Friendbuy Review: The Ultimate Customer Referral Software?

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Did you know? People are FOUR times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. With a little strategy, you can encourage your customers to spread the word. Keep reading this Friendbuy review to understand how it can boost your referral marketing efforts.

What to Look for When Choosing a Referral Program

To make the most out of referral marketing, you need a good referral software. This will help you to track and manage your referrals. Here are some of the things to consider when evaluating referral software.

  • Customization

You should be able to modify the platform to suit your business goals and needs.

  • Scalability

The referral marketing software should be flexible for your client outreach expectations.

  • Integration

The new software should be compatible with existing programs.

  • Contact segmentation

This comes in handy for an organized customer list. It also helps you organize specific campaigns for different target audiences.

  • Strong customer support

Your referral software should have a resourceful team that quickly responds to issues.

  • Analytics

The software should provide insights into the channels with the highest referral rates. It should also provide your top influencers, referrals sent and the ROI generated.

Friendbuy Review: Overview

friendbuy homepage

Friendbuy is a referral program that helps businesses track their brand advocates.

It also helps incentivize happy customers to promote your products. This increases both customer acquisition and retention.

This software literally takes the idea of word of mouth idea and turns it into a manageable program.

Friendbuy Review: Unique Features

Below are some great features and the benefits that come with the Friendbuy referral software.

Customizable referral campaigns

Friendbuy boasts different referral action options for varying audiences. You can opt for referral rewards upon click or purchase.

Similarly, you could use email referrals, post-purchase referral calls to action or social media sharing.

This helps you run your multiple referral campaigns and reach out to different audiences.

Advanced segmentation

Friendbuyโ€™s dashboard lets you track the shared activity of each customer. This helps you determine which advocates are driving real revenue.

This way, you can nurture the customers with targeted offers to boost their morale. This will, in turn, result in more acquisition and conversions.

Omni-channel functionality

Friendbuy supports online and offline referrals such as referrals through receipt codes, QR codes, email lookup, and e-receipts.

These features broaden the reach of your referral campaign. This, in turn, increases the percentage of referred customers.

A/B testing

Friendbuy offers A/B testing capability for every part of the referral funnel. You can experiment with different offers and messaging to learn what drives more shares and conversions.

In addition, Friendbuy makes it easy to create variants and measure findings against your selected key performance indicators.

Anti-fraud dashboard

Friendbuy features a built-in fraud protected dashboard. This allows you to flag any suspicious referral activity.

It can be done via personal data analysis, IP address and cookie tracking. The customer success team offers support on this issue as well as updated anti-fraud best practices.

Beautiful referral templates

The Friendbuy widget templates are optimized for easy sharing. You can also make real-time edits. You can design the widgets however you like but keep the theme close to your brand.

To launch your referral program, you will need a dedicated web page. Moreover, the referral widget can be embedded on a page or as a popup.

ย Automated referral fulfillment

A critical part of every referral program is to deliver what you promised to customers. Friendbuy enables automated referral fulfillment. This ensures none of your brand advocates get left out when you issue to incentives you promised.

Third party integrations

Friendbuy comes already integrated with major ecommerce platforms, CRM programs, and analytic tools. Friendbuy integrates with ecommerce platforms such as:

Social media platforms that Friendbuy integrates with include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Other useful tools to expect include:

Friendbuy Review: Customer Support

friendbuy custommer support

Friendbuy offers customer support from the setup stage to maintenance. Apart from this, it also provides marketing resources, developer documents, and a blog. You even have the option to contact the sales team for instant help.

Friendbuy Review: Weaknesses

We didnโ€™t experience any real issues with Friendbuy. However, the dashboard could do more to provide more support to push referrals.

Friendbuy Review: Pricing

friendbuy pricing

Now, look at the pricing plans available at Friendbuy.

The Starter plan costs $249 per month. It offers the essentials to start your referral campaign. This plan provides up to $50k in sales each month. This makes it ideal for small businesses and startups.

The features in the Starter plan include:

  • API access
  • Third party integrations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Online chat support

The Deluxe plan costs $749 per month. It provides extra flexibility and support. In addition, it offers up to $100k in sales each month. This plan is a decent choice for medium enterprises.

The features you can expect in the Deluxe plan include:

  • API access
  • Third party integrations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Phone and online chat support

The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing for its charges. It provides tailor-made referral programs. This is achieved through Friendly's customer success referral experts.

The features you get from the Enterprise plan include:

  • API access
  • Third party integrations
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Managed program launch
  • Custom widget and email templates
  • Dedicated customer success management

ย Friendbuy Review: Who Should Consider Using the Referral Software?

Friendbuy is suitable for any type of online business. This is because referral programs are a sure way to find qualified leads in your specific industry.

The Starter plan is ideal for startups and small businesses. This is because it offers the essentials to start your referral campaign.

On the other hand, the Deluxe plan provides extra flexibility and support. This makes this plan a decent choice for medium enterprises.

The Enterprise plan offers custom-made referral solutions for enterprises. This makes it ideal for large business enterprises with complex processes. On top of this, Friendbuy has dedicated experts to simplify the whole transition process.

Friendbuy Review: Our Impression

Even though Friendbuy doesnโ€™t have the coolest dashboard, it helps to provide good analytical feedback.

Friendbuy stands out with its customizable referral campaigns, automated referral fulfillment and advanced segmentation. These brilliant features make Friendbuy a great referral marketing solution for online businesses.

Friendbuy Review: 4.7- Review by Belinda Kendi.

Rating: 4.0 - Review by

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