Yaguara Review: All You Need to Know

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If you're at a stage with your e-commerce business where you need to expand- you're in the right place. We're going to explore a tool that'll help you do precisely that. So, with all that in mind, let's dive into this Yaguara review!

Yaguara Review: Introduction

This software's only a few months old, but it was rigorously tested for months before its public launch. They've gone to a great deal of time and effort to iron out the finer details of their program.

It's all too common for e-commerce stores to be run by teams of people scattered across the globe. This is where Yaguara comes into play.

This program unites individuals so they can work together effectively to grow an online store- no matter where they're based. In short, the ultimate aim of Yaguara is to aid online brands to expand.

To date, this software integrates with both Shopify and WooCommerce, so it doesn't matter how you've got your site set up, there's a good chance you'll be able to enjoy the benefits Yaguara has to offer.

This software provides a solution to any digital store owner who needs help setting and measuring their business goals.

Goal setting is a task that's often overlooked, underestimated, and overcomplicated. Yaguara simplifies the process and takes all the guesswork away from what's possible for you and your team to achieve.

Yaguara.co review

CEO Jonathan Smalley said he was inspired by the “unified components of basketball” when he used to watch his favorite teams play as a child. He was obsessed with how individuals worked together to achieve one singular aim.

So, if you want your company to run like a well-oiled machine, Yaguara is the app to use.

At the time of writing, Yaguara doesn't have any direct competitors fighting for the same space. This means if you want to enjoy their features- they're your only option.

Fun Fact: The company name ‘Yaguara' is inspired by the Amazonian tribal word for “Jaguar,” This roughly translates to mean“beast of prey.” This is a concept Yaguara hopes to embody. This says tons about the quality of service they provide!

Yaguara Review: What Does Yaguara Do?

Put simply; businesses can input their goals for growth using Yaguara’s online dashboard. You can literally have your account up and running in as little as a quarter of an hour!

Yaguara then lists the action steps you and your teammates need to take to accomplish your targets. It'll track all the data provided by your online store in real time.

This allows you to see whether you're on track for completing these tasks within your allotted time frame.

One of the best things about Yaguara is that users are given a list of “goal templates” for them to choose from. For example: “delighting your customers” or “customer acquisition.” (these are just a couple of examples from the many options available).

Once you've chosen a template, you can link your Yaguara account with the other e-commerce tools you use. For example:

Yaguara compiles all this information together and produces a plan to help business owners develop their store. How neat is that?

Yaguara.co review

Yaguara Review: Growth Management

The phrase ‘Growth Management‘ is a term Yaguara's coined for their company philosophy.

The three cornerstones of their services come together to embody everything ‘growth management' stands for:

  • Business Intelligence,
  • Performance Management,
  • Team Collaboration,

Most business owners are familiar with project management tools. Typically, these assign tasks to individual people. However, these programs don't integrate with the real-time data associated with your store.

Without these facts and figures, it's almost impossible to set meaningful business goals.

Naturally, this is where Yaguara comes into its own. At present, this software only facilitates e-commerce store owners. However, in 2019, Yaguara's planning to make their software available for other business models. So, look out for further updates!

Yaguara.co review

Yaguara Review: What Makes Yaguara Different?

Yaguara's tools are tried and tested. Before their official launch over 100 e-commerce stores enjoyed the use of this program (these included all manner of e-commerce stores- from startups to larger enterprises, Yaguara has something to offer).

This even truer if you've set up shop in the fashion and apparel industry. Around 70% of beta participants were selling products in this niche. So, if you're in this market, you can use this software with complete confidence.

It's not just the trials and customer feedback that make Yaguara shine, they also:

Utilize Machine Learning

This ensures each of your teammates can monitor your specific goals and targets. This app analyzes your businesses inputs relates this data to your broader company objectives.

Obviously, what a company considers as ‘growth' will vary from business to business. So it doesn't matter what you want to work on. For example:

  • Growing your social media following
  • Adding to your email list
  • Improving your conversion rates
  • Boosting traffic to your online store
  • Improving your checkout rates.
  • Hitting your annual profit targets

You get the idea!

Yaguara concentrates on overarching ‘business goals' as opposed to personal ‘HR targets.' The general aim is to provide users with specific objectives.

This works wonders for giving your teammates context behind the data. Yaguara's methods have proven an effective way for business owners to stay proactive in growing their online store.

Plus, they don't have to waste their time learning technical jargon and complicated software- win-win!

Yaguara.co review

Yaguara Review: Key Features

Now we've explored the central premises; we're at the point where we can discuss the specific features in this Yaguara.co review:


With Yaguara, you can utilize ‘Objectives.' These act as broader goals to guide all other company initiatives. You can quickly bring together freelancers and employees to work on both long-term and short-term goals.

Why are business goals important?

If you're part of a team, setting targets for your business is even more critical.

Typically, workers are far more motivated to produce their best work when they know what they're working towards. So without realizing it, this software acts as a morale booster- which is essential for improving productivity (that can't be bad for business!)

Yaguara.co review objectives

Key Results

The ‘Key Results' section is where you can connect your data and tools with Yaguara (as previously mentioned).

Once you've configured this, you can set goals and track your progress. These goals can either be numerical or descriptive (it's entirely up to you and the needs of your business).

Obviously, this is where Yaguara's integrations play a crucial role. At present their software supports all of the following:

In the near future, Yaguara's also hoping to offer the below integrations:

How awesome is that?

Yaguara.co review Key Results


This brings us onto ‘Insights.' This utilizes AI-fuelled technology to track patterns and issues facing your business. It'll help influence how you approach your goals and make new suggestions as time goes on.

This goes a long way to keep your team focused on your specific aims.

Yaguara.co review Insights


You can use Groups to split your company into different sections. This allows you to set very clear expectations for your teammates. You can easily organize your groups into:

  • Departments,
  • Team,
  • Management,

(Or any other classification that better represents the layout of your company)

Yaguara.co review Groups

The Home Page

We love the home page! Users can enjoy an incredibly sleek looking design that allows them to see everything they need. However, the dashboard doesn't seem overly cluttered or messy. All in all, we don't have any complaints!

Yaguara Review: How Much Will This Set Me Back?

As part of this Yaguara.co review, we've laid out their different pricing structures. There are four packages for you to peruse:

1. The Starter Package

This is the cheapest deal and is perfect if you're a young startup. With the starter package you'll enjoy:

  • Ten seats
  • Four integrations
  • If you want another seat, it's an extra $20 a month
  • For an extra integration, you'll need to pay an additional $50 per month

You can get all the above for $250 per month or $2,500 per annum.

2. The Standard Package

Whereas the standard package ramps things up a notch and offers:

  • 25 seats
  • Eight integrations
  • For an additional seat, it'll cost you $15 per month
  • For an extra integration, you'll have to pay an additional $40 each month

This package will set you back $500 per month or $5,000 each year

3. Growth

For the third largest package, you'll enjoy the benefit of:

  • 50 seats
  • 12 integrations
  • For an additional seat, you'll need to pay an extra $10 per month.
  • For another integration, you'll have to part with another $30 each month.

All in all, this will cost $1,000 each month or, $10,000 per year

4. Enterprise

Or, if you want the most extensive package Yaguara has to offer, you'll want the Enterprise Bundle. This provides 50 seats and 12 integrations.

For more information on pricing, you'll have to contact Yaguara directly.

Yaguara.co review pricing

Yaguara Review: Customer Support

Yaguara provides a plethora of resources to help you make the most out of their software. You can enjoy:

  • Personalized guides,
  • Video demos,
  • Extensive information on their ‘Help Centre,'
  • Dedicated customer support

Unlike other e-commerce software these customer support resources aren't taken away after your trial. Plus, you don't have to pay in addition to your subscription. You'll get full and unlimited access to all the help you need.

Yaguara.co review customer service

Yaguara Review: Don't Just Take Our Word for It

You don't have to take our word for what's written in this Yaguara.co review. I've scoured the internet for other opinions of Yaguara users, and this is what we found…

This should give you a more accurate idea of the pros and cons asscociated with this software:

Drew Leahy (has used Yaguara for one month):

Pros: Data integrations, speed w/ support, UI/UX
Cons: Early, still working out the kinks

Love the Yaguara team, recommend anyone running an e-commerce business to use this tool for tracking KPIs. Setting goals is *weirdly* hard, and these guys make it so much easier. Props to bringing OKR management into the 21st century with all your integrations.'

Philip Soriano (has used Yaguara for one year)

Pros: Amazing team, awesome product, bright future
Cons: Still tweaking things

I've been advising the team at Yaguara for over a year now. They are incredibly thoughtful about how they approach building their product and team. Their customer support is first class. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves in the next year.

Andrew Crosson (has used Yaguara for one year)

Pros: great product, great team
Cons: Still working out minor kinks

Yaguara is a great new tool that provides some of the best insight Into my own team and productivity that I’ve found. Plus, Yaguara’s team is super responsive and engaging – I feel like they’re really there wanting me to succeed.'

Kristen Luppino, People Operations Manager (flower delivery startup)

‘Yaguara has allowed us to seamlessly create the structure we have strived to build, while allowing us to focus on what matters, growing the company,' ‘With Yaguara, we will be able to create a clear focus for teams and individuals, so all parties know what they are responsible for and how their performance affects the success and growth of the company as a whole,'


Yaguara.co review testimonials

What Are The Downsides to Yaguara?

Ideally, we'd like to see Yaguar offer a lower cost subscription. This would be ideal for solopreneurs who are just staring out on their e-commerce journey.

Presently, this software is only useful for those who already have an established presence. Or, the budget to afford the starter package.

It goes without saying that fresh online store owners would benefit from setting goals and tracking their metrics- so why haven't Yaguara factored this into their pricing models?

It's highly unlikely that smaller companies have the funds to finance any of the Yaguara subscriptions.

Yaguara.co review goals

Did You Enjoy This Yaguara Review?

We hope you found this Yaguara.co review interesting! All in all, if you're heading an e-commerce store that's rapidly growing, Yaguara is a fabulous resource to use.

This is especially true if you've several teams working together (marketing, sales, business operations, etc.). So, providing you have the budget for this software, you can't go too far wrong!

If you have any questions or comments about this Yaguara.co review, please feel free to leave them in the comments box below, we love hearing from our readers!

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