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The Best Shopify Apps for Bringing in New Traffic and Visitors


As an ecommerce professional, one of the first things you learn is that you're much better off trying to keep customers than finding new ones.

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer compared to retaining an old one, so it's certainly worthwhile to setup things like email newsletters, cart abandonment tools and loyalty programs. Those VIPs are the ones that are going to keep your business afloat.

And that's fine, but what about actually getting those customers in the first place? Then, what about when you hit a plateau where you need to once again establish your marketing strategies to accumulate more new customers?

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Chargebacks911 Review: Minimize Chargebacks and Recover Revenue Lost


Let's say a customer named Susan stops by your outdoor gear online store.

Susan purchases a gift to be sent to a friend. A month later she doesn't recognize the charge on her bill so she asks to have it refunded through her bank. This results in a potential chargeback for your ecommerce store.

The same goes for Steven, who comes to your site with fraud in mind. He buys a pair of boots, claims they were never delivered and asks his bank for a refund.

Now, one example is unintentional while the other is malicious, but both could end up costing your company big bucks if the chargebacks aren't handled properly.

That's where Charegbacks911 comes into the picture.

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Alternative Payments Review: Catering to Customers Who Don’t Like Credit Cards


Some commons problems often arise when ecommerce professionals look for payment processing:

  • There are too many fees.
  • Payment processing may not be offered in your country or region.
  • You can't sell to customers in some countries.
  • Credit cards are the only payment option.
  • Fraud is high.
  • Chargebacks are common.
  • Sometimes you can't process recurring billing or subscriptions.

These hurdles make it a pain in the butt when researching for the best payment processing, but Alternative Paymentsย has a new business model that attempts to get rid of these situations.

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Crowdfunding and PreOrder Platforms: Celery vs Shopify vs Kickstarter vs Indiegogo

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Crowdfunding has become extremely popular in the recent past, allowing entrepreneurs and smaller companies to gain funding from regular people for their projects such as movies, smart coolers, interesting games and more. Crowdfunding works by asking people to contribute to the campaigns, who then receive rewards for their “investments.”

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Free Business Email Address: How To Set It Up


Sending an email to a client or potential customer is one of the easiest ways to show your professionalism and overall branding.

Although it's easy and free to setup an email with Gmail or Yahoo, you look far less credible. That's why a free business email address is required.

For example, a business email address looks something like this:

[email protected]

Therefore, people see that you're a legitimate company, and they can even view where your official website is located. Not only that, but Gmail, Hotmail and other free accounts often get sent to the spam box if you're using them for an email marketing service like MailChimp.

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How to Spy and Outgrow your Competitors with SEMrush


If you've never heard ofย SEMrush, I would recommend you rush on over there. The website manages the complicated facets of spying on your competitors and understanding what they're doing right and wrong. This comes in play for all ecommerce stores, since SEO, backlinks and other referrals provide most of the traffic you receive.

Overall, the SEMrush program delivers an online search engine for you to paste in a website URL and see all sorts of metrics and reports about said website.

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Online Backup: The Best Cloud Backup Services


After an extensive review spread over many weeks, we feel that CrashPlan is the best online backup service at the moment as it has the strongest all-around tool-setย compared to all other cloud backup services.ย After that, we have Backblaze, then followed by the ever so sleek and minimal Carbonite service. But that begs the question: What is a cloud backup service and who is it for? Before delving into all of the details, it would be prudent to understand how an average cloud backup affects your life or your company. The short version goes like this: You have tons of files on your computer, some personal, others for business. Lots of the files might have sentimental value or they might actually contain information that could put your financial security at risk. Companies also store sensitive information in those files, or customer records that must be held onto for legal and custom service purposes.

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SecurionPay Review: Decreasing Cart Abandonment With an Online Payment Solution


One downside of going with a third-party payment gateway is sometimes you end up being redirected to that third-party's website.

That's not the case with Shopify and Bigcommerce, but sometimes people want to insert PayPal or certain legacy payment systems that push customers away from your site.

SecurionPay, on the other hand, has no redirections, and it does more than just collecting payments from your customers. I like this news, since it gives companies an incentive (other than transaction fees) to go with a payment gateway.

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