What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What doesย Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mean?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of web marketing that is focused on increasing the visibility of a web page or entire website in the organic (non-paid) results presented by search engines to various queries. SEO is concerned with both the technical and design aspects of improving the rankings of a web page to increase search engine awareness and organic visitor traffic. SEO is comprised of many different factors, including the actual content on your page, how many and what other sites link to your site, and even how content is structured on your site. With search engines using thousands of factors to rank websites, SEO can be extremely complex in the extreme, but as a basic rule, the design of your site, and the content provided are the best SEO elements that can be addressed.

While SEO is primarily concerned with making your site more visible to search engines, it is also concerned with making your site better for your visitors as well. As search engines become increasingly โ€œintelligentโ€, they are able to tell how user friendly your site is, and they do take that into account as a ranking factor.

Search engines are both important and unique since they can provide a website with highly targeted traffic. A search query is the best way to get visitors who are looking for exactly what your website has to offer. If a search engine isnโ€™t including your site high in their rankings, and this typically means within the first ten results, you miss out on potentially massive traffic and the opportunity to generate more subscribers or sales.

Search queries, or what are known as keywords to SEO marketers, have amazing value. Many studies have shown the power of search results to make or break a website, and many website owners have succeeded simply due to the good visibility they received on search engines after putting heavy emphasis into their SEO efforts. Because search engine traffic is free traffic, investing in SEO can yield exceptional return on investment for months, or even years to come.

Even though search engines have been designed to be very smart, they still need some help to discover the best websites. The computer scientists that work on search engine technology are always looking to improve the methods used to discover web pages and return the best and most relevant results to searchers. But there remains a limit to how well search engines work, and this is where SEO methods come in. Bear in mind that good SEO can unleash a flood of visitors, but bad SEO can have the opposite effect and bury your website deep within search results, which will net you zero visitors.

Besides helping the search engines find your content, SEO can also boost the rankings of your web pages with the SERPs. With the internet becoming increasingly competitive it is often those sites with the best SEO efforts that see the best results in the SERPs, and the largest number of visitors and customers to their websites.

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