The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

On a tight budget and thinking about trying out the best cheap WordPress hosting solution?

Ok, I know “best” and “cheap” do not usually go together, especially when we’re discussing WordPress hosting options. But, here’s the thing- a tight budget for a WordPress site doesn’t have to translate to unreliable hosting services.

Well, of course, great service comes at a cost, I admit. But then again, the level of competition on the market right now is forcing most hosting providers to reconsider their pricing. They are increasingly giving in to the pressure by providing cheaper packages without over-compromising the corresponding quality.

So yes, I can confirm there’s hope for websites that find high-level managed WordPress hosting to be a little above their budget grade. It’s indeed possible to get yourself a cheap WordPress hosting solution that provides a perfect balance between performance features and pricing.

But, here’s the kicker. Interestingly, finding a great cheap WordPress hosting solution is not as simple as it might sound. Most providers are already claiming to offer the cheapest WordPress hosting rates. But, as we’ve established from our numerous tests, the bulk of them come with a heck of a lot of caveats.

Well, sorting through all that mess requires some form of finesse. There are several things you have to consider if you need to identify the best option in the cheapest WordPress hosting category.

How to Find the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

To secure the cheapest WordPress hosting packages, you have to be prepared to give something in return. And in most cases, it’s usually a long-term commitment.

If you’ve been following our ecommerce and WordPress hosting reviews, you’ve probably noticed that the cheapest hosting plans come with long-term billing requirements. In essence, you’re often forced to pay for at least 12 months in advance to qualify for huge discounts.

And speaking of which, it’s worth noting that the leading web hosting companies are particularly fond of discount promotions. Competition is pretty tight between the likes of SiteGround, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, HostGator, and InMotion hosting, among others. So, of course, they’ll keep attempting to outdo each other in scavenging for new users through discount promotions.

You can take advantage of such opportunities and secure a decent package for your WordPress site at a substantially reduced rate. Therefore, you might want to keep an eye out for upcoming offers if you intend to join the bandwagon at the right time.

And while you’re at it, remember to evaluate the cheap WordPress hosting plans based on not only their pricing, but also the accompanying features. Assessing all the variables collectively should help you compare the real value of the best WordPress hosting solutions.

Ultimately, you’ll discover that even some of the seemingly costly options turn out to be cheap when you consider the potential cost savings from their free features. Quite a number of WordPress hosting providers offer extras like domain name registration, CDN, SSL certificate, and site migration for free.

Apart from “free”, another keyword you should keep an eye out for is “unlimited”. Any unrestricted feature on a cheap WordPress hosting service makes it way cheaper. Hence, more reasons to settle for it.

Unlimited bandwidth, for instance, translates to significant cost savings over the long haul because you won’t have to upgrade when your traffic numbers increase. Some web hosting providers even bundle that with unlimited storage and an unrestricted number of WordPress site installations.

Don’t get me wrong though. While such extras would be welcome, they are not always necessary. If you’re starting off, for instance, you might not need all of them. So, you’d potentially save a lot by sticking to what you plan to use at the moment and in the near future.

Besides, there are selected features you could introduce and integrate with your service if the hosting provider has left them out. There’s a host of reliable WordPress plugins for automatic daily updates, performance optimization, malware scanning, etc.

So, in the end, it all comes down to what you make of your hosting opportunities. A considerably cheap WordPress hosting service can generate impressive value if you take a strategic approach, and leverage it accordingly.

That said, let’s find out the current best options when it comes to cheap WordPress hosting. We’ve compiled this guide after comprehensively testing their features and analyzing their prospective values over the long haul.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #1: DreamHost

Considering it starts at $2.59 a month, DreamHost is undoubtedly the cheapest WordPress hosting solution here. This pricing certainly places it ahead of the rest of the WordPress hosting solutions we’ve reviewed.

And you know what? All the hosting plans on DreamHost are accompanied by a 97-day money back guarantee. That cumulatively translates to over 3 months of risk-free WordPress hosting.

Speaking of which, another interesting assurance from DreamHost is a 100% uptime guarantee. That means your WordPress website will never go offline. And in the event it does, you’ll be entitled to compensation in the form of free WordPress hosting service based on the downtime hours.

Well, of course, we’ve tested many WordPress sites hosted on DreamHost multiple times by now. And although not all of them have been able to maintain 100% uptime throughout, I can tell you with confidence that DreamHost will indeed keep your site up at all times. Every single one of its WordPress websites that we’ve analyzed for over 90 days has registered an uptime rate of more than 99.9%, with unnoticeable instances of reduced performance.

That said, there are many reasons why DreamHost is so confident about its capabilities that it combines such a generous money back guarantee with a 100% uptime guarantee on such a cheap WordPress hosting package.

Admittedly, only a web hosting company that has built top-of-the-range infrastructure can afford all that. And DreamHost, as a matter of fact, is no joke when it comes to investing in high-level infrastructure.

Consequently, apart from multiple data center locations, your WordPress website will benefit substantially from DreamHost’s constant monitoring, emergency server generators, redundant cooling, and SSD storage.

It’s also worth noting that each of the WordPress hosting plans provides a one-click WordPress installer, automated backups, free SSL certificate, free personal privacy protection, unlimited bandwidth, free email accounts, free domain registrations, and a WordPress website builder.

But get this. To qualify for the highest package discounts, you don’t have much of a choice but to settle for the 3-year prepaid billing option.

That shouldn’t worry you though. Because we’ve tested and confirmed that DreamHost is indeed among the fastest WordPress hosting providers on the market, along with the likes of SiteGround, WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pagely.

Another thing it shares with SiteGround is the privilege of earning a recommendation from Yes, that’s right- WordPress itself has taken a keen interest in DreamHost too. And it has consequently praised the web host for its exceptional balance between cheap WordPress hosting and high performance.

To find out more, you can get all the test figures from our detailed DreamHost review.

DreamHost Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

DreamHost Shared WordPress Hosting

dreamhost pricing

  • Shared Starter – Shared Starter is ideal for beginners and personal WordPress sites. For just $2.59 a month for 3-year subscriptions, $3.95 a month for annual subscriptions, or $4.95 a month for monthly subscriptions, it provides a free SSL certificate, fast SSD storage, WP website builder, pre-installed WordPress, unlimited traffic, and free domain registration. This plan only powers one WordPress website.
  • Shared Unlimited – Shared Unlimited was set up for WordPress users who run multiple websites. It offers the same features as the Shared Starter plan, but for an unlimited number of WordPress sites. It also throws in a few extra features like unlimited emails on your domain. And for that, the least you could pay is $5.95 a month for 3-year subscriptions, $6.95 a month for annual subscriptions, or $10.95 a month for monthly subscriptions.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #2: Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the biggest names in not only the WordPress hosting space, but also the entire web hosting industry. It’s a multi-faceted solution that deals with specialized WordPress hosting, as well as shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

WordPress hosting itself comes in multiple packages, with shared WordPress hosting being the most popular option, followed by a managed WordPress hosting package called WP Pro, along with a WordPress ecommerce hosting solution that happens to be optimized for WooCommerce.

bluehost homepage - cheap wordpress hosting

Now, the cheapest of them all is, of course, the shared WordPress hosting package. And it starts at, get this, $2.95 per month.

That comes with just enough features to support 1 WordPress site on 50 GB SSD storage. Its performance, on the other hand, is pretty decent- thanks to Bluehost’s specialized performance optimization resources like built-in NGINX caching, multiple data center locations, PHP 7 support, HTTP/2, plus Cloudflare CDN.

It’s worth noting that Cloudflare CDN is offered here for free, alongside a free SSL certificate, and a one-click WordPress installation app.

While the Basic plan should suffice if you’re barely starting out, the Plus plan is seemingly the best value option. For a starting price of just $5.45, it supports an unlimited number of WordPress websites, domains and parked domains with an unlimited SSD storage. Can it possibly get better than that?

And you know what? Bluehost is not just any random cheap WordPress hosting solution. It’s officially recognized by, which even recommends it as one of the best web hosting solutions for WordPress sites.

Find out more about all that from our detailed Bluehost hosting review.

Bluehost Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting

  • Basic: This is the cheapest WordPress hosting plan and it costs $2.95 a month, which ultimately changes to a regular price of $7.99 a month. In addition to marketing credit worth $200, it comes with 25 subdomains, 5 parked domains, free domain for 1 year, 50 GB SSD storage, and free SSL certificate for 1 WordPress website.
  • Plus: The Plus plan is ideal if you’re planning to host multiple WordPress sites. It starts at $5.45, which eventually increases to a regular price of $10.99 a month. And in addition to the features available on the Basic plan, Bluehost grants you unlimited subdomains, unlimited parked domains, unmetered SSD storage, and a free SSL certificate for an unlimited number of WordPress websites.
  • Choice Plus: This takes things up a notch by supplementing the Plus plan with CodeGuard Basic Backup. And that will cost you a starting price of $5.45 a month, followed by a regular price of $14.99 a month.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #3: SiteGround

If you wouldn’t mind spending a dollar on top of Bluehost’s $2.95 for increased performance, then I’d advise you to check out SiteGround.

Yes, that’s right. Going by the multiple uptime and server performance tests we’ve conducted so far, SiteGround outshines Bluehost in all the web hosting categories- including shared WordPress hosting. The only problem is, high performing infrastructure translates to additional WordPress hosting costs.

siteground homepage - cheap wordpress hosting

Not so much though. Because for a starting price of $3.95 a month, you can secure managed WordPress hosting for one website. Its StartUp plan comes with a one-click installer for WordPress plus a simplified custom account management interface, which SiteGround unveiled very recently.

Other free goodies include daily backups, Cloudflare CDN, email, SSL, HTTPS, and automated WordPress site migration. Then to top it off, SiteGround will give you an unlimited MySQL database plus unmetered traffic.

Overall, however, performance is the most impressive thing about SiteGround. It’s a cheap WordPress hosting solution that’s capable of outpacing many costlier services when it comes to page loading times and reliability.

Expect uptime of least 99.99% and optimal WordPress performance, thanks to SiteGround’s data centers on three contents, an extensive free content delivery network, SSD storage, its SuperCacher technology, HTTP/2 support, WordPress auto-updates, and much more.

With such features on a cheap WordPress hosting service, it’s no surprise that SiteGround joins Bluehost in the hall of fame for earning a recommendation from

If recognizes your services, then you certainly have to be doing something right.

Find out more about its solutions and overall performance from our comprehensive SiteGround hosting review.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to compare the two leading cheap WordPress hosting provider through our SiteGround vs Bluehost comparison.

SiteGround Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

  • StartUp – As the cheapest WordPress hosting plan on SiteGround, StartUp starts at $3.95 and then shifts to $11.95 a month after 12 months. It provides essential WordPress resources like free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, free installation of WordPress accompanied by a shopping cart application, 24/7 phone, chat and online tickets support, free email accounts, automated daily backups, Spam Prevention, and WordPress auto-updates, among other features for 1 WordPress website.
  • GrowBig – The GrowBig plan starts at $5.95 a month and then changes to a regular price of $19.95 after one year. It facilitates unlimited WordPress websites by combining essential WordPress features on the StartUp plan with premium WordPress provisions like one-click staging, free site transfer, advanced on-demand backup, WordPress special cache, plus 20GB SSD storage.
  • GoGeek – GoGeek is the best cheap WordPress hosting solution for ecommerce sites on SiteGround. It starts at $11.95 a month, followed by a regular price of $34.95 a month. You get the chance to host unlimited WordPress websites that utilize essential WordPress features, premium WordPress features, and Geeky WordPress features like pre-Installed Git, white-label hosting, as well as advanced priority support.

Cheap WordPress Hosting #4: Hostinger

hostinger cheap wordpress hosting

If you’re looking for affordability and performance in one amazing package, then it’s hard to go wrong with Hostinger. The company launched into the market in 2007 as and built a powerful reputation very quickly, with millions of customers.

There are plans for all companies with a wide variety of different needs. For instance, you can find solutions specifically catered to beginners, with tools that hold your hand through every step of the development process. On the other hand, if you want more freedom to grow, Hostinger can also give you more power, along with development access through hPanel and cPanel too.

You get a free domain with Hostinger if you hire your business or premium WordPress hosting with the company for more than 12 months, and everything comes with optimization for WordPress built-in. Even the global cloud plan from Hostinger is impressive, with development in partnership with the Google Cloud.

One of the things that really sets Hostinger apart from the crowd is its amazing uptime and fantastic speed. The uptime is around 99.9% on average – which is amazing for any host. Additionally, the speed of the website usually runs at around 250ms. Since fast loading times are vital for any user’s experience with a website, it’s worth considering Hostinger if you’re keen to invest in speed.

There really is something for everyone with Hostinger, including 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not totally happy with what you get. However, before you go ahead and get a refund, we’d definitely recommend checking out the multi-lingual customers service that’s available from Hostinger to address any issues and answer any questions.

One of the things that makes Hostinger so appealing for a wide range of business owners is how amazing the customer support is. The company does go above and beyond to give you everything that you need. They recently launched a new Zyro website creator just to make the full experience of building a website easier.

The Zyro creator is a drag-and-drop solution that’s perfect for beginners and people who want to save time. There’s even a logo generator included, where you can create the graphics that you need to take your business brand to the next level.

Hostinger Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Hostinger has countless options depending on what you need for your business.

Shared Hosting: If you’re looking for basic shared hosting, then the company has you covered with plans that start at around $2.34 a month for just one website. If you need something that packs more of a punch, then you can upgrade to the Premium shared hosting plan. The premium shared hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and databases for business owners at $4.49 a month.

You do need to buy your own SSL certificate with Hostinger, but that should be fine considering how much you’re saving on the overall price of your hosting, to begin with. Aside from shared hosting, you can also choose to explore WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress Hosting from Hostinger comes with a ton of amazing extra features, including 1-click installation that’s perfect for beginners and 24/7 support from the Hostinger team. The experience is built for performance with lightning-fast plugins and enhanced security too.

Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for a Single WordPress solution, but it’s only $2.15 per month when you renew. Additionally, there’s also business hosting for $15.99 per month and $7.95 per month when you renew. The most popular choice is Premium hosting, which comes at $10.99 per month or $3.49 when you renew, with unlimited email accounts, websites, and bandwidth.

Notably, when you get the Premium or Business hosting plan, you get your domain name for free, so long as you pay for your hosting for 12 months in advance.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #5: A2 Hosting

If SiteGround’s storage space and traffic restrictions can’t cut it, then you might consider joining the A2 Hosting WordPress bandwagon.

This cheap WordPress hosting solution is so generous that for just $2.96 a month, it’s willing to grant you unlimited storage, 5 databases, and unlimited bandwidth. Admittedly, that would be more than enough for one WordPress site.

a2 hosting homepage

Multiple WordPress websites, on the other hand, would cost you less than a dollar on top of $2.96. And for a starting price of just $3.70, you get to host an unlimited number of sites without any database restrictions.

That said, moving to A2 Hosting to take advantage of its extremely cheap WordPress hosting should be simple. It offers free site migration on all its WordPress hosting plans, including the entre-level Lite package.

Your account should come pre-installed with WordPress, as well as free SSL and there’s even an anytime money back guarantee as assurance. That translates to a permanently risk-free usage.

It’s also worth noting that A2 Hosting is flexible enough to accommodate custom plans. You can set up your own specialized but cheap WordPress hosting plan, and then choose features that match up to your specific needs.

A2 Hosting Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

a2 hosting pricing

  • Lite – Lite is the cheapest WordPress hosting plan on A2 Hosting and it costs $2.96 a month, followed by a regular price of $7.99 a month. It can support one WordPress website with anytime money back guarantee, free SSL, unlimited SSD storage, cPanel, unlimited transfer, 5 databases, and free site migration.
  • Swift – Swift is an upgrade of the Lite plan and it will cost you $3.70 a month for the first year, and then $9.99 a month over the long haul. Some of the features you can expect here include unlimited transfer, unlimited storage, and unlimited databases for unlimited websites.
  • Turbo – Turbo, on the other hand, is the fastest cheap WordPress hosting plan. It takes things to the next level by combining features on the Swift plan with performance optimization resources like the A2 Site Accelerator (which happens to be a range of pre-configured caching technologies), plus high-level turbo servers. And for that, you’re required to pay $7.03 a month as you start off, and then $18.99 a month after the first year.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #6: HostGator

If you want a little more than just typical shared web hosting services, then consider giving HostGator a try.

Well, right of the bat, you’ll notice that its standard shared hosting package is unbelievably cheap. You can host your WordPress website for just $2.75 a month. But, apart from a one-click WordPress installer, there’s nothing particularly special about the package.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to go straight to HostGator’s WordPress hosting package. This is where all the magic happens since its plans come with performance optimization features for WordPress.

hostgator homepage

I’m talking about things like multiple caching layers, CDN, and supercharged cloud architecture. According to HostGator, such features should make your pages load 2.5 times faster compared to regular web hosting services.

And get this. HostGator features prominently in our cheap WordPress hosting services reviews because, for that impressive infrastructure, you’re only required to pay as low as $5.45 a month.

Ok, I know. That’s essentially about double the price of the corresponding shared web hosting package. But, it all makes sense when you look at the fine details. Shared web hosting is nothing compared to the cloud server setup provided by HostGator’s WordPress hosting package. Yet, and rather surprisingly, that will cost you either $5.45, $7.95, or $9.95 a month.

However, whichever plan you choose, you can rest assured that it’ll come with a specialized WordPress interface for managing your account. HostGator then goes ahead and throws in free SSL, along with automated backup, plus one-click restoration.

It doesn’t stop there though. You’ll additionally get unlimited bandwidth and automatic malware removal as well. And in case you’re still not convinced about the value here, the cheap WordPress hosting package further provides free site migration plus Google Adwords credit worth $100.

That alone should eventually help you recover a substantial fraction of the amount you spend on your web hosting plan.

HostGator Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

HostGator WordPress Hosting Plans

hostgator pricing

  • Starter Plan – For a starting price of $5.45 a month, you’ll commit your WordPress site for 3 years, and HostGator will, in turn, provide free SSL, Google Adwords credit worth $100, unlimited storage space, automated malware removal, automatic daily database backups with file-level restoration capabilities, free website migration, plus an allowance for about 100,000 monthly visitors. This plan can only power one WordPress site.
  • Standard Plan – The Standard plan starts at $7.95 per month, and it provides free SSL, Google Adwords credit worth $100, unlimited storage space, automated malware removal, automatic daily database backups with file-level restoration capabilities, free migration for 2 websites, plus an allowance for about 200,000 monthly visitors. This plan can accommodate two WordPress sites.
  • Business Plan – The Business plan is the most advanced option, and it costs as low as $9.95 a month. For that, it provides you with free SSL, Google Adwords credit worth $100, unlimited storage space, automated malware removal, automatic daily database backups with file-level restoration capabilities, free migration for 3 websites, plus an allowance for about 500,000 monthly visitors. This plan can supports up to three WordPress sites.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #7: InMotion

2.5 times faster page loading would be awesome, I admit. But, you know what would be better? Pushing that further and achieving 10 times faster WordPress performance.

Well, that’s the difference between HostGator’s WordPress hosting and InMotion’s WordPress hosting. According to the company, its infrastructure is capable of accelerating your site and reducing the loading time by up to 10 times.

Quite possible, I must admit, because InMotion is a managed WordPress hosting provider that knows just how to optimize its websites. Each WordPress hosting plan even comes with something InMotion calls a “WordPress-optimized stack”, which is basically a collection of tools and resources for boosting your overall WordPress performance.

inmotion hosting homepage - cheap wordpress hosting

Now, the cheapest price you can pay for that is $6.99 a month, followed by $9.99 per month, then $12.99 a month, and so forth. There are several WordPress hosting plans here and the choice is yours, depending on your specific needs.

However, all in all, you can expect advanced server caching, free CDN, unlimited bandwidth, web application firewalls, malware protection, free SSL, automated WordPress core and plugin updates, free website migration, free domain, and unlimited email accounts.

So, while it might not exactly be the cheapest WordPress hosting solution, InMotion hosting should be among the top options when it comes to overall service value. It boasts of some pretty solid features for such a reasonably low price. Plus, it goes ahead and provides advertising credit worth $150, along with a 90-day money back guarantee.

That’s the type of stuff you wouldn’t get from most of the other WordPress hosting solutions.

InMotion Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

inmotion cheap wordpress hosting pricing

  • WP-1000S: For at least $6.99 a month, followed by a renewal price of $8.99 a month, this plan comes with a staging environment, BoldGrid for website creation, an unlimited number of email accounts, a WordPress-optimized stack, 40GB SSD storage, plus free domain for one WordPress site.
  • WP-2000S: For at least $9.99 a month, followed by a renewal price of $12.99 a month, this plan offers free Jetpack Personal along with the standard features on the WP-1000S plan, plus 80GB SSD storage, a free domain, and 50,000 visitors per month on 2 WordPress websites.
  • WP-3000S: For as low as $12.99 a month, followed by a renewal price of $16.99 a month, this plan provides all the features available on the WP-2000S plan, along with 120GB SSD storage, free domain, and 125,000 visitors per month on 3 WordPress sites.
  • WP-4000S: For as low as $19.99 a month, followed by a renewal price of $32.99 a month, InMotion offers free Jetpack Professional, dedicated OpCode cache pool, an unlimited number of email accounts, a WordPress-optimized stack, 160GB SSD storage, free domain, and 300,000 visitors per month on 6 WordPress sites.
  • WP-VPS: For at least $29.19 a month, this plan comes with server management, WHM panel, cPanel, isolated server resources, WordPress-optimized configuration, and free domain. It can power an unlimited number of WordPress sites.
  • WP-Dedicated: At a starting price of $105.69 a month, this plan offers server management, WHM panel, cPanel, full control of dedicated server resources, WordPress-optimized configuration, and free domain. It’s capable of powering an unlimited number of WordPress websites.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #8: GoDaddy

Going by its wide popularity, this should be a familiar name to many website owners. In fact, I can even bet you’ve already heard about GoDaddy. And if not for its extensive domain registration record, then maybe you know it from its numerous controversial ads.

Whichever the case, it goes without saying that GoDaddy is a big name in the WordPress hosting space. And although it’s a veteran hosting service whose experience matches up to the likes of SiteGround and Bluehost, it was not until 2014 that GoDaddy introduced specialized WordPress hosting.

godaddy homepage - cheap wordpress hosting

That notwithstanding, the main turning point for this web hosting company was in 2015, when it hired the best of the best in WordPress hosting- a man called Gabriel Mays- to head its WordPress department. Since then, GoDaddy has grown considerably to become one of the best cheapest WordPress hosting options on the market.

For as low as $6.99 a month, one thing you can expect from GoDaddy is a total dedication to WordPress hosting. The company’s consistent contribution to the global WordPress community is enough proof that it has a solid team of experts taking care of its WordPress sites.

You can rely on them to perform WordPress core updates for you, as well as nightly backups and malware scans. All these will proceed automatically alongside software and security updates. In case any malware is detected, the system should eliminate it to keep your hosting environment secure.

Sadly, GoDaddy’s team won’t handle WordPress plugin updates for you. But, on the bright side, at least you get numerous free plugins and themes to power your WordPress website.

If problems arise along the way, GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting tech support team is accessible 24/7. And based on my past interactions with them, I can assure you that they are extremely helpful in all technical stuff, including issues that might not be directly related to WordPress hosting.

Other perks that GoDaddy throws into its WordPress hosting package include one-click automated site migration, CDN resources for a 50% increase in WordPress loading speeds, free domain registration, 99.9% uptime, as well as SEO tools.

And if you’re concerned about the value of GoDaddy’s cheap WordPress hosting plans, you’ll be pleased that in addition to its free premium themes, it offers awesome built-in signup forms that would otherwise cost you about $59 per year.

GoDaddy Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

godaddy pricing

  • Basic – For just $6.99 a month, the Basic plan provides free Microsoft office email, free domain registration, free built-in signup forms, automatic daily malware scans, free daily backups with one-click restore, plus 10 GB storage. It powers one WordPress site, whose monthly visitor volume should not exceed 25,000. Then after one year expect to pay $9.99 for renewal.
  • Deluxe – While the Deluxe plan powers one WordPress site just like the Basic plan, it manages to handle more traffic. The monthly allowance here extends to 100,000 visitors. Storage, on the other hand, increases to 15 GB, and then it supplements the Basic plan with a built-in SEO wizard plus one-click site staging. In the end, the pricing should shift to its regular monthly rate of $14.99.
  • Ultimate – Ultimate is capable of hosting 2 WordPress sites for as low as $12.99 a month. In addition to the standard features available on the Basic plan, it provides free SSL certificate, one-click site staging, built-in SEO wizard, 30 GB storage, and an allowance for up to 400K monthly visitors. The renewal price here is $19.99 per month.
  • Pro 5+ – This plan stretches its WordPress hosting resources to accommodate 5-50 websites. Then above the standard features, it comes with automated client reports, real-time performance and uptime monitoring, and 50-200 GB storage. This will cost you as low as $29.99 a month.

Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider #9: iPage

On one hand, it turns out iPage is cheaper than DreamHost. Not at WordPress hosting though. But rather, in the general shared web hosting section- iPage starts at, get this, $1.99 a month while DreamHost can only go as low as $2.59.

On the other hand, however, iPage falls slightly behind of DreamHost when it comes to WordPress hosting. Its plans’ pricing starts from $3.75 a month, which happens to be higher than DreamHost’s $2.59.

That’s not to say, however, that iPage is poor in value. It is, in fact, not only a cheap WordPress hosting solution, but also one of the best value WordPress hosting options on the web.

I guess the iPage Starter plan should be enough proof of that. It combines unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth with free domain registration, as well as pre-installed themes and plugins.

While iPage’s shared web hosting package is capable of running WordPress sites, you’d be much better off with one of its corresponding WordPress hosting plans. Both WP Starter and WP Essential come optimized specifically for WordPress.

Apart from themes and plugins, the provide a custom WordPress control panel, performance-enhancing features, plus a specialized firewall, which is offered as part of a security bundle- courtesy of the web host’s partnership with SiteLock.

With any of these cheap WordPress hosting plans, you’ll also be assured of the best support in case issues develop. iPage’s tech support team at this level is made up of WordPress experts who know all the critical stuff about WordPress sites.

iPage Cheap WordPress Hosting Pricing

iPage WordPress Hosting Plans

  • WP Starter – WP Starter begins at $3.75, and then it subsequently increases to a regular price of $7.49 a month. Some of the features you get to enjoy include pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins, a customized control panel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, as well as free domain registration for 1 year.
  • WP Essential – WP Essential is better optimized for WordPress since it supplements WP Starter’s features with SiteLock professional security, automatic malware removal, and WordPress expert support. That will cost you a starting price of $6.75 a month, followed by a regular price of $10.49 a month.

Which is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Solution Overall?

Well, I’d love to give you a straight answer. But that would be leading you on based on presumptions instead of real facts.

So, let’s face it. I’m not in a position to know your precise WordPress hosting needs. However, on the bright side, at least you are. And going by all the details we’ve covered, you should be able to identify the perfect cheap WordPress hosting solution for your site.

Of course, we’d love to hear all about that. So, please share your thoughts in our comments section. And stay tuned for more revelations about WordPress hosting, ecommerce hosting, and general web hosting.

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