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Since you're reading this, you're probably the owner or manager of an ecommerce store, or thinking of setting one up and also planning to deploy email marketing as a method to market and promote your products/services.

Before moving further with the review, there is one point I'd like to mention first: If you're in the process of setting up an online store or migrating an existing one, it is very important to choose your platform very carefully. To help you make the choice, you can check out my Top 10 Ecommerce Platform Comparison.

Also, while email marketing is a proven way to increase sales and revenues, there are many other methods that you should consider and use in order to boost your online sales too. You can check out such methods and ideas at the following section of my site: Ecommerce Selling Advice.

Moving forward, is a popular email marketing app and here is my review of this service:


Contact Manager – the app offers good contact management functionality which is one of the basic features of any email marketing service.

List Segmentation – this essential email marketing feature is available with the app

Template Selection – ready-made templates and layouts are bundled

Template Editor – a template editor is included with the app. You can also upload externally made templates and custom CSS files for further control over the layout of your email campaigns

Image Hosting – this feature is useful but not considered to be a critical one for an email marketing service and this app does not support it

Social Media Marketing – this has now become a very important if not indispensable as well as highly beneficial part of email marketing. However, does not provide any support for this presently

Autoresponder – another highly desirable and useful feature for an email marketing service which is fully supported by the app

Surveys – a very useful advanced marketing feature in which this app is lacking presently

RSS Feed Integration – another side-feature which is not supported analytics

Google Analytics Integration – one more highly useful feature which is not directly supported by the app. However, several analytics services including Google Analytics and others can be used via third-party integration

A/B Split Testing – a highly beneficial feature for marketing that the app supports

Trigger-based Messaging – one more useful email marketing feature that is fully supported by the app

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Spam Score Checking – another very useful email marketing feature that is not supported by the app

Reporting/Stats – in-depth campaign tracking, reporting and related statistical information is provided by the app

Other Noteworthy Features

Close integration of email marketing with your website visitors and traffic from the ground-up is a highly noteworthy feature offered by that separates it from many of the competing email marketing apps and services. Such an integration will allow you to track, measure and analyse the impact of your email marketing campaigns on your website and how they interact with your site visitors and traffic.

Price Range

The paid plans start at a steep $50/mo (up to 5000 contacts), with the high-end plan at a whooping $1250 (500,000 contacts). Beyond 500,000 contacts, they offer volume pricing options too. price

Free Plan – a free plan is offered using which you can send up to 400 emails a month to a maximum of 200 contacts for an unlimited time period.

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As I mentioned above, is lacking in several features which range in importance from low to very high. However, close integration with your website visitors and in-depth tracking/reporting options are a plus. Also, if yours is a niche business with a contact list of less than 200, their unlimited period free account is something you might find tempting and worth considering.

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