Recart Review: A Customer Journey Solution (Feb 2023)

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Cart abandonment is a universal nightmare for eCommerce brands. Recart focuses on reducing the holes in your bottom-of-the-funnel strategy so that you can eliminate the headaches associated with lost revenue.

When you do all the hard work to get your customer through to your checkout page, there's still a 75% chance that they'll leave without buying anything.

So, how do you fix the problem?

A compelling eCommerce site that simplifies the purchase is one option.

The alternative?

Try a tool like Recart, which focuses on bringing customers back from abandonment.

Here's everything you need to know about Recart.

Recart: Features

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Today, excellent eCommerce strategies aren't just about getting people to the checkout page.

You also need to make sure that your customers convert once they add items to their basket.

If you're really good, you can also take steps to keep those consumers coming back for more too.

For a long time, email has been the go-to solution for most retrieval campaigns. However, we're moving into a world where customers are spending more time on other channels – like social media. Facebook Messenger, for instance, provides brands with an excellent avenue to reach their target customers.

More than 1.3 billion people use Messenger to interact with friends and brands.

So how does Recart help you take advantage of this tool?

Through features like:

  • Messenger Marketing messages
  • Push notifications
  • Abandoned cart email campaigns
  • Popup messages on your website
  • Form autofill
  • Abandonment analytics tools

Recart: Messenger Marketing

The focus point of Recart's features is Messenger.

Recart is the number 1 messenger app for eCommerce merchants, installed by thousands of companies in Shopify. As email open rates continue to dwindle, Recart ensures that you can improve your conversion rates with Messenger campaigns instead.

On Messenger, you can send:

  • Welcome messages and announcements
  • Shipping notifications
  • Order receipts
  • Product review requests (with Loox integration)
  • Abandoned cart reminders

Recart helps to grow your Messenger communication opportunities with everything from crucial conversations to discount offers. According to Recart, most companies achieve up to 6 times higher click-through and open-rates just by switching to Messenger.

Recart: Welcome Messages & Promotions

You can use the Messenger campaign to let your customers know about upcoming sales, send them information about their orders, and more. It's a great way to generate repeat customers, without having to spend too much time on your campaigns. Just make sure your messages are speaking your customer's language.

For instance, sometimes all you need to do to improve the relationships you already have with your audience is remind them that you're around. A welcome email directed straight to your customer when they visit your website is a useful way to let them know that there's a bot available to answer their questions.

What's more, you can also let your customers in on your upcoming sales, your current promotions, and any other big announcements that might impact their purchasing decisions.

Recart also comes with the option to allow your clients to unsubscribe if they don't appreciate getting messages from your bot every time they log onto your website. After all, you don't want to irritate your customers either.

Recart: Abandoned Cart Recovery

Want to grow your messenger list and improve your chances of conversion at the same time?

Recart is here to help.

The biggest headache that most companies face is the inability to push customers through the checkout. With Recart, you can subscribe your clients to your Messenger list with one click – there's no need for any phone number or email address to get started.

Additionally, you can follow your customers through every stage of their buyer journey, from telling them about your latest broadcasts and promotions to making sure that they don't forget about the products that they've added to their cart.

The great thing about Recart is that the messaging sounds natural, friendly, and engaging too. The bot speaks to your customers in a compelling way. There's no pushing them to make a sale. Instead, Recart uses its bot to simply let your customers know why they should buy from you.

The added pictures and emojis in the messages mean that they're more likely to re-capture your customer's attention if they're distracted by other messages and online content.

However, there doesn't seem to be any way that you can adjust the language of the bot, which is a shame. If you have a customer base that's not interested in emojis and images, then this might not be the bot for you.

Recart: Shipping, Delivery, and Product Reviews

Customers like to know that their purchase has been successful.

Once your client has completed their acquisition on your website, you can use Recart to send your client a receipt, complete with any codes they might be eligible for when they decide to pursue their next purchase.

In your receipt, you can also let your customers know when to expect their package if you have an idea of shipping times. This will reduce the number of messages you get from clients wondering where their purchase is.

At the same time, Recart also gives you the option to build your social proof strategy, by asking your customers reviews, without being overly pushy. Using the “Loox” integration, you can ask your audience members to leave a quick review at the click of a button.

Recart makes the option to write a review as simple as possible. After all, most customers don't mind telling you what they think – as long as it doesn't waste too much of their time.

The best way to improve your chances of a good review?

Make sure that you're incentivizing your clients. Offer them a free entry into a competition, or another discount code if they share their insights.

Recart: Abandonment Analytics

Sometimes, when you're struggling with the issue of cart abandonment, the best thing you can do is figure out why customers are leaving your site in the first place.

To improve the quality of your campaigns, Recart delivers an abandonment analytics console for everyone who downloads the app. It's an intelligent tool that tells you how much revenue you're potentially losing by failing to recapture your audience.

As you continue to build on your cart abandonment strategy, you should notice your “extra sales” going up, and your “lost revenue” going down.

You should also be able to check things like your “captured email” rate if you're using push notifications and messages to grow your email list.

For a more granular review of your results, click on the Last 30 Days button to adjust the timeline of your analytics.

The abandonment analytics service is probably one of the best features that Recart has – but it's only available for premium subscribers.

There's even a dashboard that provides suggestions on how many emails you might need to send to recover a customer, or which days give you the best responses on messenger.

Recart: Integrations for Push Notifications and Popups

As the customer journey grows more complex, the best tools are often those that can integrate with multiple touchpoints in the purchasing lifecycle.

For instance, Recart integrates with Loox to encourage one-click reviews from your customers and improve your social proof strategy. There are also things like the Wheelio integration, where you can create gamified pop-up experiences that encourage customers to subscribe to your messenger list, email list, or both.

The Wheelio integration is a super-fun way to capture your audience's attention and find more ways to interact with your customers. However, bear in mind that it might not work for everyone.

For those less likely to take the spin-to-win approach, there's the Recart Optimonk integration, which allows you to build customized offers with a drag-and-drop editor. The Optimonk solution is a popup push-notification tool that features the same trigger options as Wheelio, including scroll depth, time-based delivery, and exit intent.

Other integrations include:

Recart: Ease of Use

Using Recart is simple.

The European brand, Recart specializes in Messenger retargeting options for ecommerce sites. Although it focuses mainly on Messenger, the built-in integrations with tools like Wheelio and Optimonk mean that you can capture emails, send push notifications and deliver popups too.

With Recart, you get a comprehensive opportunity to eliminate cart abandonment through multi-channel interactions with your target audience.

With drag-and-drop editors, multiple customization options, and an analytics page to track the success of your campaigns, Recart is makes recapturing customers a piece of cake.

Recart: Pricing

Recart's innovative pricing model is based on the value of the extra sales you can make with the app.

On average, you'll spend about $29 per month for every $1,000 in extra sales you make.

That's a great ratio.

Every paid version of the app comes with every tool – including the available integrations.

If you need any help getting the most out of your Recart service, just contact the team.

Recart: Customer Service

Recart offers plenty of additional assistance for people who are launching a cart abandonment strategy for the first time. Their help center comes with plenty of easy-to-follow articles, and there are “growth specialists” available via email, Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a phone number available for people who would prefer to speak to an expert. Additionally, the live chat feature doesn't connect you to a person by the looks of things. Instead, you'll need to leave your email address if you want someone to get back to you.


Recart is a simple and compelling way to address the issue of cart abandonment.

Through advanced Messenger strategies, and integrations with the latest tools for popups, push notifications and more, Recart gives you stronger relationships with your target audience.

If you're struggling to get those all-important conversions, or you just want to build your number of repeat customers, Recart can help.


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