Divi Just Got so Much Better with the Divi Builder Plugin

As you might have noticed we are crazy about the Divi theme, and now with the new Divi Builder Plugin you can bring the love to all third party themes. This plugin will allow you to use the Divi Builder with any theme, and it will also make it easy to migrate posts and pages built with any theme powered by the Divi Builder! If you have built thousands of posts using Divi, and you decide to move to a new theme, simply install the Divi Builder plugin and everything will continue to work beautifully. If you are using a different theme, but you want more flexibility when building out your pages, then you're to install the Divi Builder Plugin to unlock your theme’s true potential.

Divi on any theme

The new Divi Builder can be used on any WordPress Theme. Unlock your theme’s true potential using the Divi Builder interface to create beautiful and advanced layouts with ease.

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Divi Builder Library

Getting started with the Divi Builder plugin is extremely easy. When building new pages, you can pick from some our awesome pre-made layouts, and even create and save your own.



The Divi Builder is a compete page-building solution that allows you to create stunning WordPress pages without any coding knowledge. You can build just about anything visually.

40+ Content Modules


Modules are like building blocks for your website. Simply mix and match, drag and drop, and build just about anything using the Divi Builder’s huge collection of versatile content modules. Adding content to your page is a breeze with Divi’s large collection of builder modules. You can even use the custom Code Module if you feel like integrating third party plugins. Whatever you are trying to build, the Divi Builder has a module that can help make your vision a reality.

What Does This Mean For The Divi Theme?

Don't worry Divi will remain Divi, nothing will change, the Divi Theme will continue to include the Divi Builder packaged with it (just like it is now). The new Divi Builder Plugin will function as a separate plugin.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Elegant Themes.

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