The Best BigCommerce Competitors to Consider in 2023

The Leading BigCommerce Competitors

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Are you looking for BigCommerce competitors?

BigCommerce is one of the top website building tools designed specifically for ecommerce. The solution promises to help businesses generate increased revenue and new opportunities at speed, with a host of fantastic tools.

BigCommerce has a lot of appeal for a large number of companies – but it’s far from the only option for people who want to build their own digital store. For anyone with a passion for sales, there’s plenty of alternative solutions out there – some more appealing than BigCommerce.

Knowing your way around the most common BigCommerce competitors can help you to ensure you’re using the best software for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Best BigCommerce Competitors #1: Shopify

shopify - best bigcommerce competitors

Easily one of the most popular alternatives to BigCommerce available today, Shopify stands out as one of the most feature-rich store building tools around. The solution features everything from stunning templates and sales pages to a huge app market where you can add new functionality to your business store. You can even access a dedicated payment processor from Shopify.

Shopify’s solution does have transaction fees to consider unless you’re using the Shopify Payments option, but it’s still relatively affordable. You also get the added benefit of a store that can scale to suit your business to a decent extent.

Pricing 💰

Shopify represents one of the more affordable ecommerce software options around – which is part of what makes it so competitive.

Packages start at around $9 per month, where you’ll get a basic “Buy” button for an existing website. If you want to build a store with Shopify, you’ll need at least the Basic plan starting at $29 per month, or the Shopify plan for $79 per month. There’s also access to Shopify Plus for Enterprise customers.


  • Easy-to-use interface ideal for beginners
  • Fantastic, dedicated servers deliver exceptional uptime
  • Built-in SEO for meta descriptions and tags
  • Thousands of integrated app options
  • · Lightning-fast loading speeds


  • Some limitations on customizations
  • Can be expensive to access more apps

Who is it Best For? ✅

Shopify is one of the top solutions on the market for all kinds of companies. A wide range of customization options and flexibility makes it extra appealing to companies of all sizes. You can sell digital services, dropship products with a dedicated add-on, and so much more.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #2: Square Online

square online homepage - best bigcommerce competitors

One of the best-known payment processing companies in the world, Square is capable of more than just managing your transactions. If you love the functionality and reliability Square affords in the POS marketplace, you’re going to appreciate the website building offering from Square too!

Square Online is built on top of the Weebly website building technology and was created after Square purchased Weebly during 2018. If you ever used the Weebly site builder to make a website, you’ll find much of the experience is very similar. You can expect a clean, simple, and intuitive interface, ideal for building a professional-looking business website.

Although Square Online might not have some of the more advanced features and functionality you’d get from other website builders, it does make it easier to sync your online and offline inventory instantly if you’re using a POS system from Square.

Pricing 💰

Square is one of the few online website builders that allows you to create your website for free. However, just because you can access the site builder without paying anything, doesn’t mean there are no costs at all. You’ll still have transaction fees to consider when taking a payment. Plus, there’s the cost of getting a custom domain to host your website.

You can get the “Ecommerce” standard plan from Square to get your site online for $12 per month, or upgrade to the Performance plan for more analytics and tools at $26 per month. The Premium plan starts at $72 per month and comes with the lowest rates for transactions.


  • Generous free plan for beginners
  • Easy to use if you don’t have a lot of site-building knowledge
  • Fantastic for both online and offline selling
  • Various marketing and SEO tools included
  • Premium package comes with discounted shipping


  • The pricing can go up quite quickly
  • Processing fees are sometimes high

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a way to synchronize your offline and online selling strategies, Square has you covered, with a fantastic solution that brings both sides of your business together.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #3: Wix

wix ecommerce - best bigcommerce competitors

Wix is among the most popular site building tools on the web. It attracts the attention of countless business leaders because it’s both feature rich and easy to use. If you’re looking for something that’s great for beginners, but still has room for scale, Wix could be the solution for you.

Wix delivers an incredible combination of features for all kinds of companies. You can explore a host of professional looking templates, get help from AI to build a custom website, and adjust your site however you choose. There are various payment options to choose from, and integrations to extend the functionality of your site.

Pricing 💰

Wix’s pricing packages depend on the kind of store you’re trying to build. Although you can connect a domain to Wix for only a few dollars per month, you’ll need at least the Business Basic plan ($23 per month) to start build an online store.

Business Unlimited allows you to access a wider selection of features, like Unlimited bandwidth and a host of unique tools for $27 per month. There’s also Business VIP, and an enterprise version which will set you back at least $500 per month.


  • Excellent flexibility when it comes to customizing your store
  • Wide range of apps available for new functionality
  • Automatic site backups and rollback options
  • Wide range of templates and AI assistance for building your store
  • Tons of helpful features for listing products


  • Does require a little more spending if you want ecommerce features
  • Blogging isn’t ideal, with some limitations to SEO.

Who is it Best For? ✅

Wix is a reasonably affordable and very easy to use alternative for BigCommerce. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to get online, Wix will help you to achieve your goals in no time, without breaking the bank.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #4: Squarespace

squarespace - best bigcommerce competitors

Squarespace is definitely one of the better-known alternatives to BigCommerce on the market today. Perfect for people who want to build an ecommerce business around a creative endeavour, like art or writing, Square Space focuses on making your digital presence look good.

Creating a stunning range of ecommerce sites with Squarespace is quick and simple. You can also access things like SEO features to help improve your chances of being found online. Advanced features like social media integration tools ensure you can sell across multiple channels, and you’ll also be able to collect useful analytics information from the reporting service.

Pricing 💰

Pricing for SquareSpace starts at around $18 per month and ranges to $46 per month. There aren’t any transaction fees to worry about, but you also won’t be able to access a lot of useful integrations without developer help, due to the lack of an app market.


  • One of the top competitors for design-focused websites
  • High-quality cross-channel selling features
  • Easy to use environment
  • Good value for money in the pricing plans
  • Comes with some SEO features


  • No app store
  • Lacks great blogging functionality

Who is it Best For? ✅

Most people would recommend using Squarespace as the storefront for a design-based business. If you want to move beyond things like Amazon, eBay and Etsy when selling your own creations, Squarespace will help you to build an attractive site that genuinely stands out from the crowd. You can also take a range of payments through Squarespace, including PayPal transactions.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #5: Ecwid

An interesting alternative to the BigCommerce experience, Ecwid is a good choice for companies in search of simplicity and feature-rich performance. This unique add-on attaches to the existing website you’ve built with tools like WordPress. Once you download and apply the plugin, you’ll be able to start accepting payments for a range of products and services.

Ideal for people who already have a website and want to continue growing with their existing assets, Ecwid is a flexible and easy-to-use tool, with tons of site customization options to choose from, adjustable checkout features, and a range of payment options. You can also use this service alongside other popular plugins to enhance site performance.

Pricing 💰

There’s a limited version of the Ecwid service available for free, but you will generally need access to the premium options as your site begins to grow. The first pricing package starts at $15 per month for beginners, with access to features like Facebook and Instagram connections. You’ll also be able to use Ecwid as a white label system for agencies.


  • Suitable for use with an existing website on multiple platforms
  • Easy to use with lots of guidance for beginners
  • Multi-channel sales solution for all kinds of stores
  • Plenty of bandwidth with different package options
  • Various payment options available


  • Not a dedicated store builder
  • Might be limited for some larger companies

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you already have your own website and you just want to implement some new ecommerce features, Ecwid will be a great choice. You’ll be able to unlock omnichannel selling opportunities in no time, and there’s very little complexity to worry about.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #6: Weebly

weebly - best bigcommerce competitors

Weebly is another fantastic option if you’re searching for a reliable BigCommerce alternative. Well-known for offering customers easy-to-use features, like a drag-and-drop website builder, BigCommerce is a great choice for beginners and growing brands. There are lots of great features available on this platform, including immersive shopping cart solutions with multiple payment options, and custom item options.

Weebly simplifies the art of connecting with customers, with things like integrations to email marketing tools and CRM systems. You can design gift cards and coupon codes for your website, and even access things like site search to make navigation easier.

Pricing 💰

There are various pricing options available from Weebly, starting with a free plan for up to 500MB of storage. You can’t use a custom domain with the free service though. The Pro plan starts at around £9 per month, with a content plan at only £4 per month if you want to just connect a store function to a website you already own.


  • Easy for beginners to use on any budget
  • Lots of customization options with great editor
  • Lots of customer support and live chat
  • Easy navigation with site search function
  • Third-party gateways
  • Tax and shipping calculator


  • Templates are a little rigid
  • Not a lot of version support

Who is it Best For? ✅

Small businesses looking for a way to start selling online as quickly as possible will appreciate Weebly for it’s easy of use and performance. You’ll need to have a Pro package so you can take payments, but the pricing is still quite affordable.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #7: WooCommerce

woocommerce - best bigcommerce competitors

WooCommerce is one of the most popular tools for eCommerce in the current market. Designed to work seamlessly with WordPress – the world’s biggest CMS, WooCommerce is among the top tools on the market, with tons of flexibility and rich features. You can also connect your WooCommerce plugin with other add-ons and extensions for WordPress too.

WooCommerce is a flexible and versatile tool with a lot of features to make it more compelling to companies with vast online stores. The connection with WordPress ensures you should have no problem learning how to use this technology, because it works in a very similar way to the WordPress back-end, existing within WordPress itself.

Pricing 💰

It’s free to download the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, although you might need to pay for things like developer help if you need it. WooCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees or place caps on bandwidth, but you will need to pay for your WordPress website, hosting, and domain name too.


  • Very easy to use for people who feel comfortable with WordPress
  • Lots of add-ons and integrations
  • Guest functionality to help improve conversions
  • Customizable themes (both free and paid)
  • Ideal for growing companies


  • Only suitable for WordPress
  • May require some coding knowledge

Who is it Best For? ✅

WooCommerce is a good choice if you already have a WordPress website and want to take the functionality of your site to the next level. If you don’t want to pay excessive monthly fees for a platform when paying for hosting, this could be a great investment.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors #8: Shift4Shop

shift4shop homepage - best bigcommerce competitors

There are all kind of alternatives out there for companies who don’t want to choose BigCommerce as their ecommerce solution. Shift4Shop is one of the more appealing ecommerce platform options for entrepreneurs on a limited budget. The cloud-based platform is extremely flexible, and you don’t need to worry about designing your ecommerce website from scratch with dozens of theme designs to choose from. You can also customize each theme to suit your brand.

Shift4Shop allows business leaders to sell a range of different types of products. You can also implement tools to enable cross-selling and upselling and support your customers with CX-focused integrations. Unlike some SaaS solutions, Shift4Shop is wonderfully user-friendly, and there’s a mobile app available so retailers can access information on the move.

Pricing 💰

Shift4Shop offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs. The all-in-one selling solution starts with a pricing package of $19 per month. One point to note is that you will get more functionality the more you’re willing to spend. However, every pricing package does come with access to unlimited bandwidth and product hosting, zero transaction fees, and API access.


  • Very easy to use with a convenient back-end
  • Add integrations with APIs
  • Great if you’re looking for an affordable service
  • Cross-selling and upselling tools included
  • Unlimited products and storage


  • Other vendors do offer more templates
  • Some limitations to customization

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a service that gives you ease of use and affordability, Shift4Shop is a great choice. There are more than 100 payment gateways available for your ecommerce store, so you can start managing transactions in no time. Business owners with access to developer skills will also appreciate the API access.

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Best BigCommerce Competitors 9: Volusion

volusion homepage - best bigcommerce competitors

Volusion is one of the top tools in the ecommerce marketplace, providing business leaders with all the functionality they could ask for to start selling online. There’s an easy-to-use interface with all kinds of features to explore, including tools for blogging, so you can start to build a memorable market presence online. You’ll also have fantastic uptime and end-to-end support too.

The Volusion environment makes it easy to customize and enhance your store, with a drag-and-drop builder requiring absolutely no additional coding knowledge. You can get guidance throughout the building process, so you never get lost as a beginner builder, and there’s a ton of payment options to choose from.

Pricing 💰

Pricing for Volusion starts at $29 for a personal plan, which doesn’t come with ecommerce functionality. If you need to access features for online sales, you’ll need to choose one of the Volusion Business packages, which comes with both Pro and Prime options, depending on your needs. Costs are dependent on how much you sell.


  • Excellent range of selling features
  • Staff accounts for your whole team
  • Range of built-in social media and SEO tools
  • Great range of analytics and reporting features
  • Fantastic drag-and-drop functionality


  • Not many app options
  • Limited content marketing tools

Who is it Best For? ✅

If you’re looking for a store that makes it easy to sell all kinds of products quickly, Volusion is likely to be a great fit. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and lots of products to choose from, as well as a host of SEO and reporting tools.

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Which are the Best BigCommerce Competitors?

The right BigCommerce alternative for your needs will depend on the kind of site you want to build, and what type of features matter most to your business. There are tons of competitors out there offering everything from SSL certificates and advanced analytics to integrations with CRM systems and inventory management tools.

One good tip when choosing your ecommerce store solution, is to think not just about the features you need now, but how you might want your website to evolve in the future. Picking a site builder with the scalability to grow with your online business should ensure you don’t have to migrate all of your website content into a new environment when you outgrow your initial provider.

It’s also worth asking yourself whether you have developer knowledge. If you know how to work with open-source tools like Magento, you might have more freedom to make changes to your online business website with a developer-focused site builder.

Remember, many of the options mentioned above also come with free versions available and or free trials, so you can always test the functionality of the solution you’re considering before you sign up for a paid package.

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