5 minutes to solve…

    Customer support is terrible beyond the low-level support that has little control in solving most matters; Even with them I was hung up on many times, ignored, and even had a customer rep attempt to hit on me, mentioning he had searched my social media profiles online and contacting me using his personal email address (so unprofessional!).

    Now why do I need to complain here? BC removes Facebook comments from their wall that “paint” their company in a negative light, and as a user you will be reprimanded for doing so too. On the following site: users complained about mentioning site issues on BC’s twitter or FB page, and having BC kick them off the platform with 1 or 2 weeks notice — one man had 1/2 his stuff (at least 1 years worth of work) deleted before he could even transfer it to a new platform. At the current moment, as they are entering the stock market (IPO), it appears ALL COMMENTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED from their FB page!

    As for the link above ( <– this one) I visited it 1 month ago and the whole site had been turned into a Bigcommerce Sign Up page. Hmmmm. I really don't know what happened there, as it affected EVERY page on the site, filling from header to footer.

    Recently they restricted usage of your own SSL certificate to sites paying less than $80+ per month. Plans that cost less became restricted to using Bigcommerce's SSL certificate (meaning when your customers go to mysite.checkout it will instead display $900 per month
    $199 —–> $1800 per month

    They have kept this very hush-hush and gave their users only 1 month notice, as they typically do (if they even BOTHER to send out a notice of huge changes — they usually DON’T).

    By the way, the sites are coded in HTML/CSS/JS. It’s a dream to work with in the sense that it’s easy to effect from the frontend, but there is no access to backend….and don’t expect any dynamic capabilities (such as those you’ll find with sites using PHP or even Shopify’s take on Ruby on Rails). The whole platform is a disaster, outdated, and you can’t even filter by price properly. There are so many issues with BigCommerce I could go on and on (If you want to pay enterprise prices, go with Mangeto…). By the way, Volusion also sucks. If you don’t want to self-host, I’d say go with Shopify: MODERN coding, nice free templates (and they are actually unique, unlike Bigcommerce where even the premium templates are nearly identical to each other), and a lot of add-ons (Bigcommerce’s are a JOKE…some cost $20,000 per month!!!). Avoid BC. Don’t even bother with it. RUN RUN RUN!!!

  34. Bigcommerce is shoving their new price structure down our throats also. $1,500 a month is insane for a website that has soo many flaws.

  35. Bigcommerce is planning a complete change in their pricing structure for 2016, as they prepare for their IPO. They have announced the very drastic changes in a tiny post in their users’ forum, accessible only to paying users, and not all of it is clear yet – no transparency here!! In some cases, this will cost existing Bigcommerce users huge price increases, as much as 400% to 800% increase on what they are paying now. The extra charges for their new proposed Pro plan (as yet not revealed to the public) are based on the GSV (Gross Sales Value) so will be essentially a major transaction charge.

    Many users and partners (experts) are complaining bitterly about the lack of clarity, uncertainty, and sheer insensitivity of these plans, and many users are actively seeking to move to other platforms. The competitors are exploiting the situation and are emailing all BC’s users with offers.

    It makes sense to advise all those who are considering starting with or moving to Bigcommerce to contact BC sales staff first to clarify how much it will cost them, depending on their current/estimated sales volume and number of transactions.

    Sorry, but your otherwise very helpful review is now out-of-date!! Please update it to reflect this very important development.

  36. Big commerce also contacted us about changing from the plan we are on now to Enterprise and wanted $900. I am seeing features getting limited as time goes on or they want more money. Another problem is you really have to work within the system them have you can not develop much on it. My opinion is if you are paying $900 a month the source code should be opened up allowing you to build the site the way you need it. I am really considering going with a different platform all together.

  37. BigCommerce just contacted us and said they are changing our pricing from $25/month to $900+/month. Yes you read that correctly! I can’t believe it. Watch out for them.

    1. With all due respect Jack – while $900 a month is an INSANE amount of money to be bumped up to – if that is the level you would be on paying $25 a month is almost equally insane.

    2. Hello Jack
      Did this happen after your sales have increase?
      I have that concern to see the price increasing on us to when we do more volume with them.

    3. Hello Jack
      Did this happen after your sales have increased? and by how much? %? and in how many months?
      I have that concern to see the price increasing on us to when we do more volume with them.

  38. I second Zack’s question. I would also like to know what options are out there that you think are better at the enterprise level.

    Thanks for the write up. Very helpful.


  39. You said that you think there are stronger options out there than the Enterprise plan. What are those?
    I also believe BigC is about the best small business cart out right now, but our company would need the Enterprise plan so I’m curious what you had in mind for alternative bigger companies who would be looking at that plan.

  40. After reading your blog reviews, I’m on the fence between shopify and bigcommerce. Obviously shopify has some cheaper options, but could you flesh out some of the major differences between the two and which is a better option for a single entrepreneur who is sort of testing the waters for an online startup? Mind you, I’m looking at the least expensive pricing options here. Thanks!

    1. Jacob, thanks for stopping by.

      Tough decision, Shopify & Bigcommerce are the best two platforms out there:

      I’d say the main difference is Shopify iterates faster and updates its dashboard and functionality a lot more often than Bigcommerce, which for me makes it future-proofed. I’m a sucker for new technology and constantly be a few steps ahead of the competition.

      Also, Shopify comes cheaper, at only $14 pm for their Starter plan , compared to $29.95 pm for Bigcommerce’s Silver plan

    2. BigCommerce will get very pricey very fast. Each additional plug-in costs more money. Plus, their pricing structure is bsaed off of two dimensions: annual sales OR amount of orders. If you plan on selling something very expensive you willl get hit, but if you go cheap; you will also get hit with high rates. I’m paying $519.95/month starting in two months (as I was given a few months notice that they are raising their rates to over $6,000/year for hosting only).
      I’m moving to SparkPay, but shopify is good, too. they have a processing fee. Volusion is really good and flat rate as well. Both are user-friendly.

    3. We have been with BigCommerce for 2 years and since they are going to charge us 7 times what we are paying right now, we are considering move to Shopify or some other solutions.

      So consider that before you make a decision. It is a pain to move carts, but..


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