Shopify Stores: Which are the Best, Most Popular Brands? (Nov 2022)

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Shopify is one of the coolest ecommerce platforms to sell online with. Some people might think that larger brands and famous people wouldn’t be interested in Shopify because they might need something more powerful or customizable. This is far from the truth, because Shopify stores actually give you just about everything you need to expand your brand into something huge (especially with their new Shopify Plus version for high volume businesses).

From SMS Audio by 50 Cent, Daymond John to Third Eye Blind, Shopify shows that no matter how big your company, they have the tools to help you manage it when you are looking at all the ecommerce platform options.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable big names who are currently using Shopify. See my full Shopify review here.

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Lollapalooza is just about one of the coolest organizations in the world, so it doesn’t take much to get inspired by the fact that they use Shopify to sell their music festival merchandise. The website it rather sleek, and you can see how they always have professional photos for all of their seasonal apparel.

I particularly enjoy how they include quite a few photos for each product.

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind is an inspiration to all bands and artists out there, and they use the Shopify platform to really push their vinyls, along with merchandise like t-shirts. The site is simple and true to their brand, and you can even grab a free download of one of their songs at the bottom of the homepage.

Third Eye Blind Shopify stores

LMFAO Party Rock Clothing

LMFAO is another popular artist group that makes a big splash with their Shopify design. The YouTube sensations have a clear brand that stands out from anyone else. Checkout their goofy pants, shirts and other items to get an idea of how to really make a brand.

Daymond John

Daymond John, one of the Shark Tank sharks, works with Shopify to show new entrepreneurs how to quickly get online and start selling their products. He is known for utilizing the platform for lots of his brands and wholeheartedly endorses Shopify because of how quick it is.

Daymond John Shopify platform


Tattly sells stylish temporary tattoos, but what makes them stand out on their Shopify store is the way they actually demonstrate how the product works in the product photos . It’s one thing to take a picture of the item, but in order to boost sales you must show how it works.

Tattly Shopify Platform

Michael Packer and Packer Shoes

Packer Shoes has a unique take on the Shopify store by providing links to some of their coolest posts on Instagram at the bottom. This is an interesting way to push people to your social media pages and engage them to buy more products.

Michael Packer and Packer Shoes Shopify platform

Faucet Face

The thing I like most about Faucet Face is its extremely clean interface. The white minimalist touch helps you see the water bottle designs clearly and you know exactly where to click when you land on the homepage.

Faucet Face Shopify platform

Love Is Art

Love Is Art provides a full image for the homepage, with links to the different countries it services. This certainly grabs your attention with the sexy models, and you really only have one place to click when you land on the page. It’s all about simplicity, because if people have to search around for your products then they will just end up leaving.

Love Is Art Shopify platform


Chalkd sells original chalkboards, and the homepage has a nice slider to showcase all the products along with the occasional button that prompts people to win a free chalkboard. What better way to bring in more customers than by offering something for free?

Chalkd Shopify platform


Noon Copenhagen

If you are looking to sell something by convincing people that it will make them look better there is no better way to do so than by placing striking models on the homepage. That’s exactly what Noon Copenhagen does, and it makes their watches look even better.

Noon Copenhagen Shopify platform

Pencil by 53

Pencil by 53 sells one primary product, but they do it so well. The product is showcased with huge pictures on the homepage, and you can quickly find some information on what the iPad pencil does if you scroll down just a tad.


Shwood Shop

Shwood Shop is a remarkable wood eyewear company, with a huge photo of their unique item and just a couple buttons at the top that lead to the products. Your storefront has lots to do with how you portray yourself and this company shows elegance and a little bit of rustic flair.

Shwood Shop Shopify platform


Dodocase is a fun and functional product and they show this with bright colors and clear pictures of what the product actually does on the homepage.

Dodocase Shopify platform

Bohemian Guitars

Bohemian Guitars is one of the more simple websites on this list, but my favorite part about this Shopify homepage is the Get $50 for Free banner right when you land on the page.

Bohemian Guitars Shopify platform

Bottle Cutting Inc.

Bottle Cutting Inc. takes a wise approach by placing a huge video on the homepage to explain what the product does. If your product requires a little explaining, go for a video.

Bottle Cutting Inc. Shopify platform

Natural Force

I like Natural Force’s homepage because they tell you exactly what the product is, right when you land on the page. Not only that, but they tell you by giving you a cool catchphrase.

Natural Force Shopify platform

Longboard Living

Longboard Living takes a unique approach to the Shopify store by using a menu that sits on the left hand side of the page. This way people can always see where they need to go and the content pops up to the right.

Leather Head Sports

Leatherhead provides huge photos of its products on the homepage and there aren’t many navigation buttons so you don’t get confused on where to go.

Leather Head Sports Shopify platform

Best Made Co.

Take a look at the Best Made Co. fonts and notice how they always make them to fit their brand. It speaks for itself.

Best Made Co. Shopify platform

I hope this list helps you muster up some courage and realize that with a little help from Shopify you can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about the brands and people above or if you can think of any other cool folks that are using Shopify.

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  1. I am trying to find out what theme Best Made uses. I like a few things such as the scrolling of product under the hero image.


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