Oberlo Review: Super Dropshipping, the Way it Should Be (March 2017)

Dropshipping sounds easy, but it's often a hassle to contact suppliers, find reasonable prices and update products on your website. At the end of the day, you end up with small margins and a frustrating situation. However, in this Oberlo review, we'll see that they seek to change that.

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Oberlo isn't a full ecommerce platform, but rather an extension you can install on sites built on Shopify and other places. The goal with the tool is to quickly import products to dropship while sitting back and having Oberlo package and ship the products to your customers.

Update: Oberlo comes pre-installed for new Shopify users so that merchants can search and add products quickly right from when they sign up in Shopify.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, let's see if it's worth your money.

Oberlo Review: Features

Impressive Importing from AliExpress


The primary feature you get from Oberlo is the importing from AliExpress. Since so many dropshippers use AliExpress to find and sell products, it's a wonder as to why a tool like this hasn't come around sooner. Not only do you gain access to thousands of suppliers on AliExpress, but the product images, details, and prices are all situated right there for you.

Anyone who has used AliExpress knows that it's pretty simple trying to search for a keyword and locate a product that might fit well in your store. And the Oberlo system makes it so much easier. Basically, you can complete your usual browsing, but this time you receive an Oberlo button that automatically imports the desired product to your online store. There's nothing more to it.

A Beautiful Interface for Managing Products

manage products

Similar to the WordPress configuration, the Oberlo dashboard has a clean menu on the left-hand side for completing a wide variety of tasks. For example, you can search products, set your featured products, import lists or view your products. All the items in your store are organized in a reasonable fashion, with information about your sales and earnings for each one.

Editing a product on Shopify can be done in one click, so essentially you have two dashboards in this situation. None of the product details are really managed on the Oberlo dashboard. Rather, you would go to your Shopify website and complete that.

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Automated Order Fulfillment

order fulfill

This is my favorite part of the Oberlo platform because it makes dropshipping what it should be: Super Easy. Once an order comes in through your online store, all you have to do is locate that product in your inventory and hit the Order Product button. You can add a few products into your own cart, even if the items are coming from different suppliers.

The best part is that once you hit that button, everything else is automatically handled by Oberlo. They package and ship the items so that your customers don't know you're dropshipping, and you don't have to worry about storing, packaging or shipping your products.

Inventory and Price Auto-Updates

Inventory is constantly managed so that you never sell an item that's out of stock. The same goes for pricing. So, if a price drops from the supplier's end, you will be notified in case you'd like to adjust the pricing on your own website.


Quick Supplier Changes

With Oberlo, you gain access to millions of AliExpress products. They're currently testing a wide range of certified suppliers and they should launch a separate suppliers directory in the next quarter. These are convenient suppliers and you can check out ratings to see what types of products they supply. Sticking with one supplier is not required either. If you notice that a different supplier has a better price, a simple click of the button can switch you over to the better one.

Oberlo Supply

Oberlo Supply is a special feature that Oberlo app users can avail: access to a marketplace that has fully automated order fulfillment services.

Unlike the existing integration with Aliexpress, Oberlo Supply offers users a specific advantage: suppliers are hand picked by the team for the marketplace. Hence, the suppliers are much more trustworthy than those on Aliexpress. Also, every single supplier on Oberlo Supply knows that they're customers are dropshipping.

This solves another huge issue we face when choosing and guiding suppliers on Aliexpress: we don't need to worry about suppliers adding promotional materials to the products they ship to our customers.

Also, they have a bulk ordering feature that you can use for placing up to 1000 orders at once and faster shipping times.

Oberlo Pricing

Every plan from Oberlo starts with a 30-day free trial, giving you a taste of what to expect if you start paying. You can also cancel your account at any time and go over your plan limits without affecting your order process. However, one thing to keep in mind is that going over a plan limit removes the dropshipping component of the service, so you'll have to process the orders manually.

In terms of pricing, it's rather reasonable, and you have three plans to choose from depending on the size of your store.

  • Starter – For free you receive a setup for 500 products, 50 orders per month, daily product syncing, automatic order fulfillment, pricing automation, a free Chrome extension, and sales reporting.
  • Basic – For $29.90 per month you receive a setup for 10,000 products, 500 orders per month, everything from the previous plan, shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.
  • Pro – For $79.90 per month you receive a setup for 30,000 products, unlimited orders per month, everything from the previous plan and multiple users.

It's worth noting that a few additional features are coming in the future for the Pro Plan. One of them supports multiple sales channels, where all of your orders are managed in one place. The other is access to verified suppliers so that you always know that your orders are going to be fulfilled properly.

Overall, I like the Starter plan, considering support for 500 products is quite a bit. The Basic Plan is the most popular, and many businesses will need the shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.

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Oberlo Support

For not being a full ecommerce platform, the Oberlo company certainly treats its support pretty seriously. For example, a full blog provides information on updates, strategies, and inspiration. You can subscribe to the email newsletter for news, or check out information on the social media platforms. We often find that getting quick support often comes when you shoot a company a message on Facebook.


As for the real meat of the support team, Oberlo has a large forum to speak with other people who are using the platform. The forum is nicely managed with responses from Oberlo, and it includes topics like how much to expect in terms of income and how to build your own dropshipping brand.

Finally, a full knowledge base is provided for those who like to search for and find popular questions about Oberlo. If you can't locate a situation that occurred in the past, a ticket submission button is available as well. In terms of support, Oberlo seems to have all the bases covered.

Who Should Be Using Oberlo for Their Online Store?

This question is pretty simple because any store that has dropshipping should consider implementing Oberlo. It only takes a few minutes, and the system cuts time spent with dropshipping. You can also find quality suppliers with reasonable prices. In short, it's how dropshipping should be.

If you have any questions about this Oberlo review, please let us know in the comments section below.

Oberlo Rating: 5 - Review by

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.

37 Responses

  1. When you resell an item what are the copyrighted infringement? If we import the product without the manufacturers permission isnt it against the law?

  2. I am having issues seeing my orders in Aliexpress. Oberlo chat assistance is no help!! They will not answer!!

  3. Great post! My only question is won’t it take somewhere between 15-30 days for the consumer to receive their item from China?

    1. Hi Rene

      I have a question to Obero, I have customers waiting since October 30th they still haven’t received their Order!!! 😕 Do ALL orders take this long? Did you ever get an answer?

  4. Hi, I have a question. If I have a customer order an item in my Shopify store, is there a feature in the Oberlo app that can direct me back to the original item in Aliexpress to place that item order for the customer?
    Because if you have so many items in the store and changing the title and descriptions from the original item, you can’t search the item on Aliexpress anymore unless you copy and paste the link on a spreadsheet or something. Thanks.

  5. I have a general question, When the supplier ships from China to the end customer, how does the shipping label get produced? Will the return address have the manufacturer’s address when the customer received it? If so, will the packaging also have chinese letters etc ??

    1. Hi Fred,

      The supplier will ship directly to your customer. You can choose what the return address that will be printed on the label. Check out this guide for more details.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  6. What about pricing? If I want to make 100% markup on some items and 10% on others/ Or is it the flat 8% of Ali?

    1. Hi Graham, with Oberlo you can either multiply or add a fixed markup to the original AliExpress.com price.

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Not at the moment but they should launch a separate suppliers directory soon.

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  7. Is there any other extentions similar to oberlo we can try on our own e-commerce stores at all? Just incase we dont want shopify

  8. I have a question, if I use Oberlo together with Shopify, when I get an order placed on my website, do I need to spend my own money to order the item from Aliexpress, or do I use the customer money to place the order?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jared, You’ll just have to find a trustworthy supplier, based especially on reviews or recommendations.

      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Yo will still have to opt for a plan:

      FREE Starter Plan is free for up to 50 orders/month and 500 products listed.
      Basic Plan ($29.90/mo) is for those who receive up to 500 orders/mo and 10000 products.
      Pro Plan ($79.90/mo) for up to 30000 products and unlimited orders


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  9. Hi thanks for the great article. I’m wondering whether the overall site has to be solely dedicated to dropshipping or could I also list and sell products that are not via dropshipping but the conventional online selling? Thanks!

    1. hey Liz,

      Oberlo isn’t a full ecommerce platform, but an extension so you can install on shops built on Shopify or other ecommerce platforms. Therefore you can definitely have a drop shipping section and your own products on the same website.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

      1. Hey is it possible to add products to your oberlo library on your mobile device? My Chromebook broke and I can’t download chrome extension for windows laptop hoping I could use overload on iPhone bust haven’t figured out how to add more products to library

    1. Don’t know for sure, have you tried contacting their support?


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

  10. So you prefer for a consumer to use Shopify with Oberlo? And if I sign up for both, can I just immediately import products using oberlo?

    Last question, doesn’t the cheapest Shopify option only let you post a couple of items? Does Oberlo override this when you start using it?

    1. Hi Danni,

      All three Shopify plans come with an unlimited number of products you can sell in your store.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

    2. It’s fine and great help for eshop. Be careful cause their bugs can cause serious damage on your company with wrong prices and automatic wrong fulfillment. Customer service almost never responded.

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