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Providing customer support via live chat has become nearly as essential as a payment gateway for an ecommerce operation today, for two main reasons. Firstly, scores of online buyers are coming to expect this sort of support mechanism when they are shopping online and secondly, this can lead to a significant boost to the sales volumes.

If you have an online store where you currently don't have a support chat service, you can do yourself (and your bank balance) a favour by making it available as soon as possible. Those who are in the planning stages of creating a web store would do well to make chat support available right from the beginning. (If you are planning for a new store or migrating an existing one, you will find my review of top 10 ecommerce platforms useful too.)

BoldChat is one of the leading business chat support apps that you could consider for your web store. My review of this app follows.


Basic Features โ€“ satisfactory level of basic business chat support features are provided by the app

Chat Window Design Customization โ€“ one of the most desirable features for this class of apps since the chat window will appear on your site. BoldChat provides all the essential customization options

Targeted Chat โ€“ a very useful feature for optimsing the work-flow for your support team that is offered by the app

Chat Ratings โ€“ a feature to let the customers rate their experience with your support agent that is available with the app, by way of a post-chat survey functionality

Off-line Messaging โ€“ another useful feature that the app offers. With this feature, the visitors can leave messages even when all your chat agents are off-line

CRM Integration โ€“ BoldChat offers direct integration with SalesForce โ€“ one of the leading CRM platforms

Co-Browsing โ€“ one more very useful feature for chat-based customer support operations ย that is available with the app

Ecommerce Platform Integration โ€“ you can readily imagine how useful (and cool) would it be if your chat support app integrates directly into your ecommerce platform. This very useful feature however, is missing from BlodChat, while some of the major competing apps like Olark and Comm100 offer easy and ready integration with many popular platforms like Shopify, Magento etc.

BoldChat USP

Analytics โ€“ good analytics features are offered by the app โ€“ both, by way of own options as well as via Google analytics integration

Mobile Apps โ€“ an iPhone app is available while no Android app is provided

Developer API โ€“ good API support is available with the app for those who need to write custom code that utilises BoldChat functionalities


Free Trial/Plan:

A 10-day free trial is offered by BoldChat

To get started with your free trial, click here.


Only one fixed-price plan is offered, with two more plans offered under custom quotes.

BoldChat price


With a minimum price tag of $599 per year per agent, BoldChat is probably the most expensive chat support business app out there. While it does provide most of the category-standard features, the drawbacks like lack of direct support for ecommerce platform, integration with just one CRM platform etc. are noteworthy, especially at such a high cost. On the other hand, BoldChat does offer a rather large number of allied services and features like email, Twitter and SMS management etc. (albeit, at even further extra costs).

If you need any of the extra features or services offered by BoldChat, it might be worth a try. Failing that, you would be alright (and less out of pocket) going with the likes of Olark or Zopim.

You can start your free BoldChat trial by clicking here.

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