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Is This The Right Returns Solution for You?

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Product returns are often a nightmare for ecommerce merchants. They represent a potentially dissatisfied customer, additional costs, and a loss of revenue that you had already presumed in your pocket. On top of this, they're often a hassle as presenting a smooth returns and refund procedure is usually far from easy.

However, it’s impossible to opt out of returns. At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned due to damage, mismatched expectations, or a completely wrong product sent out in the first place. 

However, returns don’t have to mean the end of a relationship with that customer. In fact, 92% of consumers would buy again if the return process was easy.

This is where Return Rabbit comes in. Return Rabbit is a Shopify app that allows you to streamline and customize your returns process. It’s focused on ROI, allowing you to keep as much revenue as possible and even encourage new purchases.

It’s a neat idea, so we’ll look at everything Return Rabbit has to offer in this article and review its advantages and downsides.

Let’s get started!

What is Return Rabbit?

Return Rabbit review

As we just hinted at, Return Rabbit streamlines the customer's returns and refund experience. 

The app was only launched in February 2022, so there aren't many online reviews yet. However, those that exist are wildly positive. 

By Return Rabbit’s estimation, they've delivered 500% merchant ROI and over $1M in value.

That said, here's how Return Rabbit works. More specifically, here’s what your buyers will experience step by step:

  1. Customers can initiate a return with just one click on your website.
  2. They enter their name and order number to identify the item they wish to return.
  3. Shoppers can review your entire product catalog to find merchandise that might better suit their needs or is of equal value to the unwanted item. 
  4. At this point, your customer can choose to exchange their product for a new one rather than request a refund.
  5. Customers select their return label method: I.e., they can print their return labels or keep them on their phones.

Return Rabbit Key Features

Return Rabbit offers a wide range of features to make the return process more manageable and lucrative. So, with that said, let's take a look at the nitty-gritty of what Return Rabbit has to offer:

Encourage Exchanges

Exchanges are often a much better solution for sellers than refunds. Refunds mean you lose the sale and the profit gained from it. Plus, you also incur shipping costs for the initial delivery and the return. 

So, suppose your customers opt for product exchange instead. Although you still incur shipping costs, you don’t lose out on the product's revenue. It gets one of your products into the customer's hands, which is more likely to encourage them to buy from you again. 

As we just alluded to, Return Rabbit encourages customers to opt for product exchange instead of a refund. They display your full product catalog and enable you to offer monetary incentives when customers begin the return process. 

Return Rabbit’s AI automatically displays exchange recommendations tailored to the customers’ purchase behaviors, which are more likely to catch their attention. For instance, sellers can waive fees on exchanges, like processing or shipping costs. You can also forward discounts applied to the customer's original item to the exchange options. Lastly, you can also offer additional exchange credit to your customers.

All this makes it easy for shoppers to see which exchange options are available.

Custom Return Reasons

Return Rabbit enables you to customize the available ‘return reasons' per item or product category. This is because different types of items incur different problems. For example, apparel might have the return reason “The item didn’t fit,” which doesn't apply to electronics. 

You can also provide customers with an option to upload an image of the item they wish to return. This is vital if you need to see proof of breakages before approving a refund or exchange.

Custom return reasons also ensure you get more accurate, sensible data from your returns, allowing you to improve your future product offerings and, hopefully, reduce your overall return rate. 

Analytics and Reports

You can review your returns data from an intuitive analytics dashboard. Here you can identify return trends and learn more about your shopper's consumer habits. For instance, you can see product performance, Shopify store sales, returns, and exchanges in real-time. Plus, you can download and schedule system-wide reports whenever you need to.

Brand Your Returns and Exchanges

Brand consistency is essential for building customer loyalty. With Return Rabbit, you can brand your post-purchase process by providing a branded returns and exchanges experience. For instance, you can choose your brand’s colors, logo, logo placement, and message in your customer's return portal. 

Instant Labelling

Return Rabbit automatically creates printable return labels so that customers can send their merchandise back via mail, store, drop-offs, and pickups. Alternatively, customers can decide to handle the return themselves and use their favorite carrier. 

If customers don’t want to print a label, they can download a QR code onto their phone, which they'll need to show to the carrier at pickup. 

Custom Automation and Business Rules

Best of all, you can streamline the returns process not just for your customers but also for yourself. 

Return Rabbit allows you to pinpoint the parts of the returns process you wish to automate and which rules these stages follow. For example, you can automate your return emails or decide how many exchanges are allowed per return transaction. You can also automate when and how returns are approved and automatically process them for your warehouse teams. 

Return Rabbit Pricing

Return Rabbit review

Return Rabbit is geared towards mid-sized businesses (and up), handling vast numbers of returns and revenue. Unfortunately, there's no free plan, but you can request a demo or try the tool for free for 14 days.

There are three pricing plans and one enterprise plan:

Startup: $200 per month

  • Handle 500 returns each month
  • Customize return reasons
  • Return policy customization
  • You can launch a white-labeled return portal
  • Tracking pages
  • Exchanges from your entire product catalog
  • Label-free QR codes for customers
  • Analytics and reporting functionality
  • 3PL integrations
  • Major carrier support

Growth Plan: $400 per month

You get everything in the startup plan, plus:

  • You can process 1,000 monthly returns
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Exchange incentives (make exchanges more convenient and save your customers money)
  • Product recommendations engine (recommend exchanges based on customer buying behavior)

Market Leader Plan: $515 per month

You get everything above, plus:

  • You can process 1,5000 monthly returns

Finally, the Enterprise plan unlocks a custom number of monthly returns, custom integrations, and international shipping.

It’s also worth mentioning the price of Tracking Rabbit, another tool created by the same developer which tracks your shipments in transit. Combined with Return Rabbit, this provides customers further clarity and improves the returns process. Tracking Rabbit comes with a free plan, including up to 200 shipments, after which you pay $0.04 per shipment. Premium plans range from $20 per month to $110 per month and cover 400-5,000 monthly shipments.

Return Rabbit Integrations

Return Rabbit comes with a few integrations in the following categories: shipping, logistics, and customer experience. 

Here’s the complete list:

Shipping Integrations:

Generate labels, set preferred shipping rates, and access more carriers:

  • EasyPost
  • Shippo

Logistics Integrations:

Provide transparency in your returns process:

  • Whiplash
  • ShipHero

Customer Experience Integrations: 

Gain more post-purchase data to improve your customer service processes:

  • Recharge

As the app is expanding, Return Rabbit also encourages users to get in touch and tell them which integrations they need. For example, Return Rabbit currently doesn’t integrate with any other ecommerce solution aside from Shopify.

Customer Support

Return Rabbit review

Customer support is available 24/7 by ticket or email. Their team is spread across all US time zones. In addition, they offer personalized onboarding. Just get in touch, and they'll handle as much or as little of your setup as possible and go through strategies with you in a face-to-face chat over Zoom.

Beyond this, there's not much self-help documentation available online. While FAQs are answered, no process or feature is explored in much detail. In addition, there's neither live chat nor phone support.

Return Rabbit Pros and Cons

Before we wrap up, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of Return Rabbit:

Return Rabbit Pros

  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify
  • Encourage exchanges over returns
  • You can customize the return reasons available per product or category
  • You gain a decent array of customer insights and return and exchange data 
  • You can simplify the returns process with instant return labels and QR codes
  • You can use automation to streamline the returns process
  • You can offer store credit instead of a refund

Return Rabbit Cons

  • No free plan is available, and the pricing is unsuitable for smaller businesses or new merchants on tight budgets 
  • Customer support is limited to email and tickets, and there isn’t a detailed online knowledge base
  • Very few native integrations are available
  • The app is still relatively new, so you can’t rely on user reviews to get a good impression of their service
  • The only eCommerce platform it integrates with is Shopify

Our Final Verdict

Return Rabbit is undeniably a product that understands the hassle and frustration involved in the returns process and strips it away. Return Rabbit does everything to encourage customers not to abandon a purchase altogether. Instead, it uses clever features like exchange recommendations and monetary incentives to secure another sale and protect your cash flow.

While there are few features, everything Return Rabbit offers caters perfectly to what's needed to create a great return experience. The only downside is that tracking costs extra. Still, for this, Return Rabbit offers a second app from the same developers. 

Its features compare admirably to alternatives like Loop, Returnly, and HappyReturns. For example, it incorporates plenty of ways for customers to execute returns and customize the returns process. 

All in all, we think Return Rabbit is worth a try. Check out their 14-day free trial to better understand what to expect. While unfortunately, there's no free or cheap plan available. You can contact the Return Rabbit team to ask any questions you have.

Let us know what you think in the comments below – will you be using Return Rabbit?

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