Teachable Reviews: Make Unlimited Courses for Unlimited Students

Making money with hobbies like writing, gardening, fitness, and art are often not in the cards. Unless of course, you put together a professional online course to teach people all about it. This Teachable review outlines one of the more impressive options for developing a beautiful website for presenting your courses, from video courses to PDF training.

We've taken a look at all sorts of competitors like Udemy and Uscreen. Both of those mentioned have their pros and cons, but now it's time to outline another interesting new company. Teachable has clean website interfaces, great customization tools, marketing options and analytics.

The online course creation module provides hosting and security, along with all the learning tools you need, from quizzes to discussion forums and blogs to video courses. So keep reading to check out our detailed Teachable review and see if it's the right online course builder for you:

Which Teachable Features Stand Out?

Taking a look at the current user designs, it's clear that Teachable is doing something right in terms of its website builder. In addition to that, the pricing looks pretty solid. So what are some of the main features you can look forward to?

Upload All Sorts of Files

Teachable supports the majority of files you need for a respectable online course. This includes video, image, audio, text, and PDFs. You can pull your content from a wide variety of sources like Google Drive or Dropbox, syncing up your storage spots with the website.

A Drag and Drop Builder

teachable review - the interface

Drag and drop builders are getting better and better, and if you look at the user designs from Teachable it's clear they've done a good job in that area. Not every Teachable user has tons of knowledge in web development, and that's kind of the point.

You can move around courses, organize pricing packages, drop text and imagery on the homepage, and quickly develop sales pages (which we'll talk about below).

Sale Pages

teachable review - sales pages

These landing pages are often crucial for selling courses. You design the sales pages, then buy some ads linking to them on Facebook and Google. Customers are more likely to buy from sales pages, and you don't confuse them by sending them to the standard homepage.

Learning and Community Tools Like Forums, Blogs and Quizzes

The quizzes are there to provide more content for your users. I haven't ever taken a course online where I haven't been excited to test my knowledge at the end. Teachable also offers a forum and blog for your website, turning it into more of a community than anything. If you nurture this community you're more likely to get some VIP customers who recommend you to other people.

Impressive Marketing Features

You don't always see marketing features with online course creation platforms. However, Teachable has coupons, promotions, affiliate programs, email marketing and much more.

Teachable Review: Pricing

One of the coolest parts of Teachable is that you don't have to go out to find and pay for your own hosting. It's all included in the pricing package, which is nice for keeping your site up at all times and fast for users.

However, the best part is the number of students and courses supported. It seems like more often than not I stumble upon similar services that have maximums for students and courses until you pay more money. That's NOT the case with Teachable- since you can have unlimited students and courses for all plans. You also don't have to pay a fee if you post a free course.

As for the pricing, here's what Teachable offers:

  • Basic – $39 per month for 5% transaction fees, monthly payouts, two authors, product support, custom domain support, coupon codes, drip content, affiliate marketing tools, email marketing features and all third-party integrations.
  • Professional – $99 per month for no transaction fees, immediate payouts, five authors, priority product support, everything from the previous plan, graded quizzes, advanced theme customization, advanced reports and an unbranded website.
  • High Volume – $99 per month for no transaction fees, immediate payouts, 25 authors, priority product support, everything from the previous plan, concierge onboarding, manual student imports and bulk student enrollments.

The reason I like this pricing plan setup so much is because it allows you to test out your courses with the Basic Plan. The 5% transaction fees aren't ideal, but you still get 95% of whatever comes in for the courses. I also think the monthly payouts are a little rough, but the idea is to make a little cash at the beginning so you can upgrade to the Professional Plan.

Teachable Review: Customer Support

As you may have noticed in the pricing plan area, each plan has product support. The Professional and High Volume Plans offer priority product support, so I'm assuming you get bumped to the front of the line when contacting the company.

As for the means of contact, Teachable offers a live chat on the website along with a ticketing system for you to submit your questions. However, they route you through the knowledge base before you send them a message (which I kind of like- doubts are very rarely unique).

Teachable also has a wonderful blog with tips and tricks, weekly live workshops for even more learning and an online academy filled with tutorials and courses similar to the ones you're trying to make and sell!

Overall, Teachable's support options look great. It'd be nice to see some phone support, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.

Who Should Consider Teachable as a Way to Make Money Online?

You can test out Teachable without punching in any payment information, so that's cool for people who are planning on making courses. However, there's no reason to pay for a plan until you have some of your courses made.


Once you make a course the sky's the limit. I'd recommend trying to get out of the Basic Plan as soon as possible since you can take advantage of the instant payouts and zero transaction fees.

Any type, of course, can go on Teachable. For example, it supports everything from Youtubers to Authors and artists to web designers.

Btw, I've done a video version of the review for you in case you want to hear my voice 🙂

If you have any questions about this Teachable review, let us know in the comments below.

Btw, there's a LIVE webinar called 7 steps to launch your own profitable online course that will explain lots more, I would definitely sign up on this one!

Teachable Rating: 5.0 - Review by

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