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SecurionPay Review: Decreasing Cart Abandonment With an Online Payment Solution


One downside of going with a third-party payment gateway is sometimes you end up being redirected to that third-party's website.

That's not the case with Shopify and Bigcommerce, but sometimes people want to insert PayPal or certain legacy payment systems that push customers away from your site.

SecurionPay, on the other hand, has no redirections, and it does more than just collecting payments from your customers. I like this news, since it gives companies an incentive (other than transaction fees) to go with a payment gateway.

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Algolia For Shopify Review: A More Relevant Search Integration for Ecommerce


When I think about the search bar when building an ecommerce shop, my immediate reaction is, “Looks fine.” It's funny because before I started getting educated by some smarter folks, I figured a search bar was the most basic of tools, one that had minimal effect on overall conversions. Boy was I wrong. After implementing a few more advanced search bar tools, I began realizing just why Google has an edge over Bing. Search modules matter, big time.

In fact, an incredible number of people who come to your site go straight for the search bar. This means you want to wow them, or at least make like a sports referee and avoid getting noticed (because of the smoothness of the search). Therefore, I would recommend not being satisfied with your current search integration, especially if using Shopify. So many other apps are available to improve your experience. As an example, we found an app called Algolia For Shopify.

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Shopify WordPress Plugin: How To Get the Best of Both Worlds


Shopify has mainly been known as an “out-of-the-box” ecommerce solution, with a monthly payment plan and beautiful dashboard for managing your products, payments, shipping configurations and more. You've always had the opportunity to signup for the Shopify Lite Plan ($9 per month) in order to embed Shopify Buy buttons on your website. In short, running a Shopify store on WordPress has always been available. However, it's recently gotten easier with the addition of a Shopify WordPress plugin.

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Shogun Review: A Sleek Drag and Drop Page Builder for Shopify

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Shopify has an incredible number of features, themes, and selling options; all coming together to deliver an easy eCommerce experience for both merchants and buyers.

However, many eCommerce professionals notice that Shopify’s platform isn’t the easiest to customize. The visual composer provides a few interesting tools for the beginners, but for merchants who want a more custom online store, it’s usually necessary to hire developers or Shopify experts who know how to write code.

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How to Use Facebook Messenger to Generate Sales


As many of us know, Facebook Messenger offers an instant messaging module for Facebook users. It connects you with your friends, and generates quick, easy conversations, without having to go on a friend's wall to post something that should most likely remain private for whatever reason. Just recently, Facebook opened this section of its platform up to businesses. This means that companies can get sponsored content on there, sell their products and potentially post ads or even generate bots to interact with customers.

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50+ Hard Lessons You’ll Learn When Running an Online Shop

Ecommerce Selling Advice

Think about your online store.

Now think about a world in which you never started that store. Would you have ended up in a completely different place in your life? Can you even imagine it at all?

If you've found success in the world of ecommerce, chances are you can't fathom the idea of not working on whatever it is you're selling.

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The Future of Return Shipping and How You Should Approach It

Ecommerce Selling Advice

You've seen it through Amazon Prime, but it is worthwhile for your online store?

We're talking about free return shipping.

So many other methods for standing out from competition are coming out. For example, you could provide free shipping after a certain amount of money is spent. Or you could put a strong focus on your support team to gain a reputation like that of Zappos.

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Wishpond Review: A Lead Generation Tool With So Much More to Offer


Do you have any idea what users are thinking when they leave your shopping cart?

Are you interested in sending out emails to those leads in order to bring them back to your website?

An online business needs a little something more than just a hard working team who supports customers. It also requires more than quality products.

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