Ways to Validate Your Niche for Less than $100 (Part 2 of 3) โ€“ Hello Bar


This is theย secondย episode of our series on niche validation. You might want to read part one and threeย to get the whole picture.ย 

I've spent the last 2 months speaking to successful ecommerce entrepreneurs on my podcast, Shopify Masters, and one of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs regret making is that they started off with too many products. One of my guests, Morgen Newman from MixedMade (click here to listen to his story of launching an ecommerce storeย that generates revenue in 30 days), spoke about a valuable lesson a seasoned entrepreneur taught him. The entrepreneur told him “when you go from 1 product to 2 products, you doubled the amount of work and risk.”

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19 new and free infographic kits & templates


Clever graphic designer always keep some infographic kits and elements handy. Why? Because infographics โ€“ even though not that popular as they were two years ago โ€“ are still all the rage when it comes to content marketing, so high quality dataviz pieces will always be in demand. Today we've selected for you some high quality, free new resources for your toolkit. Scroll down and let me know which is your favourite.

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8 Amazing Web Tools to Spy on Your Competition


Don't think OO7! OK, maybe just a bit. But delete all the dangerous bits from the Bond equation, because in these situations, ‘to spy' means to ‘discover by close observation', ‘to investigate intensively' and their variations. The apps listed below are meant to offer insights, tips and priceless data that should help with marketing and ad strategies, even design choices, and much more. Take a closer look; I hope you'll add a few new items to your toolbox!

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A bag less ordinary


You know that dream where you end up in a cartoon? Something along the lines of โ€œWho Framed Roger Rabbitโ€, but much better? The thing is that afterwards you donโ€™t remember the โ€˜starsโ€™, or the confusing storyline, you only remember the colours. They are bright, and it seems like somebody is constantly refreshing them, as they never fade. And you donโ€™t want to wake up because your room has goose egg green walls and beige carpet.

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50 must have free backgrounds for your next web design project


Do you often find it hard to find a good background for your web design projects? A background of a website is one of the major elements when designing a website. Its something you don't want to get wrong. Well I have dug through hundreds of backgrounds and 50 must have backgrounds for your next web design project. There is bound to be something in this roundup that will catch your eye. Enjoy!

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