Choosing the Best Web Hosting in Canada (Dec 2021)

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The web hosting provider that you pick for your Canadian audience can make or break your business. For one, if your target audience resides in a particular country you would want your web hosting service to be able to provide a fast and efficient experience for users in that location. And just any web hosting company won't do the trick. Some hosting services are great in terms of loading speeds, uptime, and ease of use in specific countries but in others aren't so great.

This happens for so many reasons, for example, some hosting providers offer a free CDN that places your content in different geographic locations around the world and this enables quick loading times regardless of where your audience comes from. Others may not and have to load your content from their web server's location, which if not close to where your audience comes from can affect your website's load time for them.

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Best Cheap WordPress Hosting (Dec 2021)

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There are a few misconceptions around web hosting. The term itself can sound complicated and it can scare a technophobe ecommerce retailer, but in 2021 web hosting isn't that complicated.

A lot of retailers are sort of semi-aware of what it is, but also feel like it's not that important. This is the biggest misconception. Picking between hosting companies should be one of the first things you do as a retailer, right up there with choosing your platform or deciding on your store's name.

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