The Best Shopify Analytics App: Our Round-Up for 2022

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Do you want access to valuable information about your customers, sales, and business? If so, you're likely already relying on analytics tools to provide that data. After all, knowledge is power – and never is this truer than getting concrete insights to support your sales and marketing automation strategy. 

Using analytics unlocks a fair few benefits, including:

  • Being able to gather accurate data to offer better, personalized, customer-focused marketing and customer service. 
  • You can track the impact of your marketing strategies and set benchmarks to help improve your results
  • Get a proper feel for customer retention and churn

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Engagebay Review – Everything You Need to Know

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To earn the loyalty and attention of todayโ€™s customers, companies need to create an incredible customer journey. From the moment you first engage with your target audience, youโ€™ll need to understand what they need, how to interact with them, and what itโ€™s going to take to drive a conversion.

Unfortunately, itโ€™s becoming increasingly difficult for any business to see the whole journey at once. Clients are connecting with your company through a range of new channels. Miss out one touch point, and you could have an incomplete view of their experience.

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Mixpanel Review and Pricing – Everything You Need To Know

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Selecting the right analytics software for your business is essential. It goes without saying, you want to understand your customers and prospects better. Thatโ€™s why you need to track their online behavior, more specifically their engagement and purchasing patterns, so you can use this data to fuel your sales and marketing strategies. Here we take a look at one such analytics software, Mixpanel, and in particular, weโ€™re going to zone in on Mixpanel pricing plans.

But before we do that, let's outline precisely who Mixpanel is, in brief.

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