The Best Payment Gateways for Shopify: 10 Options for 2023

10 of the best Payment Gateways for Shopify

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The best payment gateway for Shopify is the solution which allows business owners to sell products and services online. If you want to build an online store, Shopify will give you all the tools you need to build your brand and stand out from the competition.

However, it’s still up to you to make sure you can process transactions safely and quickly with potential customers.

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What is a Payment Gateway for Shopify?

A payment gateway for Shopify will give your customers a quick and easy way to purchase the things they want from your store. The best solutions need to be easy to use for your customers, while also offering excellent security, versatility, and scalability to business owners.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the leading payment gateways you can use specifically with Shopify.

What are the Best Payment Gateways for Shopify in 2023?

These quick reviews will address everything you need to know about each payment option, and what makes them so compelling.

1. Shopify Payments

shopify payments - best payment gateways for shopify

It only makes sense that if you’re looking for a payment gateway for Shopify, you start with the solution offered directly by the website builder. Shopify’s payment gateway has a number of benefits for today’s business leaders, including the option to avoid transaction fees with Shopify when you use it. Shopify Payments is the only gateway that eliminates extra transaction fees for you.

Shopify Payments is easy to use and built to offer the most straightforward and convenient experience to today’s business leaders. Your customers can make credit card payments quickly, and you can set up your payment system within your store easily, without having to worry about tracking expenses in another environment outside of your store.

Shopify Payments was built specifically for companies keen to access simplicity for your online store. When you can handle your transactions, inventory, and all other business requirements in the same environment, life does get a lot easier.

Pricing 💰

You don’t have to pay anything to purchase Shopify Payments and add it to your store, simply activate the option within your Shopify back-end environment. You’ll only be charged your Shopify subscription fee, and the fees for managing card swipes and similar costs. There’s no transaction fee to worry about.

The cost to process credit cards will be the same as the standard for your location. Currency conversion rates are 1.5% in the US, and 2% in all other countries.

Best features ✅

  • No transaction fee for stores in most countries, and you can eliminate the transaction fee usually included with your Shopify store.
  • Quick and easy to use with your Shopify store. The backend is clean and sophisticated – ideal for anyone selling online.
  • Low conversion rates and processing fees mean you can maintain most of your profits for yourself, and you can sell all around the world.
  • The transaction process is simple for your customers, so they can get the items they want with minimal hassle.
  • Lots of support from the Shopify group available, including the option to look into business credit options with your payment system.

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2. Square

square - best payment gateways for shopify

Square is a well-known payment processor with an influence all over the world. The solution isn’t just a tool for online payment processing, Square can also support offline payments as a tool for your POS system. Whether you’re selling online or in-person, Square is a reliable, market-leading service. You can even access unique features like appointment scheduling and social media selling with Square.

There are extensions available for Square within the Shopify app marketplace, and Square also has a dashboard where you can examine your cash flow and track trending purchases. You can even link your Shopify store online with your store in-person, to make sure you don’t lose track of things like inventory level.

Square also provides a variety of unique ways to accept money for business owners, including membership fees, donations, standard transactions, and countless other tools. There’s even the option to decide whether you want to charge a fee when someone books an appointment.

Pricing 💰

There’s no price to pay to install your Square application within the Shopify environment, but there will be a standard per transaction fee to consider of 2.9% plus 30 cents. If you want to create a plan which includes being able to build your own online store and other features, you can access a simple solution for free, or upgrade to a premium plan.

The cheapest premium plan for Square starts at $12 per month with publishing on a custom domain. The most expensive option, Premium, is $72 per month and it reduces your transaction rates to 2.6% plus 30 cents per purchase.

Best features ✅

  • Instant and easy syncing between your online and offline stores means you can sell wherever you want with ease.
  • Security is built-in from the ground up, with features like end-to-end encryption and complete PCI compliance. You even get fraud and account takeover protection.
  • Collecting your money and transferring it to your own bank account is quick and simple, usually only taking one or two days.
  • You can easily add the Square functionality to your store with a built-in app for the Shopify environment, making it easier to get started.
  • A great customer support team is on hand to help you with any issues you might have with common transactions.
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3. Stripe

stripe - best payment gateways for shopify

Stripe is one of the better-known tools for payment processing in the market today. Rivalling some of the largest competitors in the world, Stripe is a feature-rich service which supports some of the biggest online stores. With Stripe, you can easily integrate a payment gateway into your existing website, send invoices, fight back against fraud, and even set up recurring subscriptions.

The Stripe payment gateway keeps your business running costs low, while providing you with a simple environment for tracking your sales technology. The Stripe extension for Shopify makes it quick and easy to implement the solution into your store – although you will miss out on skipping the transaction fees if you’re not using Shopify Payments.

Aside from accepting standard things like credit and debit card transactions, Stripe can also accept payments from things like Apple pay and Google Pay. You can also use the API to add more connections

Pricing 💰

While installing the extension for Shopify is free with Stripe, you will have the standard transaction fee to think about with all of your transactions. This means that you’ll be paying around 2.9% of all sales plus $0.30 per sale back to Stripe. On the plus side, there is the option to request a customized pricing package if you need it.

Stripe also ahs a small fee for accessing instant payouts to your bank account. You’ll need to pay around 1% to get paid, and you’ll also have an extra 1% fee to think about if you’re handling international payments.

Best features ✅

  • Complete hosted payment page which integrates perfectly with Shopify
  • Customizable workflows to help optimize the checkout process and improve your chances of repeat sales with clients.
  • Send out invoices and receive payments with ease – even if you’re using the Stripe mobile application.
  • In-person payments are possible if you want to combine your online sales strategy with an offline store and a POS system.
  • Fraud protection is built-in for all accounts, so you can rest assured that your transactions will be protected by a consistent monitoring system.
  • You can accept payments around the world with ease, and even access instant payouts if you’re willing to pay the extra fee.
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4. Braintree

braintree payments - best payment gateways for shopify

Braintree, a product offered by PayPal, offers a fantastic way for business owners to sell online. Although this solution belongs to PayPal, and benefits from the same simplicity and security, it does have a unique interface. You’ll still be able to unlock things like payment data analysis and currency conversion depending on where you want to sell, too.

Braintree is available as part of the wide range of products in the Shopify app marketplace. The extension ensures it’s quick and simple to combine your new store with the Shopify environment. Once everything is setup, you can quickly start accepting payments from PayPal accounts, credit cards, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay accounts too.

As a secure and reliable solution for payment processing, Braintree ensures that you can reach your customers wherever you are and give them absolute peace of mind. There are high-quality security solutions built into the service. Additionally, Braintree is wonderfully easy to use for business owners.

Pricing 💰

Braintree doesn’t cost anything to add to your Shopify store, but you will need to handle transaction fees. The Braintree standard credit card fee is the same as you’ll expect from most solutions, at 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction. This is the same fee used by most payment providers. An ACH direct debit will cost up to 0.75% per transaction.

There are also custom plans and extra features available if you’re looking for something specific, but you’ll need to reach out to the team for these.

Best features ✅

  • Excellent security for avoiding issues with things like fraud and potential theft. You can even get end-to-end encryption and PCI compliance as standard.
  • Easy to use environment inspired by the PayPal landscape makes it easy for business owners to get started with a new system.
  • Top-notch payment checkout experiences will give your customers a better outcome too, so you can deliver excellent service.
  • Tons of third-party integrations are available so you can handle payments from social media and point of sale systems too.
  • You can collect payments from Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, and other options, rather than just taking credit card transactions.
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5. Klarna

klarna - best payment gateways for shopify

For large businesses looking for a simple one-click purchasing solution for their customers, Klarna is a great choice. One of the most popular solutions around the world today, alongside Paypal payments, Klarna allows customers to access a buy-now pay later structure. This means that you can still get the money you need, but instead of paying within a few business days, your customers spread the cost of an item out over instalments.

Klarna comes with an easy cart integration, so you can start accepting payments as soon as possible. It’s particularly useful for companies selling expensive products that many customers might consider to be “high-risk”. You can reduce the overall cost of the initial purchase, and make it easier for your customers to get what they want gradually instead.

Klarna is quickly capturing the attention of a wide range of consumers worldwide, particularly after the pandemic, when the economy is causing a lot of consumers to struggle in regards to their payment options. Klarna even notes that many merchants believe offering this kind of instant financing helps them to boost their sales.

Pricing 💰

The Klarna Payment gateway is pretty simple in regards to costs and fees. You’ll pay around 2.49% plus 20p per transaction, if you’re receiving a payment on a UK or Ireland card. If you’re accepting payments from elsewhere in the world, the pricing may change.

Best features ✅

  • Great for customers: Clients love having the opportunity to spread the cost of their transactions out over time. Klarna is extremely popular among younger customers.
  • Simple experience: It doesn’t take much to set the system up with your website and start taking payments as quickly as possible.
  • Good for large companies: If you’re selling a range of products with higher prices, the Klarna solution can make your products more attractive.
  • 24/7 customer support: You get tons of customer support when you need it, which is great for beginners who might need extra hand-holding.
  • Compliance: Klarna is compliant with the latest regulations for payment processing, including PCI.
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6. Worldpay

worldpay best payment gateway shopify

Worldpay is a unique Shopify payment gateway best-known for offering a range of secure payment services to companies of all sizes. With this solution, you can sell products online, but you’ll also have the option to accept payments offline, over the phone, and more. Worldpay is currently the number one payment provider in the UK, but it does have a presence around the globe.

This safe-and-secure environment for online sales comes with world-class fraud protection, and a strong reputation for reliable selling and customer service. With a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, Worldpay ensures you can get started with your Shopify store anywhere. As an added benefit, the Worldpay Shopify payment transaction fees are based on a sliding scale dependant on turnover for Shopify store owners too.

Another great feature of Worldpay is its commitment to great customer service. You get support and guidance whenever you need, and you can even access onboarding help if you’re brand-new in the industry. PCI compliance is built-in, you’ll get fund transfers twice a week, and you can even track real-time data for more insights into how your sales are growing.

Pricing 💰

Worldpay has two payment options to choose from, starting with the standard Gateway at around £19 per month, and the Advanced Gateway at approximately £45 per month. There’s no charge for refunds, and you can get payments in more than 120 currencies. You’ll also have a chargeback administration fee of around £15 to consider.

Best features ✅

  • Security: You can get certified for PCI compliance for an extra £29.99 per year to make sure your customers and company are well-protected.
  • Insights: Users can track real-time data about their sales and customer preferences, to boost your chance of better sales.
  • Faster payouts: Worldpay makes it quick and easy to get the money you earn, with transfers to your bank account twice per week.
  • Recurring billing: You can set up recurring billing strategies to help maintain a consistent income over time.
  • Global reach: Worldpay operates in more than 40 counties, and offers support for up to 120 currencies, so you can sell anywhere.
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7. Amazon Pay

amazon pay - best payment gateways for shopify

Amazon Pay is another excellent choice for ecommerce store owners looking to accept payments with Shopify. Amazon Pay, just like other well-known payment solutions like, will make it easy to set up a merchant account in no time. You can accept payments by allowing customers to check out with their Amazon accounts.

These days, a lot of people around the US, Canada, Europe and Australia already have Amazon accounts. This means that you can save your customers some time on entering their bank details into another online store. Ecommerce businesses might be able to improve the number of conversions they get this way.

Amazon Payments are available all around the world, and the transactions through this platform are quick and reliable. The store simply takes the existing information from the users Amazon account and uses that to manage your transactions. There is a slight downside to this service for larger merchants, because the platform can be quite expensive.

Pricing 💰

There are various fees to consider with Amazon Pay, such as a $10 transaction amount, a domestic processing fee of 2.9%, and an authorization fee of $0.30 with every payment. There’s also a cross-border processing fee to consider too.

Best features ✅

  • Convenient for buyers: Your customers don’t need to add their payment details to a new platform, they can simply buy with their existing Amazon Account
  • Fast processing: It’s quick and easy to move through the Amazon Pay environment, so your customers should have an easy time.
  • Global reach: People all around the world have Amazon Accounts, so this could help to make your store more attractive.
  • Access to a useful backend environment and guidance for merchants who might be just getting started.
  • Some decent customer service and support options if anything goes wrong with your transactions.
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8. Opayo

opayo - best payment gateways for shopify

Better known as “Sage Pay” to some people, Opayo is a popular choice throughout regions in the US and UK. Designed to work with a variety of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Opayo takes a unique approach to payment options, with a monthly fee designed for a set number of transactions. The Opayo software even works offline and online.

Opaya is a well-known reliable system, with access to online payment, card terminals, point of sale payments, phone orders, and more. One function is it permits customers to pay via PayPal if they want to, so you have even more ways to secure a transaction. The strong customer authentication solution is a little problematic for some.

Although it’s good to have a secure and reliable system like Opayo handling your customer transactions, the high-level of customer authentication required means it can take up to 5 weeks just to get your account verified. This is because the system has to check your identity in a range of ways before allowing you to manage transactions.

Pricing 💰

As mentioned above, Opayo is a little different to tools like PayPal and Sagepay, because instead of a transaction fee, you’ll pay a monthly fee, starting at £19.90 for 350 transactions per month. You can access bespoke corporate plans depending on the number of transactions you expect to handle each month.

Best features ✅

  • Extremely secure and reliable: Everything is secured on Opayo to give you and your customers the best peace of mind.
  • Well-known for fraud reduction: There are industry-leading fraud tools, alongside 99.9% guaranteed uptime to keep your store running.
  • Convenient for all kinds of sales: You can sell products both offline and online with your Opayo account.
  • Flexibility: The Opayo system allows customers to make transactions through their PayPal accounts if they prefer, to help minimize the risk of lost clients at the checkout.
  • Easy to use: It’s quick and easy to get everything from fraud detection to regular sales set up with this popular Shopify payment gateway.
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9. Adyen

adyen - best payment gateways for shopify

When it comes to third-party payment gateways for Shopify, Adyen isn’t as well-known as some. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best Shopify payment gateways. Indeed, if you’re looking for excellent industry compliance and reliability, this could be the ideal solution for you.

Unlike other solutions for your payment process, Adyen does a lot more than simply accept major credit cards. This convenient solution is compliant with many of the leading regulations in the world. You can rest assured that your store will be certified for things like SCA, PCI, and PSD2.

For extra protection, Adyen has a range of leading protection tools to offer for fraud, and a series of convenient customizable dashboards, so you can track everything from mobile payments to regular transactions for your online business. Access to a wide range of convenient tools for tracking and managing conversions can help you to better-understand your customers.

This payment gateway solution comes with 24/7 support, and it’s ideal for companies taking payments from around the world, because it’s suitable for international payments.

Pricing 💰

The costs of any transaction fees for Adyen depend on where in the world you’re selling your products, and what kind of payment method you’re accepting. ACH direct debit payments start at $0.12 for processing, and 0.25% as a payment method fee. You can also accept Alipay, American Express, Discover, Diners club, JCB and more.

Best features ✅

  • Easy to use backend: Great for beginners, Adyen will allow you to process and manage all kinds of payment options in the same environment.
  • Lots of support: Customer service is included with this payment gateway solution, to help you make the most of your profit margins.
  • Suitable for sales around the world: you can run your online business anywhere, from the United Kingdom and US, to other parts of the globe.
  • Excellent security and protection: Everything is secured to help you make the most of your business without putting your customers or their payment information at risk.
  • Suitable for analytics: You can track useful analytics to learn more about your target audience and their preferences.
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Choosing the Best Payment Gateway for Shopify

Choosing the best payment gateway for Shopify isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Your ideal gateway will depend on various factors, including on what you’re planning on selling, and what your customers like using already.

With a range of options to choose from, the good news is that you shouldn’t have too much problem setting up your store and hooking in a payment gateway that makes sense for your clients. Small and large companies alike can quickly allow for one-click purchases through a variety of checkout pages. All you need to do is make sure the credit card rates you’re paying are worth the results.

Good luck finding the payment gateway that works for you.

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