MotoCMS Review: An Incredible Drag and Drop Ecommerce Builder for All

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A drag and drop website builder generally gets a high recommendation from a guy like me. This is because I know that many ecommerce professionals and website designers in general are not all that experienced when it comes to making a site. Therefore, they don't want to touch any code.

But drag and drop builders also provide benefits for advanced users, seeing as how you can cut down on time spent developing and pump out more website designs for clients.

I've seen MotoCMS in action before, but I've never had the chance to play around with it before. It's a sleek website builder, but now the company has come out with an ecommerce website solution, complemented by a large selection of ecommere templates.

MotoCMS serves as a content management system, making it similar to that of WordPress or Magento. so you'll have to go out and find your own hosting to run the site.

Besides that, MotoCMS offers a complete solution, with templates, design tools and beautiful drag and drop functionality. Let's take a deeper look.

MotoCMS Features

Beautiful Product Showcasing for All Devices

Product showcases are completed automatically through MotoCMS, immediately after you upload all of your items. I can't say how frustrated I've become with displaying product galleries in Shopify. Each template has a different way of doing it.

However, MotoCMS makes it much easier, and you can edit the product showcases right from the backend drag and drop editor. They also offer more advanced editing tools for sections, background styles and just about anything else you see on the page.

A Sleek Drag and Drop Builder

The drag and drop builder from MotoCMS is far easier to use than that of Visual Composer from WordPress. It's similar to that of WIX except it's not so basic that an advanced or intermediate user would roll their eyes. I think MotoCMS hit the sweet spot with this one, and it's most likely the reason they charge so much for their templates. Because the drag and drop builder is worth it.

The tool offers everything from images to rows and buttons to spacing options. Every element on your website is customizable, and the fact that each template is built for MotoCMS means that you won't run into many bugs.

Stats for Your Store

The stats show up on your dashboard for quick reference. A few charts are available for seeing how your store is doing, and some of the metrics include lifetime sales, orders, customers, products, daily orders, daily customers and more.

Looking up recent orders only takes a second, since all of them are listed in this area.

Product Management + Discounts

The product management area impressed me quite a bit, since you can take a look at each product without much confusion. It reminds me of how Shopify product management looks, which is a huge compliment.

Viewing pricing and inventory is done with a glance, and adding new products is completed right through the same page. They have tabs for catalogs, brands, categories and discounts. I actually find it much easier to organize and display categories and catalogs through MotoCMS than places like Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Lots of Pre-built Ecommerce Pages

Pre-built pages are wonderful for two reasons: First, you don't have to make your own from scratch, and second, they often look much better than if you were to make them from scratch.

With online stores this is even more so, considering you have all sorts of random pages needed, such as About Us pages, product galleries, Contact Us, 404, Terms and Conditions and Returns.

Each MotoCMS template has a selection of around 16 pre-built pages, all of which come in handy when you're trying to launch a website in a short amount of time.

MotoCMS Pricing

You're technically not paying for the CMS but rather the template you decide to go with. The template pricing looks high compared to a platform like WordPress, but all of the templates are made to work with MotoCMS, and they all look extremely modern. Not only that, but you're gaining access to the powerful content management system, one that's much easier to use than regular WordPress.

Anyway, all of the templates provided come at varying rates. For example, one of the latest MotoCMS templates, Zoe, is listed as follows:

  • Just the template – $199
  • Template + Installation – $248
  • Template + Installation + Hosting – $297

Keep in mind that the MotoCMS builder and templates are available for a 14-day free trial. You gain access to all of the paid features for these two weeks.

MotoCMS Support

The first thing I noticed about the MotoCMS support is that the system has support videos and guides in the dashboard. This way you're not completely confused on how to handle the CMS, and you can either watch the tutorials or skip over them if you want.

Other than that, you can start an online chat or request a call from the support team, all available right from the dashboard. I will say that this is the most accessible support information I've seen in a while. It's not too often you hardly have to search for the support info.

Besides that, MotoCMS has several social media pages, a full knowledge base, community and a place to submit your own requests if your research doesn't come up with a solution.

Overall, MotoCMS does pretty much everything I would ask from a support standpoint.

Who Should Consider MotoCMS?

I like MotoCMS for people who find WordPress a little too confusing. The website creation tools from MotoCMS are far more packaged, organized and accessible to the developers, and you don't have to go out searching for a theme from multiple merchants. Also, you can pay for hosting directly through MotoCMS if you want.

It's also not a bad platform for experienced freelance developers, since you receive all of the tools needed in one package, so you can run your entire business on it.

If you have any questions about this MotoCMS review, or if you've had experience with the platform, let us know in the comments section below.

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Joe Warnimont

Joe Warnimont is a Chicago-based writer who focuses on eCommerce tools, WordPress, and social media. When not fishing or practicing yoga, he's collecting stamps at national parks (even though that's mainly for children). Check out Joe's portfolio to contact him and view past work.

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