The Conclusive Nobly POS Review for 2022

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At the heart of most businesses in the contemporary world, is a powerful POS taking center stage. The Nobly POS is undeniably gaining momentum at the present day and age in the hospitality industry.

But how credible is the system?

First and foremost, I need to understand where to draw a line. It's quite obvious that I need to narrow down to a trendsetting POS system in a bid to optimize my restaurant's business transactions.

I know you can relate to this.

To maintain long-term profitability in my business, I must automate all payment processes. And this is how it replicates my success. I get to handle all card transactions in an elite manner. This translates to quicker conversions and effortless checkout experience for the customer.

We all need a POS system which paves the way for convenience and accountability in my enterprise. As a result, this review breaks down the key pointers to look at and in particular, we put all focus on the Nobly POS. This article reveals how proficient the POS app is.

Aside from that, it looks at its integration capacity. Fortunately, it covers the hardware specifications and the pricing too. What's more into the bargain, is the chance to determine whether Nobly is suitable for my business.

Have a look.

What is Nobly?

Nobly POS review - homepage

Well, let's define it as a sturdy platform which dominates the iPad Point of Sale systems. It's more 0f niche-focused. Here's why. It has it's future and competence ahead of it. Nobly is built to boost the efficiency of transactions in bars, restaurants, and cafes among other business models. In a broad perspective, it tends to cover all business needs in the hospitality field.

Nobly POS  incredibly removes all impediments by its compatibility features. It automatically connects to major hardware suppliers and accepts payments from notable card brands. The likes Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, American Express. The list goes on. Also, its integration helps me connect with Barclays, Payvision, WorldPay, PaymentSense just to name a few.

I must say, Nobly's tactful performance is quite an asset to consider for my business. Based on conscious reasoning, the team took steps to include a free Demo account. This is pretty significant since I get to have a run at it before I spend a dollar.

It comes with elaborate POS criteria to handle payments for;

  • Quick Service Restaurants i.e -burger shops, coffee shops, deli shops, taco bars
  • Retail enterprises
  • Barbershops & Salons
  • Food trucks

Seems like almost all sorts of business models are adaptable to the Nobly POS. It's no stranger to inventory management. Spoiler alert! So just you know, this article covers its order handling exhaustively.

Nobly Review: Point of Sale Hardware

Nobly's POS is so diverse and ultra-modern.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of hardware variants to choose from. Let's start off with the Small Space Bundle. It's so impressive how the POS connects with the 6th generation iPad. This package goes for ยฃ 654 which includes the VAT. Also, it comes with a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

This hardware kicks it up to a higher notch. Let's not forget its heavy-duty iPad stand which comes as part of the deal.

The High Volume Bundle costs ยฃ 729 + VAT. The whole package includes;

  1. A 5th generation iPad
  2. LAN receipt printer
  3. Cash drawer
  4. Heckler Windfall iPad stand

Lastly, there's the NoWires Bundle at a price of ยฃ784. It has 2 distinctive features which make it stand out from the crowd. The receipt printer has Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility. I get to easily connect to the printer using the POS app. Moreover, Nobly sells so many other accessories which are pretty much useful for my business.

There are amazing products like barcode scanners, iZettle Chip and PIN reader with NFC,  and SumUp card readers.

Nobly POS app Features

So why should I get the iPad POS system on board?

One eccentric part to depend is its offline mode. In every aspect, this is more or less significant for my business since I get to serve my customers even when my WiFi is down. It lets me accept card payments without internet connectivity. Additionally, there's a back-office login page for the administrator. It gives me access to do a couple of revamps behind the scenes.

And the most evident fact is, you won't find such stunning features in most POS systems. Besides, it's absolutely simple to set up the system. In the event of any hurdles, there's a guide on the site to place reliance on.

Let's have a glimpse at the analytics.

Nobly makes everything a breeze. It generates intuitive reports which help me make decisive steps towards my business management. It updates me with daily sales reports. To avoid any uncertainties, I get to sort each information by the product description, location, and category.

Nobly's inventory display.

What's more fulfilling, are the inventory reports. It informs me which ingredients need to be restocked. They're accessible on an hourly, weekly, daily or even monthly basis. The system acts as my watchdog for lack of a better word. For the most part, it lets me add or change the product prices. Its such a breathtaking experience for any potential merchant.

This is the part which accords Nobly some bragging rights.

The order display unit lets me sort everything out in real time. All orders display onscreen. Turns my overblown kitchen into an automated conveyer belt. What seems splendid for me, is the leeway to install more than one Order Display Unit in different screens. It lets me distinguish separate orders.

It capable of doing Bulk imports of products with all sorts of variants. If for instance, I sell pizza in my small restaurant but with different types, this option lets me upload them all in just a click of a button. It automatically keeps me posted with spectacular staff reports which shows me their performance as per the tasks I delegate to them. The sales reports are extensively handy for accounting purposes too.

It's practically justifiable since the integration feature is part of the equation.

And where does it come into play?

I get to export this information straight to my computer or to other notable bookkeeping tools. Actually, the following are some of the apps which integrate within a fraction of a second;

  1. intuit Quickbooks
  2. Xero
  3. Deputy
  4. MarketMan
  5. Mailchimp.

Nobly POS sets precedence via its intelligent feature which helps me know the products that are high selling. Also, it shows me those that aren't doing so well. With such kind of elaborate and well-detailed data, I'm able to manage my sales with so much ease. To be precise, I know where to focus my energy.

Loyalty Support

The company has a hub which is so mindful of my consistent customers. What do I mean? Nobly comes with Loyalty and Rewards segment. Other than that, I love how it helps me show more about my brand to the end customers. I get to capitalize on its custom-designed loyalty cards to showcase my brand.

This is so captivating and it's a well-judged strategy to keep my true-hearted clients for good. It unfolds some sort of clarity since I get to understand who the actual customers are. After all, loyal customers really add value to my business.

So how does Nobly help me retain such clients? It has a triumphant loyalty game plan. If I'm to be candid, this is a valuable feature you won't find in most POS systems. Nobly gives me a plain-sailing platform to reward my customers.

The end result?

The customers trickle back to my store. Fortunately, this is not limited to regular clients. I get to convert the newbies into loyal ones. It helps me create juicy discounts and unique offers anytime I wish. In the long run, the number of customers gets bigger progressively.

Table Service

Nobly POS Table service

Nobly, remarkably enhances all table services by an outstanding margin. The system brings the whole lot into action via its user-friendly table layout. What appears more engrossing, is the option to tailor-make the display so as to suit my needs. It allows me to customize the table layout to match with my restaurant's setup.

Actually, there are tools to edit the table size, color, angle, and location. It relieves me the heavy task of finding a table and hastens all services predominantly. Tableside orders are seamless here. My staff can take orders right from the table by use of Nobly's POS app.

It lets me set up a tab for a new dining group and allocate a specific table for them. Once I take all the orders, the system immediately sends the receipt to the kitchen. The table status accurately shows me who has paid and who hasn't in real-time. Also, it lets me split payments. This flexibly allows several customers to clear a bill.

Nobly's Pricing

From the look of things, It's inarguable that Nobly is a low-priced system which crafts my business transactions in an intelligent manner. Take note that all payments are billed annually. The first register goes for  ยฃ39 per month. Any extra register costs ยฃ25 per month.

Remember, no contracts or hidden costs attached.

This is what nearly every business owner wants to hear. The deal lets me make good use of its regular software updates and do menu uploads at a zero cost. Let's not forget the 24/7 live support on board and how easy, the package syncs with my ordinary payment system.

Customer Support

This is one of the most imperative factors to scrutinize. To say the truth, Nobly's knowledge section deserves a standing ovation. It has an in-depth summary of all the topics below;

  1. How to add and edit products via the back office
  2. Adding variations to my products
  3. Getting started with Nobly i.e setting tax rates, the Muira card reader, and how to download and login to  the app
  4. A detailed overview of the back-office features such as billing and invoices
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interesting enough, Nobly updates its blog section with an array of resourceful articles which educate the users more about business management. Don't be surprised to see some content on how to brand your business or set up a coffee shop. It's a clear sign of optimism which raises the bar towards better customer service.

The company has an official email ([email protected]) and a mobile phone number (+ 44 20 3369 0679) for inquiry purposes. Besides that, they have physical offices in London, Austin, Montevideo, and Melbourne.

We can't ignore its live chat support and the fact that it's active on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Who is Nobly suitable for?

Pretty obvious.

Nobly is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. It's the ideal system to automate my restaurant's transactions. On the other hand, it's suitable for small businesses too like a bakery or a food truck.

If I want to get feedback from my esteemed customers, the app is designed to handle all that. Nobly transcends over its rivals by far. The app helps customers who want to import sales reports via its integration capacity.

If this fascinates you, then consider Nobly as the ultimate Point of Sale system.

Nobly POS Pros

  1. user-friendly interface
  2. Long- lasting hardware
  3. Free Demo account
  4. The monthly pricing is quite affordable
  5. The app operates offline when there's no internet connectivity
  6. Reliable customer support
  7. It has a loyalty and gift card scheme
  8. Quick integrations

Nobly POS Cons

  1. The customer service team takes longer to respond
  2. The backend is a little too sophisticated for beginners
  3. Sometimes the software develops few hitches

Nobly POS Review: Final Words

Arguably, Nobly is one of the most elite POS platforms which in particular, serves the needs of hoteliers. In actual fact, it's beautifully designed to fend off all the disappointments that come with running a restaurant.

Over and above, there are numerous testimonials online which support its efficiency. It explains why so many users have been head over heels ever since they set their eyes on Nobly. Nothing much to complain about. My only wish is that the company updates its software to avoid any hitches and quicken the customer response support.

In general, it helps me run by a business without any hindrances and gives me complex reports on the daily. Perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.No room for worries and skepticism.

Nobly POS
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