Streamline Shopify Theme Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

Is The Streamline Shopify Theme Worth It?

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In today’s Streamline Shopify theme review, we’re taking a closer look at the components, features, and capabilities of a popular premium theme for ecommerce store owners. The Streamline theme is one of a wide selection of premium themes available on the Shopify marketplace today.

Created by the popular Archetype Themes company, Streamline is a sleek and modern theme, packed with useful tools for online selling. However, with a hefty price tag of $350, Streamline is one of the more expensive options for beginners launching their new Shopify website.

The question is, does the value of the theme match the cost?

Let’s find out.

Streamline Theme Review: What is the Streamline Theme?

The Streamline theme is one of the most popular premium themes offered on the Shopify marketplace, created by Archetype themes.

While you’ll need to pay a one-off price of $350 to publish a store using the Streamline theme, you can experiment with the templates for free, for as long as you like. Plus, it’s worth noting your payment entitles you to use the theme for as long as you like, with free updates and ongoing access to bug fixes. This theme is intended for use with the most recent Shopify Store OS (Online Store 2.0).

This means it works with all of the latest Shopify features, and offers an excellent combination of both speed and ease-of-use. Users can leverage drag-and-drop sections and blocks within the Shopify theme editor to customize the pages and components of their Streamline store, without special coding.

The Streamline Pre-Sets

Similar to many premium theme options available from Shopify, Streamline comes with a variety “pre-set” design options to choose from. There are three pre-sets available, each with their own unique aesthetic and components. Your options include:


The Luxe pre-set is ideal for fashion and beauty brands, with subtle colors, and large image blocks, great for showcasing your professional brand photography. The aesthetic is relatively straightforward and minimalistic, with plenty of white space to preserve a sleek, contemporary vibe.


Blending darker colors with bold font choices, the Hype theme would likely appeal to fashion and apparel brands in the athletics industry. Similar to the other Streamline pre-sets, this option draws the attention of customers with large, eye-catching images, and carefully-positioned text blocks. It also benefits from a simplified navigation menu.


With large hero images to grab the attention of customers, and beautifully designed color palettes, the Core pre-set will appeal to companies from a host of different industries. The minimalistic typography, combined with the structured image sections in this pre-set help to create a highly professional image for any online brand.

Streamline Shopify Theme Review: The Features

Overall, the Streamline theme is a sophisticated, high-quality solution for business owners looking to shine a spotlight on stunning product images. The solution comes with everything you need to launch an attractive-looking storefront, as well as some bonus extras you won’t find on Shopify’s selection of free Online Store 2.0 themes.

Archetype advertises this theme is a great solution for both physical and virtual stores. The solution focuses heavily on visual storytelling, and comes with a host of features to help increase sales, such as countdown timers, and stock counters. Some of the core features of the Streamline theme include:

  • Cart and checkout features: The Streamline theme makes it easy to customize the checkout experience for customers on any device. There’s a built-in “slide-out cart” solution, which immediately allows customers to check which products they have in their basket without having to leave a specific page on your store. You can also leverage quick buy buttons, sticky cart features, and cart notes. Plus, support is available for in-store pickups too.
  • Marketing and conversion: To boost your chances of sales, the Streamline theme comes with in-built tools for cross-selling and upselling. You can automatically adjust the language of your store to appeal to customers from a range of European regions. Plus, countdown timers and stock counters ensure you can leverage the power of FOMO. The Streamline theme also includes support for trust badges and product reviews, so you can take advantage of social proof. You can also use it alongside promo banners and popups to boost conversions.
  • Visual storytelling: Streamline is all about visual storytelling, with a host of tools to help you draw attention to product pictures. You can use animation on your product pages, host high-resolution images, and create visual galleries. The solution also supports product videos, look books, size charts, slideshows, and image hotspots, rollover, and zoom capabilities.
  • Product discovery: Customers should have no trouble discovering new products on your store when you’re using the Streamline theme. The solution includes a sticky header, to make navigation easy, as well as advanced search functionality. You can take advantage of product filtering and sorting capabilities, and suggest recommended products to consumers as they browse. Plus, age verification buttons make it easy to ensure you’re connecting with the right audience, and staying compliant with industry regulations.
  • Mobile friendly design: While most of the premium and free themes available on Shopify are highly responsive, Streamline is particularly great for mobile stores. The Streamline theme places the most important components of your storefront in the spotlight whenever customers access your website from any device. You can even use GIFs and scrolling text to improve the browsing experience for mobile shoppers.

Other features include:

  • Blog support for content marketing and search engine optimization
  • Press coverage sections for drawing attention to recent reports
  • Quick view options for a convenient browsing experience
  • FAQ pages for self-service
  • Recommended products carousels and sections
  • Customizable contact forms
  • Support for color swatches (when selling product variations)
  • Sections for product usage information
  • Before/after image sliders
  • Shipping and delivery information sections

Streamline Theme Review: Verdict

Overall, the Streamline Shopify theme is an elegant, eye-catching option for today’s online store owners. It benefits from a range of visual storytelling tools, to help ensure your collection pages, home page, and products always capture the attention of the right target audience. Plus, the minimalist solution boasts fantastic, fast load times on virtually any device.

With a host of merchandising and marketing features to explore, from product badges to carousels showcasing related products, you’ll be able to boost your chances of sales, without having to experiment with code. However, it’s worth noting this theme doesn’t give you a lot of options for experimenting with typography.

If you want to test the Streamline theme for yourself, you can access an unlimited free trial from the Shopify theme store, before purchasing the solution outright.

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