Shopify Plus: Review and Everything You Need to Know

Today I want to dispel the myth that Shopify is only suitable for small or medium sized businesses. If you’ve heard that Shopify is for “mom and pop shops” you’re not wrong — but you’re only getting half of the story.

Shopify is known as one of the best ways to create and manage an ecommerce store, but it’s not just for small or medium sized businesses. Despite being widely recognized as a small business solution, Shopify is equally capable of supporting high volume merchants through it’s Shopify Plus plan. Like other enterprise-level platforms, Shopify Plus offers enterprise-grade selling capabilities but without the hassles and hefty price tag of traditional enterprise applications. Here’s how:

It’s a fully-hosted platform

Unlike self-hosted solutions like Magento, Shopify Plus is a fully hosted ecommerce platform. Hosted solutions are infinitely more reliable than self-hosted solutions because there is a dedicated support staff that make sure a website doesn’t go down. In this case, Shopify Plus’s infinitely scalable SaaS platform guarantees that a site stays up and running so customers always have a fast and enjoyable browsing experience.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, which means that customer data — including credit and debit card information — is protected by the same level of security offered by banks. From annual on-site assessments to continuous risk management, Shopify Plus makes sure that their shopping cart software and ecommerce hosting is protected from hackers and fraud. So not only can a business rest easy knowing that their site won’t crash, but customers can be assured that their information is secure and protected.

It can handle thousands of orders per minute

Whether it’s a big flash sale, Black Friday, or just a normal high volume of visitors, Shopify Plus is built to handle the intense traffic only enterprise-level businesses experience. There's no limit to sales volume, the number of products, or the bandwidth a store needs to keep up with high demand. This means that Shopify Plus can handle 500k hits per minute with ease.


For retailers like Black Milk Clothing, Shopify Plus’s ability to handle heavy traffic was a relief. “Before we moved onto Shopify Plus, our website was crashing on every launch,” recalls Cameron Parker, Head of Marketing at Black Milk. “But when we switched, it was like, ‘Hallelujah.’ Our first release just ran totally smoothly. The website didn’t even blink. Our customers checked out smoothly and calmly and it was happy days.”


It can accept payments in any way, shape, or form


For business owner Neil Waller, co-founder of the watch brand Shore Projects, Shopify Plus’ multi-channel sales functionality was key to growing his business:  “As we started to transition to brick and mortar, the fact that Shopify has a POS system that links up to our online store gave us an impressively slick operation.” In other words, Shopify Plus allows businesses to sell online, in store with Shopify’s POS system, and on Facebook and Pinterest. In addition, Shopify Plus can accept payments from over 70 different payment gateways, including PayPal and Bitcoin, allowing stores to sell in multiple regions and in different languages. This ability to meet customers wherever they are is an essential feature for any business looking to expand their clientele and find new customers.

It’s extremely customizable

Shopify Plus allows businesses to have complete control over the look and feel of their website, allowing them to define the layout, content and branding in any way they like. In addition, Shopify Plus can enhance a store’s capabilities by offering thousands of professionally built apps at exclusive prices in the Shopify App store. Apps like Klaviyo and allow Plus merchants to integrate targeted email marketing campaigns while LoyaltyLion adds a customer rewards program. Businesses can also connect their store with any existing IT platforms to create a seamless, integrated solution between the Shopify Plus API and any ERP, CRM, accounting systems, and other software.

And if that isn’t enough, Shopify Plus has a fleet of hand-picked, expert designers and developers who can create custom experiences or personalized features on the Shopify platform. So whether a business needs an award-winning design, custom features, or a far-reaching social media plan, Shopify Plus helps enterprises find the help they need.

It provides white-glove treatment

But perhaps the best thing about Shopify Plus is the dedicated and personalized assistance they provide in terms of account management and support. Not only do their account managers oversee a store’s daily operations, but they work closely with each client to improve their business as a whole. Likewise, businesses on Shopify Plus receive instant access to Shopify’s 24/7 support service with the Shopify Plus priority support phone number and email address.

Shopify will always be a great solution for small and medium sized businesses, but if you are a big company with lots of products, clients, and traffic, then a fully-hosted platform like Shopify Plus is an absolute must.

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