Shopify vs Shopkeep: Which POS Solution is Best for your Business?

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This question can be harder to answer than it might seem. After all, on the surface, both Shopify and Shopkeep have a lot of excellent functionality and capabilities to offer today’s business leaders.

With both tools, you can create a powerful one-stop solution for all of your commerce needs, tracking valuable data, managing your inventory, and processing endless credit card and debit card payments. Shopkeep (now Lightspeed POS) and Shopify also provide access to a range of tools to help business leaders create omnichannel sales strategies, including site builders and ecommerce capabilities.

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Shopify Card Readers: Options to Pick and How to Get One

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In this article, we’ll explore all the Shopify card readers available. We’ll also dive into how to get a card reader from Shopify. 

For retail stores, there are two highly functional and reliable Shopify card readers to consider. You could opt for a third-party card reader, but Shopify provides options already configured with its Shopify POS software, making them easier to set up and integrate with the rest of your business.

Not to mention, Shopify card readers are affordable (allowing merchants the opportunity to purchase several of them without breaking the bank) and mobile (giving retailers more options for roaming the floor, browsing your product database from anywhere, and even accepting payments from places like the curb). 

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