SendPulse Review: A Dynamic Platform that Goes Beyond Email Marketing

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Before we even start reviewing the SendPulse features, let’s first state the obvious. That digital marketing tools have been proven effective over and over again, especially when you holistically leverage several of them across multiple channels.

Finding a perfect balance, however, can be a huge problem to business owners. The world of marketing solutions happens to be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing an ideal set of tools. Figuring out which tool is optimized for your type of audience, and how they integrate with each other can be very confusing.

Sometimes even downright scary because you can’t afford to make a mistake.

Personally, I prefer saving myself all that trouble by taking advantage of all-in-one digital marketing suites. They are typically cheaper, and the best ones come embedded with numerous well-streamlined marketing tools.

Well, that’s how I stumbled upon SendPulse. It won’t make you a sandwich, but it’ll combine emails with SMS messages, web push notifications, Viber messages, and SMTP transactional emails. The end result is a comprehensively streamlined messaging ecosystem.

But, is the whole SendPulse marketing suite effectual, or is there a better option out there? This SendPulse review examines its features to reveal the truth about everything.

SendPulse Review: Overview

If you’ve only heard about it recently, here’s why- SendPulse has only been around for four years so far. It came into the marketing space in 2015, after it was launched by a team of 15 experts.

Well, the growth of SendPulse since then has seemingly been phenomenal, and it now boasts of an extensive base of users spread across the globe. The team of employees, on the other hand, has expanded beyond 100 individuals. They are now stationed in the U.S., Brazil, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, plus Ukraine- which currently serves as the headquarters.

While email marketing is the principal focus here, SendPulse is distributed as a multi-channel marketing platform. It seeks to integrate all delivery channels by supplementing email marketing with web push notifications, SMS and Viber messaging, SMTP transactional emails, as well as Facebook chatbot capabilities.

sendpulse homepage

And to achieve a streamlined campaign, SendPulse allows you to plan your marketing, segment your target audience, conduct A/B tests, send messages, track them, and then analyze the results from a centralized dashboard.

It’s worth noting, however, that you don’t have to leverage all the channels simultaneously. The SendPulse pricing schedule is flexible enough to grant access to each channel independently. Consequently, you get to choose what you want to use, and what you’d rather leave out of your marketing campaign.

SendPulse Review: Main Features


SendPulse essentially functions as a hybrid marketing platform for sending and managing emails, web push notifications, and SMS messages. You can launch separate campaigns for each channel or pool them into autoresponders.

sendpulse dashboard

Speaking of which, the SendPulse scheduler is pretty straightforward. Even novice marketers can quickly learn the ropes, and use the system to reach out to their target audiences at the right time.

Thankfully, you don’t have to pay even a dime to try that out. It turns out SendPulse offers a free email marketing plan that supports up to 2,500 contacts. Well, although that might not be a large crowd of leads, it’s still a considerably generous allowance.

That said, you can get started as soon as you sign up through SendPulse’s main site. And once you subsequently log into your account, you’ll notice that the main dashboard is refreshingly simple and well-structured.

Well, you can proceed with your email marketing by importing your contact list, and then creating the corresponding emails through the SendPulse drag-and-drop editor. In case of any issues, you’re free to capitalize on SendPulse’s onboarding videos, which you’ll find embedded into the dashboard by default.

sendpulse email templates

Now, if you’ve used marketing tools before, then you probably realize that the automation procedure is the most critical factor for judging the overall level of friendliness.

Well, SendPulse, as it turns out, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to campaign automation. From the automation tab, you should be able to define a wide range of automation flows.

The entire automation system, as a matter of fact, is built to accommodate both beginners and experienced marketers. The latter can create dynamic advanced flows using SendPulse’s Automation360, while beginners get basic automation triggers. It’s possible to set up a decent three-condition automation flow in just a couple of minutes.

So, all in all, SendPulse is pretty friendly to all types of users. You don’t need a marketing degree or any experience with digital promotions to use the software effectively.

SendPulse Email Marketing

SendPulse email marketing doesn’t begin at the contact engagement level. The whole system starts off with your contact building process, thanks to the SendPulse subscription form generator.

This feature basically allows you to design unique subscription forms for your website’s visitors. Apart from the text elements and fields, you can customize the color scheme and overall design to achieve an outlook that matches your brand.

Now, while the form subscription customization framework is fairly flexible, it has nothing on the corresponding drag-and-drop editor. In fact, you can think of it as an email designer since it offers a host of features for creating and tweaking colorful emails.

A standard email template with a professional design should take you about ten to twenty minutes on the editor. Simply select your elements from the left side, drag, and then place accordingly, while you customize their blocks.

And you know what? You don’t need any technical designing skills to build an attractive template. The editor is not only flexible, but also pretty responsive in implementing changes.

That notwithstanding, you can accelerate the whole process by simply taking advantage of the available email templates. The SendPulse gallery, as a matter of fact, offers more than 100 pre-designed layouts for free. You only need to edit the text, and voila!

But, don’t be quick to send the emails. You might want to enhance their potential impact through SendPulse’s personalization features.  Simply define your audience’s details on the subject line and email body to set the ball rolling.

It’s also possible to group various audiences into segments, based on their common parameters. You could, for instance, set up a segment of contacts residing within a specific area. Then subsequently, use that to send geo-personalized offers via email.

sendpulse create campaign

Well, if you’re a bit skeptical about your campaign’s success, you can leverage the SendPulse A/B testing function to generate insights. Running tests on various email formats will help you establish the specific approaches that resonate best with your target audience.

And speaking of targeting, one of SendPulse’s most outstanding features is its AI system. It fundamentally tracks your contacts to keep tabs on their purchasing patterns, communication preferences, email opening times plus frequencies, response times, and other relevant user behaviors. SendPulse then subsequently uses the data to systematically predict the best channel and time to reach out to a specific contact.

Closely related to that is the automation function, which also supports an array of dynamic parameters. You could, for example, set up an automated drip campaign to send emails to contacts at selected time intervals after subscribing to your mailing list.

But, that’s not all. SendPulse allows to alternatively define your automation framework based on specific triggers, or actions taken by your contacts.

SendPulse Web Push Notifications

The SendPulse web push notifications come in handy when you need to send messages through your contacts’ browsers. You could then inform them about upcoming products, offers, and other relevant news.

sendpulse push notifications

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for them to surf on their PCs. SendPulse gives you the privilege of sending instant push notifications straight to your contacts’ smartphones. Therefore, you can bet that even on the go, your message will still be received.

Another interesting function here is automation. It seems SendPulse went ahead and extended its email automation capabilities to cover even the web push notifications. As a result, you can set the system to send messages based triggers like actions taken by users.

That said, you won’t be forced to pay extra if you intend to supplement your email campaign with such notifications. The web push notification is permanently free. In other words, you can take advantage of it whenever you want.

SendPulse SMS Messaging

If contacts fails to react to email messages and web push notifications, chances are, they might eventually respond to SMS messages. Well, SMS marketing is a bulk texting service on SendPulse, whose functionalities correspondingly resemble the email marketing features we’ve discussed.

SendPulse’s SMS subscription forms, for instance, are built to integrate with your site just like its email subscription forms. And yes, you can customize yours to blend in with your website’s overall design.

When you finally start creating the messages, you’ll notice that the resemblance extends to even the SMS editing framework. SendPulse allows you to not only tweak the message layouts, but also personalize them based on their target audience variables.

sendpulse sms campaign

While you’re at it, you could also set up an automation flow that incorporates relevant SMS autoresponders. Or alternatively, define a comprehensive well-streamlined flow with emails, web push notifications, as well as SMS messages.

SendPulse Pricing

The SendPulse pricing schedule is incredibly flexible, with multiple plans for each marketing channel. What you end up paying, therefore, principally depends on, among other factors, the specific channels you leverage.

SendPuls Email Marketing Pricing

Here's a breakdown of the pricing for each plan:

  • Free- This package is ideal for beginners, marketers, and business owners with up to 2,500 contacts. It comes with an allowance of 15,000 emails a month.
  • Monthly Subscription- If you choose to pay for email marketing on a monthly basis, the lowest you could go is $9.85 for up to 3,000 contacts, while the highest is $7000 for a maximum of 5 million contacts.
  • Pay As You GoThis is the most flexible option since it doesn’t limit the size of your contact list. The price is rather determined by the number of emails you plan to send by the end of the month.
  • VIP Plan- This targets large businesses with an extensive audience base of more than 1 million contacts. It comes with a personal account manager and user-defined features at a custom price.

sendpulse pricing subscription sendpulse pay as you go

SMS Message Marketing

First, you get an allowance of 10 SMS messages for free when you sign up. Beyond that, however, the cost of each SMS you send depends on the country code.

sendpulse pricing for sms service

Web Push Notifications

Standard web push notifications are completely free for an unlimited number of contacts and messages. If you choose the White Label Option, however, you’ll be required to pay $9.85 per month.

sendpulse pricing for web push notifications

SMTP Transactional Emails

SendPulse, for starters, offers 12,000 SMTP monthly transactional emails for free. But, if you happen to exceed that, you have two pricing options:

  • Monthly Subscription- The pricing ranges from $8.85 per month with an allowance of 25,000 emails, to $1,824.85 per month with an allowance of 5 million emails.
  • Pay As You GoThis option provides email packages that are valid for 12 months. The pricing ranges from $15 for 10,000 SMTP transactional emails, to $780 for 1 million emails.


Viber Message Marketing

Just like SMS marketing, the pricing of Viber messages varies depending on your country code.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot feature is permanently free, and it supports an unlimited number of messages and contacts.  If you settle for the alternative White Label option, however, you’ll be required to pay $9.85 a month.

Who Should Consider Using SendPulse?

After trying out all the features on SendPulse, we’ve been able to confirm that it indeed supports email marketing, as well as SMS and Viber messaging, web push notifications, SMTP transactional emails, plus Facebook Messenger channels. And in case you’re having trouble piecing together an effective campaign, you could purchase add-on services like template designing and email auditing.

All things considered, therefore, SendPulse is ideal for business owners, bloggers, plus marketers with leads across multiple messaging channels.  And going by the diverse range of supported subscriber numbers, we can conclude that SendPulse is flexible enough to accommodate beginners as well as large enterprises.

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