This Week in Ecommerce: Shopify Cements IPO plans, What Ecommerce can Learn From Game Design and Much More.

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The week is coming to an end, it has been an interesting week in the ecommerce industry, a lot has happened for the most popular ecommerce platforms. This week saw Shopify moving closer to their IPO, what we can learn from Bellroy and and much more.

Ottawa-based Shopify cements IPO plans, hopes to raise as much as $108M U.S.

Ottawa online retailer Shopify formalized its plans for an initial public offering Wednesday night, announcing it plans to sell as many as 7.7 million shares for between $12 U.S. and $14 U.S. each. The plans were outlined in new regulatory filing, which spelled out how the company hopes to raise as much as $107.8 million U.S. with the offering. No official date for the IPO has yet been released. Read my full Shopify review here.

5 ecommerce best practices to learn from Bellroy

We stumbled upon an interesting ecommerce website Bellroy, which specialises in slim leather wallets. We did spend a good few minutes on the website, and were immediately impressed by the quality of the layout and content. For more ideas on what needs to be done, read this article 50 Amazing Online Fashion Stores And Their User Experience Tricks You Should Borrow

What Ecommerce Can Learn From Game Design

I recently read a great article about game design. It discussed how most successful video games share the same basic structure and usability pillars, and delved deeply into the basic human behavior that makes those elements so effective. In the ecommerce world, retailers hoping to stand out from the crowd can draw upon these e-commerce user experiencesame elements to create an effective and engaging e-commerce user experience.

Appealing to spontaneous personality types in an e-commerce landscape

Marketers generally consider there to be four dominant temperament types; Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Methodical. My blog post today will focus on the spontaneous types and how we can tailor design and content to suit their needs. Most of us are spontaneous at one time or another, but some of us fit into that category more than others. I thought I’d take a closer look into how e-commerce retailers are appealing to folk like us.

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