AutoDS vs Zendrop 2024: A Complete Comparison

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AutoDS vs Zendrop, which is really the right tool for your dropshipping business?

Both options are relatively similar, offering access to a wide range of profitable, high-quality products, and global order fulfillment.

They both integrate with various ecommerce platforms and tools, like Shopify and WooCommerce, and they’re both very easy to use.

We’ve worked with both of these platforms before, analyzing their appeal and benefits for both our ecommerce growth consultancy clients, and Shopify store owners.

Now, we’re putting the two solutions head-to-head, to help you decide which option is right for you.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Verdict

Overall, we think AutoDS is a slightly more robust option for dropshipping companies, offering a wider range of suppliers and products to choose from.

However, Zendrop could be a good option for specific businesses, such as those selling subscription products, or focusing on US sales.

When to Use AutoDS

We’d recommend using AutoDS as your dropshipping service if you want:

  • Access to more than 25 different suppliers
  • Fantastic sourcing options
  • AI optimization for your product description
  • Streamlined automation
  • Excellent customer support

When to use Zendrop

We’d suggest using Zendrop for your dropshipping business if you want:

  • Powerful automation capabilities
  • Branded packaging options
  • Access to US products and fulfillment centers
  • Real-time analytics
  • Subscription box and bundling options

AutoDS vs Zendrop: Pros and Cons

AutoDS Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • 25+ Suppliers with fulfillment centers worldwide.
  • Lots of integration options for ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and social media.
  • Intuitive automation tools for pricing, order tracking, and importing.
  • Excellent customer support, with one-on-one mentoring.
  • AI tools for optimizing product descriptions in seconds.
  • Sourcing options for unique products.

Zendrop Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Thousands of high-quality products from US-based suppliers.
  • Subscription boxes and bundling options.
  • Custom branding and thank-you notes for packaging.
  • Real-time analytics and insights.
  • Rapid production and delivery times.
  • 24/7 customer support.

AutoDS vs Zendrop: Quick Comparison

To provide a comprehensive comparison of these two dropshipping solutions, we’ve looked at numerous factors, from ease of use to functionality, suppliers, products, and more.

Here’s a quick run-down of the winners in each category.

Suppliers and products25+ worldwide suppliers, including AliExpress, Costco, Target, Amazon, Ebay, and many others. Thousands of products in various categories.  Partnerships with dozens of local suppliers and partners in the USA. Access to more than 1 million products in a range of categories. AutoDS
Core featuresComprehensive supplier network, product sourcing, price and stock monitoring, custom branding options, fulfillment automation, product research and more. US-focused supplier network, with product sourcing and filtering, business automation, order fulfillment, bundling, subscription boxes, and real-time insights.  Zendrop
Ease of UseStraightforward platform with intuitive tools, such as one-click bulk importing options and AI solutions for product descriptions. Straightforward dashboard with step-by-step guidance for beginners, and easy automated workflows. AutoDS
PricingPrices starting at $26.60 per month, with discounts on annual plans. Free plan with included product sourcing. Paid plans start at $49 per month.  Zendrop
Integrations25+ supplier integrations, and connectors for social media channels, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms. Integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, and CommerceHQ.  AutoDS
Customer supportExcellent guides, articles, learning modules, and tools. Chat and email support, and additional services on some plans. Tutorials, self-help tools, chat and email support, and additional services are available for an extra fee.  Tie

Dropshipping Suppliers and Products

Quick Verdict: AutoDS offers access to a wider range of suppliers and products overall. However, Zendrop does have an edge if you’re looking for suppliers based in the United States.

When choosing the right partner for your dropshipping store, it’s crucial to consider the number and quality of the suppliers and products you’ll be able to access.

The good news is compared to other dropshipping solutions like DSers, both Zendrop and AutoDS give you more options.

They both go beyond relying purely on AliExpress or Alibaba for products, offering access to independent local suppliers, and globally renowned companies.

They also both offer “product sourcing” services, to help you find winning products from new vendors.

Zendrop focuses primarily on dropshipping products for US customers. It offers access to more than 1 million products from vetted and independent suppliers.

This includes more than 500,000 unique products from companies based in the United States. Plus, there’s a handy “trending product” finder, to help you track down profitable items for your store.

AutoDS is a little broader in its scope. It integrates with 25+ different suppliers from around the world, including Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Costco, AliExpress, Target, and many others.

This means you can potentially access millions of products in virtually every category.

Like Zendrop, it also offers access to tools to help you sort through available products, and find the items that can deliver the highest profit margins. Thanks to its global reach, we’ve given AutoDS the win in this segment.

Zendrop vs AutoDS: Core Features and Functionality

Quick Verdict: Zendrop has a slight edge over AutoDS in terms of overall features. Depending on the plan you choose, you can access product bundles and subscription management, chargeback management tools, custom branding, and more.

While most dropshipping applications offer similar features, some come with extra tools to help you build, manage, and grow your online store.

With both Zendrop and AutoDS, the features retailers get will depend on their chosen plan. Let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

AutoDS Core Features

autods homepage

As one of the most versatile dropshipping tools out there, AutoDS is an all-in-one solution for sourcing products, managing orders, and automating your business functions.

The dropshipping app (Available for a range of platforms) includes features like:

  • Supplier directory: Choose from over 25 different suppliers, including well-known AliExpress suppliers, Costco vendors, and others.
  • Product sourcing: Work with AutoDS to find and import specific products for your store.
  • Inventory and fulfillment management: Automate and track fulfillment, shipments, inventory, and order progress in one convenient dashboard.
  • AI product tools: Upgrade your product descriptions with artificial intelligence, and bulk import items to your store in seconds. There’s also an automatic image editor.
  • Branding: Customize your products with private labelling, custom pack-ins, and branded invoices. There’s also a print-on-demand option.
  • Product research: Find trending products, high-profit products, and other niche items for your store in seconds.
  • Automation: Automate everything from your pricing rules to inventory and stock updates, fulfillment strategies and more.
  • Integrations: AutoDS integrates with social media channels like Facebook, Marketplaces like Amazon, and ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.

Zendrop Core Features

zendrop homepage

Zendrop is a dropshipping app focused on high-margin sellers and US-based companies.

It offers access to a huge range of unique products, a fully customizable app, and some of the best shipping time promises in the business. Features include:

  • Product directory and sourcing: As well as having access to more than 1 million unique products, you can also access product sourcing services with Zendrop.
  • Automatic fulfillment: Put order fulfillment on autopilot with rapid order processing, production, and fulfillment times throughout the US.
  • Custom branding: Add your own unique branded elements to your products with logos, thank you cards, packing slips, and more.
  • Order bundling: Create subscription boxes and custom bundles with just a couple of clicks, connecting various suppliers on your Zendrop dashboard.
  • Extra support: On advanced plans, Zendrop offers access to support with returns and refunds, and chargeback management, to help you deliver better service.
  • Automation: Like AutoDS, Zendrop allows you to automate everything from pricing and inventory updates, to shipping management.
  • Integrations: Zendrop connects with Shopify, WooCommerce, and CommerceHQ. It’s also one of the most popular dropshipping apps for Shopify.

Ease of Use: How Simple are the Tools?

Quick Verdict: We think AutoDS is the simplest tool for beginners because it comes with some extra tools to help streamline workflows, like an AI description tool, and automatic image editor.

One of the reasons dropshipping is such a popular business model, is that it’s so easy to get started.

But exactly how much effort you need to put into your business will depend on the simplicity of your dropshipping app or service. We found both Zendrop and AutoDS to be easy to use.

Both solutions make it simple to sign up for an account and start sorting through suppliers or products based on your chosen niche, budget, or location.

They also both come with a convenient back-end environment, where you can manage pricing rules, orders, and inventory.

Depending on your plan with Zendrop, you may be able to access extra features, such as bundling and subscription box services, which are very user-friendly.

Plus, there’s a handy trending product finder, options for private product listing, and convenient chargeback management tools.

However, the extra features also mean this tool has a slightly higher learning curve for beginners, as there are more capabilities to explore.

AutoDS offers most of the same features as Zendrop, but it also comes with more unique solutions that we think could save companies a lot of time.

For instance, there’s a comprehensive order management tool, where you can organize product variations, set up automated workflows in seconds, and even experiment with print-on-demand designs.

You can use AI tools to instantly optimize your product descriptions, and even edit product images with a couple of clicks.

Plus, the design of the interface makes it simple to get a quick-glance view of your business operations without jumping between tabs.

Pricing: How Much do DSers and Zendrop Cost?

Quick Verdict: Zendrop wins again in this category by offering users a free plan. However, AutoDS does have much cheaper paid plans available for premium users.

There are a few different factors dropshippers need to consider when budgeting for their business.

As well as paying any monthly fees charged by your dropshipping vendors, you’ll also need to account for the “base cost” of your items, shipping fees, and extra expenses, like subscriptions for your ecommerce platform.

One thing worth noting is that some of the products available from AutoDS are a little cheaper, particularly those offered by vendors in China, like AliExpress, and Banggood.

Since many of Zendrop’s products are from US manufacturers, they can be more expensive. However, Zendrop does offer fast shipping for a lower price, thanks to its local warehouses.

Zendrop Pricing

zendrop pricing

Zendrop has a free plan, which gives you access to 1 million+ products, world-class support, product sourcing, and industry leading shipping times.

Zendrop’s paid plans can be a little more expensive, they include:

  • Pro: $49 per month: All the free plan features, plus unlimited orders per month, automated fulfillment, US products, and custom branding.
  • Plus: $79 per month: The features of the Pro plan, plus access to Zendrop Academy, product bundles, subscription boxes, private product listing, and chargeback management. You also get a trending product finder, and $100 in order credits.

AutoDS Pricing

autods pricing

There’s no free plan for AutoDS, though you can access a 14-day free trial. Additionally, the pricing is a little complicated, as the packages are different depending on whether you’re using the tool for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Wix, and so on. For Shopify, plans include:

  • Import 200: $26.90 per month: 200 products, product research tools, order, draft and product management, product image editor, product variation support, business dashboard, smart filtering, access to all suppliers, print-on-demand, and 24/7 support.
  • Starter 500: $39.90 per month: 500 products, all the features of “Import”, full product editor, automation, fulfillment, bulk imports, automated tracking updates, smart pricing rules, advanced bulk product changes, learning resources, and bundle builder.
  • Advanced 1K: $66.90 per month: All the features of “Starter” plus 1,000 products, multiple store management (3 stores), and VIP support.

You can also request a custom plan from AutoDS, increasing your product options to up to 100k, and your number of stores to 5. You also get a discount if you choose an annual plan.

Zendrop vs AutoDS: Integrations

Quick Verdict: AutoDS offers a lot more integrations with leading ecommerce platforms, marketplace tools, and even social media channels, for multi-channel selling.

If you want to take advantage of all the automation capabilities of your dropshipping supplier, then you’re going to need the right integrations.

While both AutoDS and Zendrop do integrate with popular ecommerce website builders and store management tools, Zendrop is more limited.

Aside from integrating with 25+ supplier solutions, AutoDS can connect to Shopify, WooCommerce, Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Wix, and Facebook.

It also supports multi-store management, so you can sell through a variety of different channels.

Zendrop is great for Shopify dropshipping, and you can connect the platform to WooCommerce or CommerceHQ.

However, the options for integrations are limited beyond that. Additionally, you don’t get AliExpress dropshipping, or support for a range of vendors. Instead, you get a curated list of products, from a range of vetted suppliers.

Customer Service and Support

Quick Verdict: Zendrop and AutoDS offer a similar level of support. Both have self-help resources, email and chat support, and extra services available for customers on certain plans.

If you need help getting your dropshipping business up and running, both AutoDS and Zendrop have you covered.

Each platform comes with a wide range of self-help resources to discover. You can read in-depth guides on everything from managing bulk orders, to inventory management, choosing the right products, and even delivering excellent customer service.

Both tools are packed with FAQs, tutorials, blogs and more. Plus, they also both offer their own educational courses, in the form of the “Zendrop Academy” and the dedicated learning resources available from AutoDS for things like Shopify dropshipping.

Both tools also offer email and live chat support 24/7 as standard, and are relatively quick to respond to requests, based on our own experiments, and customer feedback.

However, they also reserve priority support for customers on more expensive plans.

AutoDS restricts VIP support to its “Advanced” and “Enterprise” packages. Zendrop offers priority support with live weekly coaching calls, and chargeback support on its “Plus” plan.

Final Verdict: Zendrop vs AutoDS

So, which is better, Zendrop or AutoDS?

Overall, we consider AutoDS to be the more versatile solution. It offers a great selection of features, a wide range of good value pricing plans, and access to a huge range of suppliers. It’s also excellent for integrating with a range of sales channels.

However, Zendrop may still be the right option for you, if you’re a high-ticket seller, or a company based in the US, looking for fast shipping, intuitive options for bulk orders and bundling, and unique alternatives to AliExpress dropshipping.


What are the benefits of AutoDS?

AutoDS is an excellent tool for dropshipping, offering everything from product research tools, to access to over 25 suppliers, price and stock monitoring, order tracking and automation, inventory management, and automatic price optimization.

Does Zendrop automatically fulfill orders?

Zendrop allows companies to turn on automatic order fulfillment, so they can fulfill customer orders instantly without pressing a button. You can also automate things like price and inventory updates, to help keep your business running smoothly.

Is AutoDS a good site?

AutoDS is an excellent dropshipping supplier, with fantastic reviews from customers worldwide. It’s easy to use for beginners, brimming with great features, and ideal for building a robust dropshipping business. You can definitely trust AutoDS to deliver a great experience.

Can you make money from AutoDS?

Absolutely, AutoDS makes it easy to find suppliers for your dropshipping store, automate order fulfillment and business management, and even set yourself apart from the crowd with branded and print-on-demand products.

Is AutoDS good for beginners?

AutoDS is excellent for beginners. Not only is it very easy to use, but it comes with tons of tools to streamline business workflows, like an image editor, comprehensive order management dashboards, and AI tools for product descriptions.

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