Envy Shopify Theme Review for 2023

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In today’s Shopify Envy theme review, we’re taking a closer look at a popular premium theme for Shopify store owners.

While there are a handful of free themes available on Shopify for beginners with a limited budget, opting for a premium alternative can be an excellent way to expand your store’s functionality, and improve its visual presence.

Just like a theme for your WordPress site, the best Shopify theme will allow you to create a stunning storefront in no time, with minimal effort. However, with hundreds of great premium themes to choose from, it can take a while to determine which one is going to be best for your store.

The Envy theme, with four different styles included, is a popular choice for those in search of a clean, simplistic, and professional aesthetic.

What is the Envy Theme?

The Envy theme on Shopify is a Premium Shopify theme, created by Eight Themes.

The solution comes with four styles to choose from, and costs a total of $350 (USD) to purchase (as a one-off payment). However, before you buy the theme, you can double-check that it’s right for you, by either viewing a demo store, or trailing the design for free. The free trial is unlimited, ensuring you only need to pay for your purchase once you publish your store.

Envy is designed for Shopify online stores 2.0, and promises exceptional flexibility and speed, without the need for specialist coding. Envy comes with well-designed blocks for products, quotes, videos, images, and more, so all you need to do is arrange your store’s layout.

The theme is recommended specifically for stores which focus heavily on promotions and flash-sales. It’s also excellent for high-volume stores (if you process a large number of transactions), and hybrid or omnichannel stores selling both online and offline.

The 4 Envy Theme Styles

As mentioned above, the Envy theme comes with 4 styles or “pre-sets” to choose from. All of the styles come with the same functionality to help you highlight your product offers, and showcase your sale options. They’re also wonderfully modern and minimalistic, making them excellent for stylish stores, fashion retailers, and various other use cases.

The four styles are all named after Scandinavian locations, and include:


Envy oslo Shopify Theme

A great all-around pre-set, the Oslo style from Envy is a sleek and streamlined modern theme, that looks great for fashion, and lifestyle brands. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a highly modern and minimalistic website.


Envy Copenhagen Shopify Theme

Great for health and beauty brands, the Copenhagen style is fresh and relaxing, with minimal clutter. It’s simple, but effective, with lots of space for imagery and videos, so you can showcase your products. Plus, it looks fantastic on mobile devices too.


Envy Stockholm Shopify Theme

Similar to the Copenhagen and Oslo styles, the Stockholm pre-set is professional and minimalistic, with a heavy focus on imagery. It’s likely to be a good choice for those selling luxury products and fashion, and looks great with soft, muted color schemes.


Envy Gothenburg Shopify Theme

The Gothenburg theme pre-set from Envy is great for jewelry and fashion companies, with plenty of banners and larger hero image spaces for showcasing your items. It has fantastic page loading times, making it ideal for companies who want to ensure their site is SEO friendly.

Envy Theme Features

The Envy theme comes with virtually everything a business owner might need to create a highly optimized store, capable of accelerating conversions. You can find some useful tutorials and guidance online if you’re not sure how to take advantage of these capabilities. Features include:

Cart and Checkout

The fully customizable cart and checkout section within the Envy theme allows business owners to accelerate conversions with cart notes (to boost upselling and cross-selling opportunities), and quick buy buttons. The quick buy buttons ensure your customers can quickly add items to their cart and process transactions with minimal effort.

There’s a slide-out cart included, permitting customers to review their items before they complete their purchase. Plus, for companies with offline stores, there’s also an option to offer in-store pickups, so customers can come and collect their purchases directly.

Marketing and Conversion

The Envy theme includes a host of powerful tools for marketing and conversions. For stores selling restricted items, there’s the option to include an age verifier. Additionally, you can boost your chances of appearing on the search engine results pages by creating SEO-optimized blogs, showcasing your thought leadership in your industry.

Companies can use “recommended products” sections on their store to direct attention towards profitable and relevant items. Additionally, there are various ways to implement promotions into your store, from creating streamlined promo tiles and promotional popup-ups, to designing promo banners, and in-menu promotions too. This means you can always capture your customer’s attention with your latest offers and deals, wherever you are.

Press coverage sections and modules allow you to draw attention to your most recent accolades and accomplishments. You can also leverage product reviews on pages, to showcase your credibility through social proof, collected from your target audience. There’s even the option to add product pages to listings, highlighting their credibility or certifications.

The Envy theme also includes cross-selling applications, for increasing your average order value (AOV), as well as a back-in-stock alert option, designed to bring customers back to your website as soon as a product becomes available.


With the Envy theme, Shopify store owners can heavily customize and enhance their product pages, boosting their chances of sales, and strengthening their presence online. There are numerous options to really make your product pages shine. For instance, you can add animations to capture customer attention, as well as high-resolution images and comprehensive image galleries.

The Envy theme includes image hotspot options, and image zoom capabilities, so customers can take a closer look at each of the products you have to offer. You can also load up product videos and slideshows, so customers can examine your available products from every angle.

For companies with multiple variations of each product to sell, there are various options for adding color watches and size charts, allowing customers to ensure they’re purchasing the ideal item.

Product discovery

Finally, Envy also provides business owners with various tools for boosting their chances of new product discovery. For instance, to help your customers navigate through your pages faster, you can add a “back-to-top” button to your product pages and categories.

Breadcrumb sections ensure you can organize your pages with easy-to-follow structures. There are also collection page navigation options, and an enhanced search menu, to provide customers with all of the guidance they need to find the ideal products for their specific needs.

The Envy theme includes a mega menu option, or multi-level menu, which boosts user experience and gives customers access to valuable information as they search through your store. You can leverage infinite scroll to keep your customers on your pages for longer. Plus, the product filtering and sorting options ensures you can organize every item into the right category for your customers.

The Envy theme also includes a sticky header, to make navigation even easier, and a section for adding recommended products to your home page, product pages, or any other aspect of your website in seconds.

Other Features

Other useful features of the Envy theme include:

  • Mobile first design: Ensure you give your mobile users an excellent experience with a highly responsive theme that adapts to your customer’s device.
  • Show vendor/SKU/Quantity: You can display vendor information, SKU details, and even quantity buttons on all of your product pages.
  • Custom add to cart: Adjust how your page responds when customers hit the “add to cart” button, with a cart drawer, success messages, and more.
  • Variant showcase: When a customer picks a specific color (using swatches) for their product from the dropdown menu, you can ensure it’s reflected in the variant product image.
  • Social sharing: Allow your customers to directly share Wishlist products and purchases to your social network with add-on functionality.

You can also contact the Envy support team if you have any issues accessing the latest version of the Envy theme, and its features at eany time.

Envy Theme Review: Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an attractive and professional template for your ecommerce store, the Envy Shopify theme could be an excellent choice. Widely regarded as one of the best Shopify themes around, thanks to its clean style and unique features, the Envy template is excellent for drawing attention to your unique products and services.

What’s more, there are plenty of theme customization options you can take advantage of, to ensure the presets available from Envy adhere to your unique brand image. You can experiment with colors and promotional banner options, and reposition segments however you choose.

The Envy Shopify theme is sophisticated, sleek, and an all-around excellent option for ecommerce brands.

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