5 Podcasts for Ecommerce Heads

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I like podcasts for the simple reason that quite often I can relate much better to other people talking than just words on a page. I can hear their voice, and there is this spontaneity that is hard to find in written texts (not that they don't prepare in advance for the podcasts too).

However, it’s more genuine, it sticks with me longer, and quite often I can multitask while listening to them. Below I put together 5 places where you'll come across well-made and useful podcasts. Listening to them should go hand in hand with reading some interviews with ecommerce masters.

1. eCommerceFuel

This podcast is hosted by Andrew Youderian, a guy with a highly successful ecommerce business. This should be enough incentive to listen to his podcasts. You'll come across other success stories, but also useful tips on all stages of a running an ecommerce business. Don't miss the first-sale shoutout, where Andrew announces how various newbies got their first sale.

2. Build My Online Store

The guy behind this one is Terry Lin, one of the first people to podcast about ecommerce. You've got more than a hundred episodes to browse through. There's plenty there, from expert advice to all sorts of success stories.

3. Fizzle.co

This is a podcast for “creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders”. If you fit the description, go for it. They promise to help the online entrepreneur grow their business and revenue, but don't forget it's really up to you how well you apply what you've learned. The entrepreneurs behind it:  Chase Reeves, Corbett Barr & Caleb Wojcik. Indeed they know how to give great business advice, but somehow they manage to make it fun too.

4. Niche Pursuits

Meet Spencer Haws's podcast. This is a quite special one as it focuses on the smaller niche ecommerce stores. Good to know that this guy has created tons of websites, so he knows what he's talking about.

5. Smart Passive Income

This is the podcast of Pat Flynn, known as a “down-to-earth” guy. The name of the site says a lot about its focus: building passive income streams. Basically, that's something that keeps making money even if you stopped working. Sounds like a dream, I know. So, listen carefully. There also a podcast, “Ask Pat”. Here you can submit your own questions and Pat will answer them. By the way, his podcast is also the number one driver of traffic to his own site. I'm telling you, podcasting can be equally powerful for those who create it as well as those who listen to it. Enjoy!

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