Interview With Usama, CEO of Botsify on Chatbots and Messenger Marketing


Ever had a conversation with Siri? I bet you have.

While it isnโ€™t practically any beneficial, you can always spend a good amount of time asking her stupid questions like what Trump had for breakfast. Setting all jokes aside, chatbots have evolved considerably and become a necessary supplement of most websites.

Chatbots have been proven to be radically more efficient in gaining conversions than traditional email marketing. Having said that, this breed of bots has turned out to be the most preferred tool for growth hackers and social marketers recently.

And the reason is quite clear- imagine getting a 50-70% open rate and 20-30% CTR! That's almost 10x the average of email marketing!

I had a short conversation with Usama, CEO of Botsify as he explained how he build a platform which lets users of any skill level create and customize their own chatbots. Let's dive in:

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