The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling Amazon Seller & Vendor accounts

Did you know Amazon is such a huge marketplace that many entrepreneurs set up their shops within Amazon itself?! It’s called Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and it’s embraced by many who, for instance, want to avoid the risks of managing a startup.

If you’re a business owner who uses FBA, the infographic below by Quiet Light Brokerage will help you sell your business. It's all in here: steps to be taken, good reasons to sell, and there's even time for questions. You won’t find much information about selling your FBA (for obvious reasons), so make the most of this useful and rare infographic. But let’s start with why people buy FBA businesses in the first place. Shall we?
Good luck!

Selling an Amazon Business


How to Sell an Amazon FBA Business

Catalin Zorzini

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