Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce (June 2021): Which Ones Are Superior?

At some point, you'll need to choose an online store platform to host your store. If you decide that WooCommerce is your best bet (for its excellent functionality and superior content creation tools) you'll want to look for the best payment gateway for WooCommerce.

It's no easy task, considering there are hundreds, if not thousands, of payment gateways to choose from. Having said that, WooCommerce also provides support for the vast majority of major payment gateways, whether it's through a built-in feature, a direct extension, or by allowing you to link to a different gateway through the API.

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How to Use the Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator for a Quick Ecommerce Logo

Hatchful Shopify Logo Creator
A constant dilemma when starting an online store involves the question of your logo. How do you go about making one? Is there a certain amount of money you should spend? After you spend that money is there a guarantee that the logo reflects your brand and actually looks good? These are all valid questions considering a custom logo can actually cost quite a bit of money. The last thing you want is to end up with a less than desirable outcome. That's why we recommend using the Hatchful Shopify logo creator; it's a simple, free online logo maker that anyone with limited design experience can handle.

Hatchful boasts an impressive set of features, including an intuitive graphic design center that asks you questions about your brand to create the best logo possible. You can customize your logo by starting with a myriad of logo template options, icons, and colors. Stick to one color palette to ensure it aligns with your brand, and even use Hatchful to generate social media assets with your logo included - all using the same colors and formats.

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Wix Ecommerce Pricing (June 2021) – A Guide to Wix Ecommerce Fees

If you’re looking for a simple but effective solution for designing your own online store, Wix could be a perfect choice. Not only is Wix widely regarded as one of the simpler builders for small business owners, but it’s feature rich and affordable too.

Wix is a name that most people have already heard of in the website builder world. Countless companies have started life with a Wix website as an easy way to build their presence online. However, Wix has a separate solution for those who want to sell in the digital world. With a Wix ecommerce plan, you get the same intuitive drag and drop editor that you’d expect, plus extra features.

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How to Add Products to Shopify: A Simple Guide (June 2021)

Creating a Shopify store is the first step on the path to online success for many entrepreneurs. Shopify’s intuitive website building environment makes it quick and easy to start generating sales online. Not only can you create a stunning brand image with templates, but you also get access to countless valuable add-ons and plugins from the Shopify store too.

Of course, before you can start experimenting with things like search engine optimization and email marketing, you need to master the basics. That means knowing how to popular each product page on your website so that you can generate sales.

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Wix Pricing (June 2021): Everything You Need to Know

Unsure about Wix pricing? You’re in the right place.

Wix is one of the better known site builders on the market today.

Offering one of the best ways for business owners to launch their presence online, Wix has captured the attention of companies around the world. Currently, Wix is the driving force behind millions of websites, and you don’t even need a bunch of tech skills to use it.

Wix delivers everything you could want from a professional site builder, from stunning layouts that work for small and large companies alike, to ecommerce solutions for online stores. What’s more, the drag-and-drop functionality of the Wix website builder ensures that you don’t need too much extra help to get started.

Of course, just because Wix offers a fantastic website builder to large and small business owners alike, doesn’t mean it’s affordable. Budget is still one of the most important factors for any company when it comes to making growth decisions.

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The 30 Best BigCommerce Themes For 2021

If you have a product or service to sell online, you need a powerful online platform.

BigCommerce offers a solution to develop fully-featured online stores and ecommerce websites. There are all kinds of themes out there, and choosing the right one is essential to have an attractive store that converts well. If you want to learn more about this platform check out BigCommerce review.

Here is a curated list of the 30 best BigCommerce themes in 2021 to help you setup the store you’ve always wanted.

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Shop App Review (June 2021): Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is easily one of the best-known ecommerce tools on the market.

Virtually everyone considering building their own online store has considered Shopify at some point. After all, it comes with everything you need to get started, from tools to help you master Google, to its own app store.

However, while Shopify powers over a million businesses worldwide, and has a great community as a result, there are still aspects of the platform that people aren’t fully familiar with. For instance, if you’ve clicked through to this article, you’re probably curious about Shopify’s new consumer app – Shop.

The Shop App is actually not as new as it seems. Shopify created it by updating Arrive, a tool that customers can use to track packages from Shopify retailers and merchants. Shop includes the same abilities for tracking packages as Arrive, but it has a lot more to offer too. Available on Android and iOS, the app provides some handy insights into online shopping.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Magento 1 End of Life (June 2021): How You Should Respond to It?

The initial date for Magento 1 End of Life (EOL) was November 2018. However, in September 2018, Magento set the final end of life date to June 30, 2020.

Joe Ayyoub, the Director of Support Operations at Magento, made it clear that the extension of the EOL is to ease the stress on their merchants.

So by June 2020 end of life date, Magento will stop all software security patches or quality fixes to Magento 1. You won’t suddenly go out of business, but you might not like the outcome if you don’t take action.

Back in 2018, the deadline for the Magento 1 EOL must have felt like a long time, but now, the countdown is in days. Although no one will stop you from continuing with this platform, it’s in the best interest of your business to switch to Magento 2 or its alternatives.

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