The Best BigCommerce Store Examples for 2023

Amazing Examples of BigCommerce Stores

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The best BigCommerce store examples offer a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at what you can accomplish with the BigCommerce store builder.

As one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market today, BigCommerce provides companies with a host of out-of-the-box tools they can use to make their store a phenomenal success. In fact, BigCommerce has more built-in functionality than many other well-known platforms.

With BigCommerce, you can create a highly immersive, engaging store, with stunning product pages, useful widgets, and even your own customized checkout in no time.

What are the Best Examples of BigCommerce Stores in 2023?

Today, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite stores built with BigCommerce, to help inspire you in your own store creation journey.


Ollie - BigCommerce Store Examples

Sleek and sophisticated, this beautifully designed store immediately grabs your attention with well-optimized images and graphics. There’s a timed pop-up to boost engagement and increase the company’s chances of conversions, as well as a fantastic navigation menu.

What I really like most is the hover effects on the website, which automatically start GIFs playing, or showcase unique pictures of dogs enjoying their food from the company. The Ollie website keeps things simple while still providing customers with all the information they need to make a purchase.


method - BigCommerce Store Examples

The Method store is packed with useful information, from a scrolling carousel of hero images, with their own added text, to an animated information bar. I love the menu on this site, which is packed with images and helpful categories to ensure you can find what you need quickly.

There’s even a handy tab on the bottom of the site you can click to find out which deals and offers are available to you in seconds. Combine all of that with the stunning videos and wonderful color palette, and you’ve got a truly eye-catching store.


Kelty - BigCommerce Store Examples

The Kelty website is a mobile optimized site, with plenty of impressive features. As you scroll through the website, you’ll be able to enjoy interesting hover effects, animations, and authentic images taken by the company itself.

The mega menu on the Kelty website is great for sorting items into specific categories and sub categories, so you can easily find exactly what you need. Plus, the site has its own custom search bar, so customers can type in keywords to track down the right item.


decibullz - BigCommerce Store Examples

Packed with activity, the Decibullz website takes advantage of high-quality videos and animations to keep you scrolling for longer. There’s a button at the bottom of the page to help you find the right deals and offers for your first purchase.

However, part of what really makes the Decibullz website special is the inclusion of an accessibility menu, where you can access everything you need to change the saturation, text, and contrast of the pages. I’m also a big fan of the little “Gift certificates” tab added to the menu on the site.

Cutter and Buck

cutter and buck - BigCommerce Store Examples

The layout of the Cutter and Buck store is perfectly suited to mobile browsers, making it easy to sort through sections and products in seconds. I love the pinned navigation bar at the top of the page, which ensures you can always check what’s in your basket, log into your account, or even search for a product without having to scroll.

There’s even a handy reminder of the free shipping offer included on the sticky navigation bar, to entice you to make a purchase. Plus, the mega menu makes it extremely easy to find the products best suited to your needs.


fronks - BigCommerce Store Examples

The simplicity of the Fronks website is a big part of what makes it so compelling. The site doesn’t overwhelm you with information as soon as you arrive on the homepage. Instead, you get a simple introduction to all of the core products in the company’s collection, with some handy animations.

The minimalist design structure sticks with the site as you scroll through the pages, and even the product pages are beautiful, with huge hero images and animated scrolling effects. It’s a wonderful site for customers using any device.

Bohemian Traders

bohemian traders - BigCommerce Store Examples

Beautifully elegant, the Bohemian traders store welcomes visitors in with stunning splashes of color and high-quality images. The menu at the top of the page sticks with you as you scroll, making it easy to jump to the page you want in seconds. There’s even an option to change the currency and language of the store with just a couple of clicks.

Bohemian Traders has its own built-in wishlist widget, so customers can add items to their list whenever they like, and come back to purchase them later. I also love the addition of the social media news feed at the bottom of the homepage.


bodewell - BigCommerce Store Examples

Trust is a huge factor on the Bodewell website. Not only does it provide customers with all the information they need to make a purchase straight away, but the company constantly showcases the awards and certifications it’s already won.

The site makes it easy to add products to your cart with a single click, even if you don’t want to jump into the product page itself. Plus, there’s a handy “back to top” button included, so you can quickly find your way around each page.


bevel - BigCommerce Store Examples

A wonderfully modern store, the Bevel website combines plenty of white space with large, eye-catching image to grab your attention. There’s even a little feedback pop-up in the corner of the website, which allows you to share your thoughts if you choose to leave without making a purchase.

The sticky bar at the top of the page also reminds you of the latest products the company has on offer, plus there’s a handy “help” widget on each page to assist customers in making the right decision.


Natori - BigCommerce Store Examples

This sophisticated and artistic website is fantastic for a variety of reasons. First, it automatically detects the location of each visitor, and converts the currency and shipping details on the pages to your location. You can also change your shopping country with just a couple of clicks.

An accessibility widget makes the site easier to manage for people with a variety of visual and auditory challenges. Plus, Natori also has its own wishlist section, for customers interested in products who aren’t yet ready to make a purchase.


saddleback leather - BigCommerce Store Examples

Brimming with texture, the Saddleback website is beautifully branded. As you scroll through the site, you’ll see a consistent theme of soft, earthy colors, designed to represent the company’s focus on leather and natural products. There’s even a handy section on the site where you can find useful information about the company’s mission and vision.

I love the fact this company has added its own custom social media buttons to its site. Plus, it engages customers with everything from membership clubs and newsletters to photo contests.

Sugarboo & Co

Sugarboo Designs - BigCommerce Store Examples

Sugarboo & Co takes full advantage of pop-ups to not only welcome customers to their website, but also prevent them from leaving too early. There’s a chat widget on the store, where you can send messages for quick responses from either a bot or member of staff.

The site also has a scrolling bar at the top of the page, where you can find links to the company’s story, its latest offers and more. The social media feed on the website homepage is a delight too, with direct insights to user-generated customers.


scentos - BigCommerce Store Examples

The Scentos store certainly knows its audience. This bright and colorful website appeals directly to youngsters, with stunning animations, beautiful illustrations, and tons of engaging elements. The site combines excellent branding with great functionality, featuring its own search bar, and a handful of useful pages sharing valuable information.

There’s a social section on the website too, where customers can check out some of the company’s latest posts on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more.


tylers - BigCommerce Store Examples

Another store with a minimalistic motif, Tyler’s avoids overwhelming customers with too much text, and instead introduces a host of images intended to capture and convert customers. The timed pop-ups on the pages encourage you to sign up for the site’s newsletter without being too pushy. Plus, the sticky navigation bar is great for reminding you where to go to find new items.

I really like the cart button on this website, which provides an insight into what you have in your shopping basket as soon as you hover over it. There’s also great click-to-call button for customer contact.

Urban Jungle

urban jungle - BigCommerce Store Examples

One of the most interesting things about the Urban Jungle store is how they’ve designed their pop-ups. Unlike other websites that tend to hide the “x” button, this company draws attention to it with a fun animation. The website is beautifully designed, with a stunning color palette, and plenty of white space so you don’t feel overwhelmed as you scroll.

There are also various ways to navigate the website, from a custom search bar, to an expandable menu and a sticky navigation bar at the top of the page.

First Aid Beauty

first aid beauty - BigCommerce Store Examples

Sleek and simple, the First Aid Beauty website feels wonderfully professional. There are custom icons and illustrations throughout the pages, showcasing the company’s unique brand identity. Plus, a social media feed provides a direct insight into the user-generated content of customers.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this website is the sticky navigation bar, which includes plenty of sub-sections and tabs to browse through. Plus, the site has its own “gift certificates” section, where you can buy vouchers for other customers.


Slumberjack - BigCommerce Store Examples

The Slumberjack website is all about stunning imagery, with high-quality photos dotted throughout the full website. There’s a handy chat widget on the bottom of the page if you have any questions. Plus, customers can sign up for an account on the site, to make checking out and monitoring their orders as simple as possible.

I really like the convenient navigation on this website, which makes it easy to sort through collections and products with just a couple of taps or clicks. Plus, there’s an accessibility section too.


Balance me - BigCommerce Store Examples

The BalanceMe website feels wonderfully trustworthy, thanks to its authentic imagery. You can also click a button at the top of the page at any time to book a consultation with a professional, thanks to the built-in booking capabilities of the BigCommerce platform.

Like many amazing websites, BalanceMe takes advantage of user generated content with an included social media feed. Plus, there’s a loyalty club option included on the website too, where you can win rewards for numerous actions.


covalent - BigCommerce Store Examples

Another visually-focused store, the Covalent website draws quick attention to the products it has on offer, with images all over the website. I also love the widget which allows customers to enter the date on their covalent product and track the carbon footprint of their item.

The product pages and catalogues are beautifully organized, with stunning hover effects that entice you to click in and learn more. Plus, there’s a handy preview for your shopping cart so you can always keep track of what you have in your basket.


skullcandy - BigCommerce Store Examples

A delight to use on mobile or the web, the Skullcandy website is packed with stunning graphics and beautiful photography. The sticky navigation bar at the top of the page makes it easy to navigate to any section on the website. Plus, Skullcandy takes full advantage of Bigcommerce’s payment processing options, to let customers pay however they choose.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the SkullCandy website are the product pages, which are beautifully designed to draw attention to the main benefits of each available item.

Amazing Examples of BigCommerce Stores

Hopefully, the BigCommerce store examples above have given you a little inspiration for your own website. BigCommerce makes it easy to create a stunning and engaging store in no time, with endless templates and customization options to choose from.

With BigCommerce, you can ensure your customers have the best possible user experience, with accounts, wish lists, and unique navigation options. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do with BigCommerce, you can find our full review of the website builder here.

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