5 Tips to Improve Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Ecommerce Black Friday strategies

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perhaps the busiest shopping days in the United States, there are many ways in which you can take advantage of these two days, and I do not only mean in terms of getting your christmas shopping done, however ecommerce owners can also do a lot to improve their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In this article I will look at five tips to improving your sales over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Offer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts

This one might seem really obvious, but you would be surprised how many online stores miss out on great sales because they don't offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. More and more consumers are completing their Thanskgiving shopping sprees on the internet, you wouldn't want to disappoint visitors on the busiest day of all.

Check Inventory

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are two days where you don't want to run out of stock, and if you do run out, then you need to make sure your customers can clearly see that a product is sold out. There is nothing worse for a customer than placing and order only to receive an email stating that the item they wanted is sold out. Remember making sure your products are in stock not only increases sales but it also increases customer satisfaction.

Share, share, share!

Having huge discounts is great, however if no one knows you are offering discounts, then you are not going to be making any sales during this important weekend. At least a few days in advance I would send an email or start promoting your sales on Facebook and Twitter. Also don't forget to remind customers of your sales both on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. Trust me after stuffing themselves with turkey and scrolling through their Facebook feed, if they see you are offering a discount, they are much more likely to visit your store and make that vital purchase.

Manage Keywords

The first thing to remember when creating a good SEO campaign is how important your keywords are. My suggestion is to do some research, use a tool such as the Google Keyword tool to better understand how your customers are searching. It is important to know which keywords are mostly used during the holidays, these include things such as: “sales, top gifts, cyber monday, black friday”

Make sure everything is working

It is always important to make sure your store is running as expected, however, it is really important to test your system, you are going to be experiencing an increased level of traffic during the holidays, and there is nothing worse than downtime.  Remember the increased traffic will most likely result in increased sales, so why not spend a few minutes making sure everything is working as planned.

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